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An adventure game with visual novel-style narrative, Minotaur tells a dark mystery story set in a newly created science fantasy world.
An adventure game with visual novel-style narrative, Minotaur tells a dark mystery story set in a newly created science fantasy world.
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Posted by U7 committee (Creator)

We did it! We all did it!! Minotaur has crossed the funding line. We delayed our update on that a bit because we wanted to give you this:

Nod even shaved for the occasion
Nod even shaved for the occasion


You can download wallpaper version of this sketch here (or here if you don't want "Funded with KS" sign).

We've got one more for when the campaign will actually be over :D I'm also saving our big speech for that. For now, I would just like to say that the journey (however banal it may sound) has been as awesome as the satisfaction from reaching its current goal. We've met a lot of great people (you!), made new friends (also you!) and have received a dose of inspiration that's enough to make at least a couple of games! (We'll stick with making Minotaur twice as good, though.)

And Kickstarter part of that journey's not over! I believe we can still make that "free OST for everyone" goal. To encourage new people to join our cause (and to show our appreciation to existing backers), we decided to bring our €40K goal down to €35K level. Just like that:

Our new take on stretch goals. The invisible hand never lies!
Our new take on stretch goals. The invisible hand never lies!


You can see that our €40K goal was game support for mods (we still have to pay for music rights, but this we can do by making an extra effort). We want to provide tools which will make modifying certain aspects of the game relatively easy. Modders will be able to add things like fansubs and new outfits/graphics for characters, adjust how certain parts of the game look, and so on.

We think it's pretty important to have something like that, because a dedicated community (like ours!) will succeed where devs alone won't be able to (by adding fansubs for language which lacks official translation, for example). 

So let's get there... Just like we got to our main goal!

Until then,


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    1. U7 committee Creator on

      @Cristian Hi Christian! It's highly likely. We've got a few offers from publishers who work in Spain, and some more from translators. There was also a noticeable interest from Spanish gamers, which certainly motivates us. And even if all else fails, there's now a fansubs option.

    2. Missing avatar

      Cristian on

      Are you going to have a Spanish translation?

    3. U7 committee Creator on

      @Vince Vazquez Thank you :D Now we just need that article in Siliconera!

    4. U7 committee Creator on

      @R_Firefly Thank you!!

    5. Vince Vazquez

      Congratulations you guys! This is great news! :D

    6. Missing avatar

      R_Firefly on

      Actually awesome!Congratulations!

    7. U7 committee Creator on

      @Sachertorte That we did! It happened pretty fast... I even didn't have time to upload new stretch goals image to this update x) We added a new one to page description, though. Let's try and reach 700 backers for alternative outfits and additional animated cutscenes!

      And I'm glad that you're happy about modding... We also feel that it can open a lot of possibilities!

    8. U7 committee Creator on

      @Kaiorn156 Thank you! Of course we'll do our best to keep backers updated! I'm not sure about Vlogs... but who knows? Either way, there'll be no spoilers, I promise :D

    9. U7 committee Creator on

      @oldpocketwatchmh Don't worry about it! I think it's a good suggestion. We've already placed several hooks for modders in game, but we'll make sure to review everything and weigh all pros and cons of every aspect of modding later on. We'll also discuss it with you, the community, and decide on which options to keep when the time comes. Maybe we'll pick the best mods to ensure quality and "recommend" them... There are a lot of options!

    10. U7 committee Creator on

      @Ellie @Luneth Spark Thanks, Luneth Spark! Ours will feature 30+ tracks and 90+ minutes of great music.

    11. U7 committee Creator on

      @Ellie That's great to hear... About wallpaper, I mean :-) We're glad you liked it - Demi sat through the night drawing it!

    12. U7 committee Creator on

      @Hey-Pi-Ron Hooray indeed :D

    13. Missing avatar

      Sachertorte on

      Great news indeed :)
      And seems we took that stretch goal in full stride.
      Thanks for adding mod support to the list of features!

    14. Kairon Woulfgang on

      YAY! I'm so glad this Kickstarter made it's goal. I hope you're team is able to post Dev-Blogs or even Dev-Vlogs from time to time as long as there's no spoilers. :)

    15. Missing avatar

      oldpocketwatchmh on

      I had never thought of modding for a visual novel,well,I've only tried to create a mod in HOI,you know,add a tech or a new country or something,I think maybe we can add a choice for modders,give them a chance to write some little stories,such as every-day-life of characters or something,but in that case I think there will be many stories which could be OOC(out of character)or even is telling a story do nothing with Minotaur,that's not good,sorry if i offended anyone,I'm not attacking these things,but that's not good,so,if u mind,just ignore that suggestion.*worrying*

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    17. Ellie on

      Btw, what's an OST? (forgive my incompetence LOL)

    18. Ellie on

      Just now set the sketch as my computer wallpaper!

    19. U7 committee Creator on

      @Nyskrte Affirmative! We just need to stay away from the fan :D Seriously though, I couldn't be happier, of course, but I can't edit the update anymore.

      Alright, we'll post €40K goal to page description ASAP!

    20. U7 committee Creator on

      @Nayru Exactly!! I'm very confused right now.

      Thank you for your congratulations and support! xD

    21. U7 committee Creator on

      @Euan Robertson Thank you :-))

    22. Nyskrte on

      Instructions unclear, reach €40,000?

    23. Nayru

      *opens the campaign site, notices stretch goal already reached* xD
      As am I! :D Congrats, guys! Godspeed! :)

    24. Xolf

      I am very, very glad to see this update :)