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Universal HappymakerBy Universal Happymaker
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Universal HappymakerBy Universal Happymaker
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pledged of $26,000pledged of $26,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, October 21 2016 8:00 PM UTC +00:00

Campaign Promises

Posted by Universal Happymaker (Creator)

Premium Rewards Going Fast

As we near the end of the campaign, some of our special reward tiers are filling up! 

  • We only have two left of the $200 Space Madness tier, your last chance to become a Flaustrian astronaut!
  • Only three left of the $500 Bottle Service tier, the most premium way to appear in-game!
  • Only six left of the $100 All-Seeing Eye, the most inexpensive way to get a sketch from Julia (plus a horoscope, which Morningdew talks about below)!

If you've been considering an upgrade, this might be your only chance.


Morningdew's Choice

Today, we're graced by Morningdew, High Priest of the Moon, Shadow of Finality and Fan of Doomed Romance.  

Um, hi! I'm Morningdew, High Priest of the Moon. 

Did you know that your whole life is determined by the stars above? It's true. Everything you ever do is either decided by the stars, or being a tragic rebel against the stars. I think that's really cool! But if you want your life to make sense at all, you need a horoscope

Do you know what your birthsign is? If it's the Bee Parade, you might be irritable around clouds.  If you're a Falsetto Mountain, you might find yourself attracted to those of the Bad Rectangle sign.  I know, it's eerie how true it all is!  And these are just basics.  But you'll need a horoscope to know any of it!

And, and, it comes with a sketch done by a real artist!  As High Priest of the Moon, I know that lots of people have trouble dealing with death and decay and transience and stuff. If you collect and hold onto these physical rewards, you can feel better about the inevitability of Death!  Oh, also you should feel OK because the Moon takes care of the departed.

The sketches were all really used by Julia to make the game!  Some of them show how us High Priests found our fashions, like the one above showing different shapes that Starnat could have been.  Other pages might seem to have random sketches, but have one idea that became something more.  Like how that bottom one has a triangle person, which inspired the fabulously triangular host of the All-Seeing Eye!  I wish I could pull off being a triangle, or wearing a tiny hat.

Anyway, umm... I know I was supposed to talk about a tier, but what I'm really excited about is the stretch goal that alligator guy is showing: Astronaut Romance

Imagine it! Two brave astronauts realize they both like the same pop song. Could it be they're meant to be together? Imagine a boy running into a girl (or other boy?) not wearing a spacesuit, and he stammers but in a lovable way! Imagine a push-up contest that becomes heated with a passion beyond competitive spirit. 

And think of all the drama! What if two astronauts who broke up have to share the same spaceship? What if they break up on the spaceship? Or ooh, what if someone's love dies tragically in space, and they still have to fly back? That would be terrible. But I would so be watching. 

Why can't Astronaut: The Best be a love story? I'll tell you why: it's because you guys haven't given us $30,000 so we can make the stretch goal happen. So give us more money, and tell everyone you know to give us money, and then everything will be right in the world!

OK, thanks! Love you all!


Our Best-Laid Plans

As always, I greatly appreciate the effort you've been putting into spreading the word and trying to make this game happen!  So in the midst of this final-days PR maelstrom, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what that actually means. If Astronaut: The Best does get funded, what will we do with it? There's already a playable demo - what improvements are we fighting to make possible? 

Here's the short-ish version of what we've got planned for the final version. In the Flaustrian spirit, I'll list five things: 

1. More content!
This is the easy one. Instead of just a boxing demo, each playthrough will have two intermediary missions leading up to a big space launch - we're aiming for about two hours per game, with massive replayability. After each playthrough, you'll unlock new possibilities for future plays, gaining access to alternate missions and secret content. Each mission can play out in drastically different ways, the launch most of all! 

2. A real introduction!
The demo just throws you into the middle of everything, without much communication of your goal, the premise, or any of the systems. We'll make an intro mission with nice scaffolding, that introduces and properly explains each gameplay element one-by-one. (It'll be skippable, of course.) 

3. Helpful UI!
The most common critical feedback we've gotten is that the game is confusing. While some of that is the lack of intro, there's a lot we could do to make our menus communicate more clearly. Some specific ideas include mouseovers and using animation to show what's being affected by traits and when. This is one area where playtesting will be invaluable.

4. Better pacing!
The majority of the demo's playtime takes place within The All-Seeing Eye. While the ASE offers some interesting decisions, it's easy to see it getting repetitive with multiple longer playthroughs (or, say, if you're at PAX watching dozens of people play through in a day).  We plan to introduce alternate ways to train astronauts in a quick and simple manner, and limit availability of the ASE.  In other words, we're hoping to make The All-Seeing Eye more of a dessert than the main course it has been, so you can spend more time making weird narrative decisions and less in the thick of astronaut-raising.

5. Being a real game!
There are a lot of little things that go into making a polished professional game, many of which aren't actually too little.  A main menu, saving and loading, graphics and sound settings, controller support.  Not to mention the Steam version having achievements and trading cards and all that jazz.  We don't want to release Astronaut: The Best as anything less than a real actual game.


Signing Off For The Night

Tonight I watched on TheDrunkerHippo's Twitch stream as he pulled the space program from shambles.  An astronaut died in the first All-Seeing Eye (of a severe reaction to ugly people), two others had debilitating psychological traits, and by the end of the third day he was under -100 Glory.  He went into the press conference without any astronaut whose Charm was over 1.  But he kept at it, won the final day's boxing match without too much cheating, and ended up with positive Glory!

If he can make that much of a comeback, we can too!  Every social media post you share grows our community, and every tweet is a moonshot that could alter the immense tides of the Internet.  We just have to be tenacious.  And, well, I should probably sleep a few hours at least.

I'll have another update tomorrow, and you'll hear from the last of our five High Priests.

Thank you for reading these whole long updates.  Thank you for believing in Astronaut: The Best!



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