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MSK-1: An Awesome Survival Knife, that Chops Like a Hatchet, Cuts Like a Fine Carving Tool, is Full of Surprises and Made in the USA
MSK-1: An Awesome Survival Knife, that Chops Like a Hatchet, Cuts Like a Fine Carving Tool, is Full of Surprises and Made in the USA
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Yay!!! MSK-1 and Mini Neck Knife Ship Dates - Photos BELOW…

Posted by Ultimate Survival Tips (Creator)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Y'all…

So, after months of production, some disappointing hiccups in our manufacturing schedule, and a HUGE learning curve (at least for me) in what it takes to make a great “made-in-the-USA-with- 100%- American-made-materials” knife…

I have some pretty good news and solid dates that I can stand by for when we will be able to start shipping MSK-1 and Mini Neck Knives.

First Some Background, So You Understand How We Will Roll Things Out…

As I have written in previous updates, there are about 30 stages of manufacturing through various processes and nearly a dozen top American companies helping us to make the components for your MSK-1 knife kit.

To make up your MSK-1 Pledge or BackerKit Pre-Order… there are over 40 individual part numbers, most of which represent an actual piece of the MSK-1 kit.

These include stuff like: Titan paracord, handle survival kits, 2” firesteel for your Mini Neck knife, necklace clasps, lanyards, our very own Ultimate Survival Tips ferro rods, 11 sheath component parts, 4 colors of handle slab sets, and MSK-1 and Mini knives with hardware. I currently have over 50% of all the parts and pieces that will make up your MKS-1 Survival Knife Kit in stock (yee haw!) …

Parts are Rolling in Here in Pennsylvania

As parts roll in here… we will assemble MSK-1 pledge / pre-orders fulfilling Kickstarter Pledges first…

Then we will ship post-Kickstarter, BackerKit Pre-Orders in the order of the date that each was placed.

So, for example a Pre-Order placed in July would be fulfilled prior to a Pre-Order placed in October…

HERE’s Where We Are Right Now…

As the first (almost finished) knife samples roll in for Jeff and I to final approve before they get the finishing touches, our two sheath makers get the first blades so that they can do the tooling and molding of the sheaths. (See Photos Below). Holy Cow!!! The knives are better than I imagined!

Knives will then start arriving here in batches of 100 at a time, right around the time sheaths arrive.

So what I really need everyone to understand is that NOT all of the MSK-1 knives will be here at the same time. So shipping will roll out as knives roll in.

Here is My Best Effort at a Conservative and Realistic Schedule…

We will begin shipping MSK-1 Knife Kits beginning February 21st, 2017 @ a rate of approximately 100 per week (since the knives will be arriving here at approximately 100 per week). This will continue for 6 additional weeks until all current pledges and pre-orders are fulfilled.

This means that all pre-orders should be delivered no later than the middle of April… with the bulk being delivered in March and some as early as late February 2017.

So, if someone pre-ordered an MSK-1 today, they would receive it sometime in the later half of April.

Also, know that if we can beat this schedule we will… but I am not promising this.

IMPORTANT!!! HERE’s What Will Happen Before We Ship Your MSK-1

Before we ship your MSK-1 kit… you will receive an email (to the email address you gave us) asking you to verify your mailing address.

Until then, you CAN update your address and contact info at any time using the link that you were sent to fill out your BackerKit survey from Kickstarter or when you Pre-ordered on Backer Kit.

ALSO… If your email address changes between now and February… PLEASE PLEASE let us know so that we can update it.

7 People - RIGHT NOW - Who Have Undeliverable Addresses - OUCH! YES, I’m checking your addresses, even now, because I want you to get your MSK-1 knife kit…

So, there are 7 folks (that I know of) who need to get me their correct addresses ASAP. Here’s the first name initial and last names:

  • A. Lin
  • J. Nielsen
  • P. Ishll
  • N. Schubert
  • J. Ramos
  • G. Crockett
  • T. Emerson

If you are one of the above. Please respond and contact me with your full name and current mailing address. THANK YOU :)

Okay guys… That’s it!

Have a Blessed and Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2017!

Warmest regards,


The FIRST (Almost Finished) MSK-1 Approved and Shipped to AMSPRO (our ACS Black Kydex and Nylon Sheath System Maker) for Sheath Tooling and Molding!
The FIRST (Almost Finished) MSK-1 Approved and Shipped to AMSPRO (our ACS Black Kydex and Nylon Sheath System Maker) for Sheath Tooling and Molding!




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    1. Hisham

      Soon after this I wish I see a lot of review on the knife in the internet ...

      I'd like to see a test review :)

    2. Missing avatar

      A on

      Merry Christmas
      I sent my address confirmation over to David@ultimatesurvivaltips
      A Lin.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gary Ford on

      Awesome Update David! It is going to be great to get your(and our) dream knife. Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

    4. Schaeffer Tolliver

      Good Lord. Looking at these pictures I feel bad that I've bought other knives in the past few months.

      (Not really. We're all knife addicts of we're here on this project.)

      Seriously, this thing looks outstanding and seems over-engineered, which is exactly why I backed it.

      Merry Christmas!