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Almost twice as fast as the MacBook Pro 13", for VR, AR, and AI projects. The first Maker PC with the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000
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Posted by UDOO (Creator)

Dear UDOOers,

We have been green lighted! No, the Hulk hasn’t joined our team (but we’re working on it). 

We’ve got news from the lab! The UDOO BOLT has passed all the EMS, the FCC and CE certification tests: we’re finally READY to ship the first batch!

Are YOU ready?


Check your backer number: if it’s below 300 AND you pledged for the EARLY BIRD UDOO BOLT V8(279$) tier, we will ship your reward within 10 days! This time span will give us the chance to complete the testing and get the board ready to be shipped!

For all the other backers, we’ll ship all the remaining batches by the end of April/May.


But wait, there’s more. That’s right, we have MORE good news:

We’ve also got our hands on the badass METAL CASES...

And here's how it arrives, with all the necessary fittings including a power button...


For the audio enthusiasts, here are the details of the audio functionalities of the UDOO BOLT. Provided by a Realtek ALC888SHigh Definition Audio Codec, and because of the fantastic support from backers in helping us reach the crowdfunding stretch goal, we have incorporated an S/PDIF optical connection!

So there are two 3.5mm audio jack connectors:

  • A TRRS Combo Audio socket that can be used with any 4-pole 3.5mm diameter audio jack. It has both stereo Line Out and Mic In functionality, with a pinout compatible with the most recent headsets.
  • A combo analogic/digital connector, a TRS 3.5mm audio socket that integrates a LED Transmitter for S/PDIF optical connections (Optical 3.5mm jack).

With this optical connector feature, you can connect to digital audio devices and DACs. Awesome!

There are also external stereo speaker connectors. The speaker output available is Class-D amplified, 3W global power on 4Ohm Load/ 1.7W global power on 8Ohm load (recommended). The speaker connector on the board is HR p/n A2001WV-S-02PD01, and the required mating connector is HR p/nA2001H-02P with A2001 series female crimp terminals (or equivalent).

POWER (clarification)

In the previous update, we described the methods of powering the UDOO BOLT. There has been subsequent comments from backers regarding the DC power jack connector, so we will clarify this part further. The DC connector on the board is by Singatron, part number 2DC3122-007111F. Internal pin is VIN power line. The necessary mating DC plug is a Singatron with part number 45P06CV230-1A00-01 or equivalent. 


Here's a little pearl we'd like to share with you: Cubbit.


Cubbit is an Italian startup we've met at the latest Maker Faire Rome. 

They're kickstarting a distributed, cloud that runs on top of a peer-to-peer network of dedicated devices (i.e. the Cubbit Cell). The system is zero-knowledge (no one can access your data, not even Cubbit) and makes use of strong encryption to protect your data.

Like Dropbox, iCloud and other conventional cloud storage services, Cubbit lets you access and share your data from anywhere in the world, with a finely-crafted user experience and the features you’re familiar with. 

But unlike “the cloud”, Cubbit is not based on any centralized data center. This allows for an unprecedented set of advantages for the user, such as: 

  • no monthly fee: it’s free for a lifetime 
  • it is expandable up to 4TB per Cubbit Cell just by plugging in any USB hard drive for free 
  • it is zero-knowledge and end-to-end encrypted so that no one can access your data 
  • it is 10x greener than conventional clouds based on data centers

When you upload a file to your Cubbit Cell, it gets encrypted with AES-256, split into dozens of chunks, each one distributed in multiple copies across the network of Cubbit Cells via end-to-end encrypted channels. When you remote-access your file on Cubbit, what you are actually doing is asking the AI coordinator server where your chunks are. As soon as you receive this information, you connect to the corresponding Cells through peer-to-peer end-to-end encrypted channels. Then you download the chunks, reassemble the file and decrypt it with the key that is retrievable to you and you alone. 

The beauty is that the AI coordinator is cryptographically blind: during the whole process, the coordinator never gets to know neither the content of the file nor the encryption key. 

The project is 2 years old but already up and running in beta test. Also, they already 400% funded.

Give it a look!

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    1. Dennis Kluytmans on

      they are already online at a partner and delivery is like may 7th.
      So I hope we get it first, otherwise it would be really unfair

    2. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin on

      224, nothing here. feel free to complain @Chad. all it takes is a reply within +/- a week after they know we were expecting tracking numbers based on their information.

      how many campaigns have they done?? > nothing learned about communication or pledge managers (for ADDED SALES! and customer info aggregation/easy updating)?

      are they an established business with a tested supply chain and trusted manufacturing and distribution partners? > nothing learned about certification timeframe or distribution and logistics methods that work?
      apparently not. i'm really looking forward to the bolt, but there's no way i'm supporting a company that is this negligent and tardy with their 'community' again.

    3. Jonathon Luken on

      Im 291 and nothing yet myself.

    4. Matthew Brooks on

      I'm Early Bird V8 backer 268. Haven't heard anything yet. I'm not sure where they are shipping from. If it comes from a US warehouse, I should get an alert from UPS or FedEX when it ships. If it's getting shipped directly from a facility in Italy, I'm guessing someone will email us the details.

    5. Adam Smith on

      This is the third UDOO project I've backed. Early bird V8 backer number 171. Haven't heard a peep.

    6. Dennis Kluytmans on

      SO I guess I am getting mine december 2019...
      there are 1447 backers and I am backer 1555 XD

    7. Missing avatar

      ccshello on

      Thanks Ryan Skousen finding them out!

      User Manual here:


    8. Missing avatar

      ccshello on

      Schematics here:


      UDOO has always been good on this department.

    9. Missing avatar

      ccshello on

      Good news:

      On schematics page 16, upper left corner, (1)(2) are power_positive and (3)(4) are power_negative (while #5 is not used.)
      Based on connector drawing (I used 2DC3122-002112F as the example), (1)(2) should be inner ring and (3)(4) should be outer ring.
      < --- in datasheet, (1)(2) are Spring(+), (3)(4) are Spring (-), #5 is SIGNAL

      Don't take my words as granted, however may treat them as educated guesses.

    10. Chad Ringström on

      Hello everyone.

      Today is the end of the month. Any backers out there get any shipping notifications yet?

      I am on the in 60’s on the v8 and have not got anything yet. Not complaining, just communicating so everyone is on the same page.

      Backers love communication.

    11. Mike Miller on

      @Mr T Also, in the first post they simply state "Internal positive" which could mean the standard inner ring is positive, outer negative. they only mention "pin" in the clarification where they refer to the internal pin. which again could refer to the internal ring. I would be surprised if they used it in a non standard way as it would make their own specification of an adapter more complicated. We may have to wait until we have the boards in hand to be sure.

    12. Mike Miller on

      Mr T. to further complicate issues, I was not a super early backer but in the first 500 at least if not lower. I later snapped up an early bird Bolt V8 that someone dropped out of. This reset my backer number much higher. I am not too worried about getting mine right away, but it would be nice.

    13. Missing avatar

      Timy Hui on

      DC power jack connector (Internal pin is VIN)
      # DC connector on the board is by Singatron, part number 2DC3122-007111F. -- no info about the contact size!
      # The necessary mating DC plug is a Singatron with part number 45P06CV230-1A00-01 or equivalent.
      -- Singatron 45P06CV230-1A00-01 cannot be found at Singatron's website…

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter Aellig on

      i would like to add a metal case, where i can add this?

    15. Mr T on

      James, when you back a KS, it assigns you the next number in the queue. But some people inevitably back out, so you end up with unused numbers lower than those who join later. How your number relates to where it is in the total of 1447 is unknown as we don't know the highest number issued for this KS. Even Udoo may not know that, not sure if KS shows them that. But, I can guarantee you that you are nowhere near the first 300, same as me (number 1742) and we will both be waiting a while longer yet!

    16. Missing avatar

      James Saunders on

      According to the details of my pledge, I am backer 1,582 out of a total of 1447... how does that work in terms of my place in the queue for shipping?

    17. Lonnie George

      I would like to get one of the metal boxes. How are they available?

    18. Mr T on

      I think they made it pretty clear: "Internal pin is VIN power line."

      So they've used it in a non-standard way.

    19. Missing avatar

      ccshello on

      Well, at least this is what I think the DC connector should be (the industry way)

      UDOO should clarify...

    20. Missing avatar

      ttan on

      Forgot to add, mine is the $279 tier

    21. Missing avatar

      ttan on

      I am backer 129 and will be away from my shipping address until late April. Can you hold my shipment until early May? Or, can I quickly submit a new shipping address within the same country? TIA.

    22. Missing avatar

      Peter Antonius on

      Most 125 backers (with backer number less of 300) of UDOO BOLT V8(279$) will get their in April. How many are we talking about 10,25.50,100 ?

      I'm backer number 176 I pledged for EARLY BIRD UDOO BOLT V8 + Kit 16GB. It look like I will need to wait until Aprilor i guess May/June before I will get mine.
      When you send out a you monthly update could you clarify !

    23. Mr T on

      ccshello, they state that the centre pin is V+, which is not standard usage as far as I know. If you google that part number for the mating plug, it seems it exists absolutely nowhere except in datasheets, so I'm not sure how we are supposed to buy it!

      The coaxial adaptors that are available on ebay etc most likely use outer ring as -ve, inner ring as +ve, and pin is unused, so I have no idea how we are supposed to power the Bolt through the DC port. Again, why use a completely non-standard socket, and then use it in a non-standard way?

      We need clarification on this, and we need a supplier of these plugs. I think Udoo needs to include at least one of these plugs with every Bolt, otherwise there's going to be a lot of unhappy backers who can't get their Bolts going without mods to the board, or tying up one of the USB-C sockets for power. Given the lack of USB sockets in total on the Bolt, that's not a good thing.

    24. Missing avatar

      Joschka Mick on

      Nice to hear. Can't wait to get mine. 🤓

      Can you say which company you will use for international shipping to europe?

    25. DeltaLima

      my backer number is below 50!!
      but have "EARLY BIRD UDOO BOLT V8 + Kit 16GB"
      does that mean im waiting longer??

    26. Missing avatar

      Samir on

      Right, please give us an option to add a case to be shipped together with the BOLT

    27. Amir Soltani on

      As Brian asked already, how can we get the case at the same time as the BOLT? paying another shipping cost is not ideal...

    28. Sami-Pekka Hallikas on

      How about Backer in top20? (# =< 20), "EARLY BIRD UDOO BOLT V8 + Kit 16GB $534" .. This is V8, but "all-in" package. can I hold my breath yet, or no luck to get in the first batch?

    29. fmotta on

      Metal case can be nice... SPAM about unrelated projects is BAD.
      So... when will this be in my hands so I can actually use the information to buy PSU, DIMMs, ... and run it?

      Or is this another many-month wait until we will get a tertiary statement that it is ready?

    30. Missing avatar

      Brian Mengel on

      How can we order a case if our backer # is below 300? I'd rather not spin this thing up just laying on my desk :P

    31. Missing avatar

      ccshello on

      re: DC power plug
      Please confirm that the outer ring is Ground, inner ring is +12V, and center pin is unused.

    32. Missing avatar

      ccshello on

      re: TRS + Optical combo connector

      That should be fun.
      See pictures 5, 6, and 7.
      Hope I got it right.