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10 times more powerful than Raspberry Pi 3, x86 64-bit architecture
10 times more powerful than Raspberry Pi 3, x86 64-bit architecture
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    1. Laura Gales

      @Norman: On changing your shipping address, I recommend contacting UDOO via their ticket system -

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Are we still on schedule to ship this week?

    3. Missing avatar

      Norman on


      I wanted to change my shipping address, will there be extra charges for new shipping?

      Thanks and cheers,


    4. Markus Laire on

      @Nick: eMMC is internal part of UDOO X86 and so can't be shipped separately.

    5. Nick Matson on

      For those of us that upgraded to the 32GB eMMC, will it be shipping along with the UDOO on March 10th?

    6. Johan on

      UDOO Creater,
      Please mark and declare the price to less then $40 with the shipping, and maybe also mark as `part´s` and not as ready product?
      If it come to pay import taxes it would be not to munch
      We all looking forward to deliver the `test` boards.


    7. Missing avatar

      Lars on

      My experience with UPS has also been "expensive". Even though the total amount of the invoice is well below the legal tax-free limit of a private import established by Customs (here in Mexico 300 USD), UPS always find a way to charge you additional fees, even for imports below 100 USD, while the other mayor couriers seem to respect the legal tax-free limit.

    8. Christopher Rush on

      Not only may UPS charge you import VAT but they also might charge for a brokerage fee, which I have had to pay in the past. You will also have to pay the correct amount in cash upon receipt or card over the phone prior to delivery.

    9. Chris W

      @ creator: you have no legal requirement to declare the retail price or what ever people have backed to customs, we are not customers who are buying a product, Kickstarters is not a shop! You can simply declare the cost of the material to customs which would be legal.

    10. UDOO 4-time creator on

      @Lloyd Andrew A. Gabi: we cannot lie to the customs.
      @Hai Ninh Quang: you can change your shipping address by editing the survey. The address is the only editable part of the survey.

    11. Lloyd Andrew A. Gabi on

      Is it possible to declare the price to $40 or less in shipping via UPS?

    12. Chris Liptau

      @ Mike: Well, Karl has a point though. My experience with UPS is also not the best and compared to other shipping companies the service I received was not good. They indeed asked me to pay, while other companies that delivered other, more expensive perks from other campaigns, did not ask for any money.

      Anyway though, I'm looking forward to the UDOO board and I'm sure the UDOO team had their reasons to pick UPS.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mike Kopack on

      @Karl - don't complain to UDoo and UPS for charging the required import duty fees your country requires!!! Nobody held a gun to your head saying you HAD to back this or any other project. Complain to your government for charging highway robbery fees...

    14. Hai Ninh Quang on

      hi there, plz how can I change the shipping address?

    15. Missing avatar

      Karl Mok

      Lovely, shipping by UPS. Backers better have their chequebooks ready for their outrageous fees they like to charge on delivery.