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Quality screen-printed vintage tees representing the forgotten people behind great ideas. We Rep the UnderRepped.
Created by

Paul Leonard

285 backers pledged $10,162 to help bring this project to life.

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New UnderRepped Kickstarter Campaign!!


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New Shirts.

Hi Backers! 

 First off, I’m really happy to hear that the shirts are working out for everyone! Things at UnderRepped are exciting as we prepare to launch our new line of tees.  We will be featuring 6 new faces including: 

  •  Billie Holiday – Influential Jazz singer and songwriter from the early 1900s
  • Langston Hughes – Writer, social activist, and leader in the Harlem Renaissance 
  • Gunpei Yokoi – inventor of the Nintendo’s Gameboy 
  • Gregor Mendel – founder of the science of genetics 
  • Alan Turing – father of artificial intelligence 
  • Plus an additional surprise design! 

 Here’s the deal... 

 We can only launch our new line if we can get funded on a new crowd-funding site called Jump Start City (like Kickstarter, but with a few cool twists). All we are asking of you now is to vote YES for us on the site so that UnderRepped can become a featured project. We currently have 140 votes and need to reach over 300 to be the 2nd highest voted project on the entire site! So, if everyone voted here we’d easily accomplish that. really appreciate your help and support! It’s quick and easy. 

  • 1. Go to 
  • 2. Click ‘Login’ and then click the blue ‘Signup now!’ button 
  • 3. Enter your name and email and they will send you a confirmation email so that you may enter the site 
  • 4. Once you’re in, type ”UnderRepped” into the search bar in the top right corner 
  • 5. Check out a preview of our new video, FOLLOW and vote YES for us! It’s that simple! 


 -Paul and team 

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Shipping is Done!


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Production Underway

Hi Everyone!

Thanks again for being patient as we work on fulfilling all your orders!  I wanted to let you know where we are in the process and glad to say we are on schedule.  It took some time to receive back all the surveys and then sort through them. However, this week is a big week for us as we will be getting back all our shirts!  We have gotten the stickers, packing supplies, and hangtags already. 

By the end of this week we will begin shipping out orders.  I will post again with some pictures as we receive the shirts and the shipping process.  We will be shipping the shirts out over the course of the next few weeks, we'll be shipping over 250 packages to over 15 countries and 30 states.  

In the meantime, check out our website at and our facebook page and 

Thanks so much for all your help!


Production Line in Motion/Lovelace Design


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