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Patented U Sonic technology, Making oral hygiene EASIER, in just 10 seconds. For kids and adults.
Patented U Sonic technology, Making oral hygiene EASIER, in just 10 seconds. For kids and adults.
Patented U Sonic technology, Making oral hygiene EASIER, in just 10 seconds. For kids and adults.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ralf Heijkamp 3 days ago

      Hello team, how is the manufacturing coming along? Still good for delivery in september?

    2. Missing avatar

      mizz141 on


    3. Valarie D Clark on

      Sonic Automatic Toothbrush 10s Brushing & Cold Light Whitening selling here:


    4. uFunbrush Creator on

      Hello mizz141-

      All funding from our many backers has gone right back to the production of uFunbrush. As we are sure you read and saw in our last update, tooling is moving along nicely and we still plan to begin shipping backers in September. We thank you for your continued patience and support and know you will not be disappointed!

      Thank you,
      uFunbrush team

    5. Missing avatar

      mizz141 on

      Its funny how everyone wants a refund, soon @creator wont have anymore money to refund and escencially go bankrupt!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jacquelline Chan on

      @uFunbrush, I would like to request a refund (included payment made to your manufacturer) as this is taking too long.

      Thank you.

    7. uFunbrush Creator on

      @Ralf Heijkamp: Thanks for reaching out! To answer your questions, you can revisit the
      original link to get back into your survey and make any changes needed to your selections, address, or to purchase more extras. If you can't find your original email, you can use the survey retrieval tool at

      I hope that helps!

      Thanks you,
      uFunbrush Team

    8. Missing avatar

      Ralf Heijkamp on

      @ufunbrush, i still belief in the product. As this is takibg longer then expected i might change the mouthpiece size for my son. Please advise how i cab do this.

    9. Missing avatar

      Juli on

      Could I also have my money refunded please. Thank you

    10. Missing avatar

      David Friedman on

      Regretfully, I too would like to request a refund. This is just taking too long. Thank you.

    11. uFunbrush Creator on

      Hello ALBinCA

      As with any new project, projecting timelines and deliverables can become an issue when it comes to satisfying the needs of our loyal backers. We must look at every aspect of uFunbrush, knowing that we cannot leave any stone unturned regarding quality and performance, nor speed up our timelines for the sake of supplying product per an early “target date”.

      With that said, we will of course honor your request.

      Thank you,
      uFunbrush team

    12. Missing avatar

      ALBinCA on

      I would like to formally request a refund. I do not believe you have made a good faith effort to fulfill campaign promises and at this point I have no choice but to believe the original pitch was intentionally misleading in terms of production timeline. Below are the steps to issue a refund:

      -Go to the Backer Report;
      -Search for the backer;
      -Click “Issue a Refund.” There you can refund all or part of their pledge, and they'll see the refund on their credit card statement a few days later. If you give the backer a full refund, they will no longer be able to comment on the project.

    13. uFunbrush Creator on


      The fee was deducted by PayPal as a normal course of business. We will transfer this fee as well to you right away.

      Thank you

      uFunbrush Team

    14. Missing avatar

      Alexis on

      I got my refund but it was for way less then I originally paid!!! Scam!

    15. Missing avatar

      Alexis on

      I asked for a refund and you said to provide you my paypal which I have done. Where is my refund????

    16. Missing avatar

      Ralf Heijkamp on

      This is the last time i've back a 'tech' project or any projects on kickstarter. 2nd scam in a year. $250 down the drain.
      @ufunbrush, stop fooling around and be honest with you're backers and provide usefull update. Not some 2nd hand drawing with empty words.


      I'd like to cancel my pledge. This has taken entirely too long and is evidently by fault of your not planning ahead for this long of a wait/development process. You're losing out to other competitors that have created similar products in far less time, you can't expect to make a successful business like that. You can plainly see all of the comments of people who have lost faith in your sham of a company. I'm already disappointed and do not want your product any longer, so refund my money, all of our money, ASAP.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michelle Grace on

      This is taking entirely too long. How do we go about obtaining a refund?

    19. Missing avatar

      Alexis on

      Please provide explanation on how to obtain a refund. Thank you

    20. uFunbrush Creator on

      Thank you for your comments. The tooling materials will be ready in 7-10 days and photos of the materials will be posted at that time. Our goal was to give you a detailed look at the mold drawings but understand your desire to see the actual tooling. We look forward to your continued thoughts and comments.

      @Sage Park-
      We understand your concern with the delay but we are taking the time necessary to provide you..and ALL backers with a quality product that you will enjoy for years. Once you receive your uFunbrush, we know you will be glad we took the time and care to make this a great product!

      @Ralf Heijkamp-
      With our latest update, we were trying to share insight into some of the processes behind uFunbrush. We hope you will be happy to see the actual tooling material photos next week!

      We are sorry you are not happy with the drawings but these have been developed by our highly skilled team of mechanical engineers and reflect actual tooling for uFunbrush. We will post photos of the tooling materials in 7-10 days and the finalized tooling once ready.

      Thank you

      uFunbrush Team

    21. Missing avatar

      Sage Park on

      Hello- As most everyone else has commented, this is taking entirely too long. At this point, I can buy a similar product off the store shelves for equal or lesser price and have it immediately. There is no longer any benefit to being a backer of your product. Please inform me how to go about getting a refund. Thank you, Sage

    22. Missing avatar

      Ralf Heijkamp on

      Last update is worthless. I'm slowly losing my faith in the product and company. surely the last time i've backed a 'tech' project on KS

    23. Tony Le

      Thanks for the update. However I think it’d be more beneficial and educational (and keep us faithful to the project) to see actual pictures of the manufacturing process (as in real pictures with a camera) as opposed to drawings please.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ralf Heijkamp on

      Hello team, any update (pictures of videos) of the tooling and production process? It's been a good 6 weeks since the last update.

    25. Missing avatar

      Alexis on

      This is taking too long with no actual date of release just a 3 month estimate. How do you get a refund here?

    26. Missing avatar

      Meagan Hall on

      I no longer have any confidence in this company and would like a refund. How can I proceed with getting one?

    27. Missing avatar

      변혜진 on

      When can I get the product? Is it producing?

    28. uFunbrush Creator on

      @Sharmenhope,@Natthanan thank you for contacting us. We understand your concern and thank you for your continued patience. Manufacturing is indeed under way. We will look at doing all we can to expedite your uFunbrush. In addition, we will update the production progress in the next few weeks.

    29. Missing avatar

      Natthanan Acosta on

      I would like to cancel this pledge for Ufunbrush and get my refund. Thank you

    30. sharmenhope on

      I want a refund. This is no longer worth waiting for with the release date being constantly moved

    31. Missing avatar

      Ralf Heijkamp on

      @Laurie, did you receive you're refund?

    32. uFunbrush Creator on

      @Laurie, Already responded to your message. Thanks.
      @Katelyn, Thank you so much for pointed out. It was our mistake. We are sincerely "sorry" for the delay.
      @Reid, uFunbrush Passed safety and efficacy test. The result is good. Thank you.

    33. Missing avatar

      Laurie Granlund on

      want to cancel this pledge for Ufunbrush and get a refund. Please respond ASAP.

    34. Missing avatar

      Katelyn Solis on

      Was the last update proofread at all? "We are sincerely for the delay" and "extral." It just makes me nervous about the legitimacy of the company.

    35. Reid Sanders on

      Any updates from the SGS for safety and efficacy testing? Did the brush pass the test. Two weeks ago the message was you would know the results in a week. Can I assume it is not good news from the silence?

    36. uFunbrush Creator on

      @Ralf, Good question! If the test fail, we have to optimize and modify the design until pass! But, we are lucky to get the verbal pass notice from SGS. Will move forward to next step tooling immediately, once get the certificate next week.
      We can’t 100% guaranteed will be shipped in Q2 now. But we are putting 100% efforts. Thank you !

    37. Missing avatar

      Ralf Heijkamp on

      Hello team,

      How is de SGS testing coming along? What happens if the SGS doesn't approve this product?

    38. Missing avatar

      Ralf Heijkamp on

      Thanks for the update. Just to be sure; struggling to deliver Q2 or able to make it? Sort of a contradiction in the text.

    39. uFunbrush Creator on

      @mizz141 @Katelyn thank you for your comments, already passed to our designer for reference.
      @Sharmenhope, Sorry for you missed our Feb update , the new delivery scheduled on Q2.
      @Ralf, Will update soon on FDA and testing process. We are struggling to delivery your uFunbrush on Q2. The schedule still looks fine now. Thank you!

    40. Missing avatar

      Ralf Heijkamp on

      Hi uFunbrush team. Time for a update? It's been 6 weeks since the last update.
      Please share the progress of the production. No more extra delays please ;-)

    41. Missing avatar

      Katelyn Solis on

      @mizz141 I was thinking the same thing.

    42. sharmenhope on

      When are we getting the brushes? Originally we were told February 2018.

    43. Missing avatar

      mizz141 on

      The Packaging looks like something FROM THE 90'S! Really!

    44. uFunbrush Creator on

      @Kate: I’m sorry if any confusion remains. Usonic, Inc. is a US based corporation. We have team members in the US as well as China. Some replies in the past, have come from our China based customer service team, some from our US based team. We try to communicate in a clear and concise fashion. It seems in this instance, we were not as clear as need be. Again, uFunbrush is manufactured in China. Our marketing team is based in the US. I hope this clarifies any inconsistencies or misunderstandings you felt existed.

      Thank you,
      uFunbrush Team!

    45. Missing avatar

      Kate on

      Following your reply to Abdul-Wahed, please could you clarify who is in charge of your marketing of this campaign and your customer communication? In other words, who am I speaking to right now?

      You state that you are a Colorado, US-based corporation, and that the Chinese company to which our payments were sent is merely your manufacturing partner. I am willing to accept this, but based on your syntax and grammar patterns in all of your communication here, it seems very likely to me that whoever is writing for you is not a native English speaker. (Which is not a problem! Everything you say is understandable, just obviously written by someone for whom English is a secondary language). Why is this? Are you, the creators of uFunbrush, not native English speakers but currently based in the US as you claim? Or is someone from the Chinese manufacturing partner team running this campaign?

      To be clear, I have no objection to the manufacturing being done in China, nor in fact would I have a problem with the entire uFunbrush company being based in China or indeed anywhere else (ultimately, it makes no difference to me whether this product originated in the US or not!)... so long as you are upfront about it.

      My concern is the obfuscation, and the possibility of being lied to. The fact that you are still claiming to be a US-based campaign/company but communicating here in what appears to be non-native English, combined with the points Abdul-Wahed raised, is ringing alarm bells for me and making me doubt your honesty and your trustworthiness. Can you clarify things and put my mind at rest?

    46. uFunbrush Creator on

      Hello Abdul-Wahed and thank you for your questions.

      uFunbrush is a product distributed and marketed by Usonic, Inc. a Colorado, US corporation. uFunbrush was invented and developed by our patent holders in the US and contracted with our Chinese partners to re-design, optimize and manufacture uFunbrush. It was our mutual decision to have HIChina Zhicheng Technology, Ltd. as our web hosting and services provider. HiChina is one of the leading web hosting and domain name services provider in China and very cost efficient.

      Regarding your payment, Xiamen Caminz Technology Co., Ltd ( 厦门楷铭科技有限公司), is our manufacturing partner. Funds paid by our backers are transferred to Xiamen Caminz Technology Co., Ltd. as a normal course of our Manufacturing relationship. BTW, Google translation is good, but not exactly for the company name.

      Again, thank you for your question and please feel free to reach out with any further questions or concerns.

      uFunbrush Team!

    47. uFunbrush Creator on

      @Ralf Heijkamp, Thank you for the comments. We are still focusing to delivery on Q2. Will update more details soon. Thank you.

    48. Missing avatar

      AWH on

      Hi uFunbrush Team,

      I would like to know why on your campaign page you operate with western names and state you are from Denver, but the site is registered to HiChina Zhicheng Technology Ltd. ( and my PayPal Account was charged by Xiamen Kai Ming Technologie Co., Ltd. (written in Chinese 厦门楷铭科技有限公司, I translated it via google translate). The page is also missing an imprint page with informations about who is behind the company.

      Would very much appreciate prompt and proper clarification of the matter. Otherwise in light of this information and that you are pushing the delivery date, I suspect somekind of scam.

    49. Missing avatar

      Ralf Heijkamp on

      Boehoe. Worthless update. In short it said the same as the update from feb. 2018, but now 4 weeks later. I'm not sure how a Q2 delivery is possible when production is still 10-12 weeks. Just be honest and tell your backers early Q3 is more likely.

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