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A tribute to the great Jacks of 21st century television.

A tribute to the great Jacks of 21st century television.

A tribute to the great Jacks of 21st century television. Read More
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The 21st century has given us some of the greatest fictional characters in television named "Jack". Whether they are saving the United States from terrorists, helping Liz Lemon with doomed relationships, marrying Rosario to get her a green card, or getting survivors off the island then back on the island then off the island again, Jack Bauer, Jack Donaghy, Jack McFarlane, and Jack Shephard, respectively, have given us endless 22- and 45-minute segments of unparalleled humor, drama, and action.

This t-shirt is a tribute to them. 

The idea for it came after a recent binge-watching of Lost and mistakenly ending up in the Jack page of Wikipedia, suddenly realizing all the great Jack characters over the years. The design is a play on the popular "John & Paul & Ringo & George" t-shirt designed by Experimental Jetset in 2001 and copied many times over. (What can we say? It works).

This Kickstarter isn't full of rewards or pledge levels. It's pretty straightforward: get the t-shirt at production cost now before we put it up for sale for a larger sum later and get free shipping. 

The t-shirts will be silkscreened locally on American Apparel basic t-shirt, gold. 

If enough women order the shirt (12 or more per size) we will provide women-fit shirts; if not it will all be men style.

For Jack, Jack, Jack, and Jack.


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