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An adventure game with visual novel-style narrative, Minotaur tells a dark mystery story set in a newly created science fantasy world.
An adventure game with visual novel-style narrative, Minotaur tells a dark mystery story set in a newly created science fantasy world.
An adventure game with visual novel-style narrative, Minotaur tells a dark mystery story set in a newly created science fantasy world.
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    1. U7 committee Creator 6 days ago

      Hi Elliott! Thanks for checking up on us : ) I'm sorry we've delayed that major update for so long... It's mostly about new beta, and we kept working on it all this time. Maybe we should've sacrificed some content or quality level to finish it faster, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it, so we kept on grinding. I hope you and other backers agree with this... approach : ) We'll try to level up our estimation skill instead (to avoid providing inaccurate info about next updates). I'll start right now: new beta is actually done and we're currently testing it, so the update is coming by the end of next week. And I hope you'll check it out : )



    2. Missing avatar

      Elliott on

      Hey guys, what are you up to? Looking forward to that major update.

    3. U7 committee Creator on

      Hi Bryce! Thanks for checking up on us : ) Yes, absolutely, we're doing our best to bring you an Early Access-ready version by the end of this month. I'm not sure we'll be able to pull it off, to be honest, but even if we're late, it shouldn't be more than by a few days. We'll message all backers about it (since there's some stuff we still need to do before we release, like sending demo to backers who participate in beta testing, collecting information for game credits, etc.), but I will also post an update when it happens. I hope you'll check it out : )



    4. Missing avatar

      Bryce Summers on

      Hello, is there any new information about the status of the project?

    5. U7 committee Creator on

      Hi Samantha! We're surprised how far one can get with enthusiasm ourselves!

      I'm sorry, there's something in my eye...

      Seriously though, thank you for your support! We'll do our best to produce a game worthy of it : )



    6. Missing avatar

      Samantha Et Alia on

      I have no idea how you're accomplishing so much with such a small budget but my goodness please keep it up!

    7. U7 committee Creator on

      Did I just spell... "mews"? Sorry about that. Must be my inner cat talking.


      ̶N̶i̶c̶k̶ ^._.^

    8. U7 committee Creator on

      Hi Nicola! Yes, absolutely! Release dates, production mews (about voice over in particular), information regarding physical rewards - this&more coming in the next update later this week :D

    9. Missing avatar

      Nicola on

      Hi is there any news? X

    10. U7 committee Creator on

      Hi Il Terribile! Yes, of course - we're nearly finished with first stage of alpha testing (you can see the results here:, Nod's route is almost ready, and Markiplier did a letsplay of Minotaur, which brought us some crazy amount of exposure... Alpha-testing took us a bit longer than expected, but I know that an update is due, so we'll make sure to post one later this week!



    11. Missing avatar

      Il Terribile

      Hi, any news?

    12. U7 committee Creator on

      Hi @Silver Fox! It's great that you tried the demo... And even better that you liked it! I hope you were able to launch it on your Mac. Looking forward to seeing you when next version comes out! And I promise we'll tell more about Maya :-)

    13. Issa Kabeer

      I enjoyed the beta program. It shows a glimpse into a rich adventure. I'd like to know more about the Maya character in the future!

    14. U7 committee Creator on

      @Remy Thank you for the advice, Remy! OK, let me summarize:

      - auto-progression of in-game dialogue sequences (without left-clicking or pressing space bar); I'm not sure about hot-keying it, but we could make a checkbox in options for that.
      - Fast-forwarding dialogue sequences: we also thought it's going to be useful, so we already assigned a key to it (ESC); it's a bit buggy at the moment (conflicts with in-game menu), but it's definitely going to be there once we fix it.
      - We indeed planned to distribute digital art books in PDF, so we'll make sure to enable accessibility features like you suggested.

      Once again, thank you very much for your advice. We wouldn't have thought of this features ourselves, and we're happy to do what we can to make the game more accessible for everyone. If you think of anything else (now or during alpha/beta testing), please let me know!



    15. Missing avatar

      Remy on

      @Nick Thank you, I appreciate all of that. I would LOVE to see this game somehow become more accessible for people like me (and those who see far less than I do, and adventure games are actually prime candadates for such accessibility. I do have two concrete suggestions (well, one's more of a hopeful request).
      First, it would be nice to have an auto function for the in-game dialogue. Then the conversations would flow more naturally and we wouldn't have to keep pressing space, space, space.:) What if it was toggleable via a hot key, similar to the recent Zero Escape games. Since the game is going to require multiple playthroughs, and if said playthroughs will require retreading old ground, a "skip" mode to fast forward dialogue might be helpful, depending on how extensive the dialogues will be. (And don't get me wrong, I'm all for lots of dialogue). Speaking of which, I really appreciate that even the examination of objects is voiced. Most adventure games do this, but certainly not all.

      The second thought has to do with the art and soundtrack books (both some nice ideas). In what format will these be distributed? I'm ASSUMING PDF, but I wanted to confirm. If so, would you please allow for accessibility features to be enabled when setting the PDF's security? This would allow for something called a screen reader to be used to read the document to someone via text-to-speech. I'm sure the commentary will be interesting, and I'd love to enjoy it along with everyone else.

      Regardless of my suggestions, I'm looking forward to experiencing your creation; it's an interesting universe from what I've seen so far.

    16. U7 committee Creator on

      @Bradley Jay Troup Hi again, Bradley! Don't worry - even though art book only comes with corresponding tiers, you'll be able to upgrade your pledge tier later if you want to (there'll be a pretty big window of opportunity for that, too). You just can't order it separately (as addition to tier it doesn't come with). And we're going to use BackerKit indeed; we're already talking to them about setting up post-campaign management.

    17. U7 committee Creator on

      @Remy Thanks, Remy! I'm very glad that you joined us :-) And that you liked the demo... Except for that fuse puzzle! But I have to say, your comments are right on the spot. Keyboard shortcuts for character skills and option to highlight interactable objects (also on hotkey) are two improvements that we're definitely going to make. And fuse puzzle, too... I believe we can improve its design to make it more intuitive - we have a couple of ideas about that.

      We also promise to maintain voice over quality - Kocha Sound will continue taking care of that :-)) And I hope that we'll be able to improve auditory feedback - at least by adding option to manually adjust sound levels for music / speech / SFX. If there's anything else we can do in that regard, please let me know.



    18. Bradley Jay Troup

      Damn lol. I just thought of that right before the campaign ended. Is there no way to increase my tier now, or is the art book gone forever? Was kinda thinking that there'd be a backer kit afterwords

    19. Missing avatar

      Remy on

      Congratulations on a successful funding! Got my backing in at the last minute after trying the demo. Wanted to give more, but I'm Canadian and ... well, euros don't like Canada too much right now. Anyway, I'm a visually impaired gamer and a big fan of the Zero Escape series (Now that the Nonary Games with full voice acting has been released on PS4) So when I saw the cross between visual novel and adventure game (one of my favorite genres), I was interested. When I found out it wasn't going to have walls of text for me to squint at, and full (and so far good) voice acting, I knew I had to try. When I actually played the demo, I was sold. (Except that fuse puzzle, which took me far longer than I care to admit to figure out. I'm looking forward to observing the development process and playing the game when it comes out. Take your time, polish it like a grunt polishes his sargeant's boots, and be proud that such an interesting idea is coming to fruition. And please, please please, if you can, implement keyboard shortcuts for special abilities like Ollie and smart vision. Maybe a hotspot highlighter too if you're feeling EXTRA generous. :)

    20. U7 committee Creator on

      @Fred Schuit Thank you, Fred :-)) We're preparing an update right now!

    21. Missing avatar

      Fred Schuit

      Congratulations! Goals reached!

    22. U7 committee Creator on

      @Sachertorte Ha-ha, you're right :D That was really close, but we did it!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Sachertorte on

      Yeah, bonus stretch goal reached! And just in the nick of time!

    24. U7 committee Creator on

      @Bradley Jay Troup Hello! Only as the backing tier, unfortunately.

    25. U7 committee Creator on

      @Lowe Hi Lowe! Thank you for backing us. Right now, the idea is that you need to choose before the game comes out, but you'll have plenty of time to do that, during which there'll be opportunities to play the game and find out about every character (even if you haven't pledged for Game tester reward)!

    26. Bradley Jay Troup

      Is the art book going to be available as an add-on, or is only in the backing tier?

    27. Lowe

      quick question, if you choose the shirt do you get to wait until you've played the game a little to choose which character shirt you want?

    28. U7 committee Creator on

      @oldpocketwatchmh @Geoffrey Riutta Yes! OST is now included in every reward starting from €8 :D That's 30+ excellent tracks... if I may say so myself!

    29. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Riutta

      OST is go!

    30. Missing avatar

      oldpocketwatchmh on

      wow!may I say that now everyone of us would get an OST?*pick up my lovely earphone*

    31. U7 committee Creator on

      @Sylvia Hi Sylvia! We estimate Minotaur to be 10-15 hours long, depending on how fast one reads and solves puzzles. Getting all 4 endings and each of newly unlocked character's epilogues and obtaining majority of collectibles and achievements would take another 3-5 hours.

    32. U7 committee Creator on

      @Michael St. George Matatics Yes! Yes we did! Thank you very much for your support :D

    33. U7 committee Creator on

      @MiKandi Japan It seems that we just made our stretch goal... But please plug us in anyway :-))

    34. U7 committee Creator on

      @Lever4mind Thank you! It's great to know that you feel for the project... But it's alright now :D We certainly feel that relief, too.

    35. U7 committee Creator on

      @Geoffrey Riutta Thanks, Geoffrey! We were quite afraid of that too!

    36. U7 committee Creator on

      @Mandy Tang Thank you, Mandy! It was still a bit too close for comfort :-) But who knows, maybe now we'll be able to find a better font for dialogues!

    37. U7 committee Creator on

      @Sachertorte I'll be damned, it ain't indeed! I've PMd you a link to the song :-)

    38. U7 committee Creator on

      @Kwok Chi Leong Yes! And we even managed to hit our stretch goal(s)!!

    39. U7 committee Creator on

      @Nyskrte (☉.☉)

    40. Nyskrte on

      That was fast! Hope you have another stretch goal ready to go!

    41. Sylvia on

      Hey! Can't wait to play this game.
      I also have a question. How long will it take to beat the full game?

    42. Michael St. George Matatics

      All right, we made it!

    43. MiKandi Japan

      Congratulations! Can't wait to play this game. 28 hours to go. We'll plug you guys in our next KS update. Wanting that OST has become an obsession. Let's hit that Stretch Goal!

    44. Missing avatar

      Lever4mind on

      congratulations! really concerned this project. knowing meeting the goal really makes me feeling relieved. looking forward to the game out! cheers again!

    45. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Riutta

      Congratulations, I was afraid this was going to be a final day nail bitter.

    46. Mandy

      Congratulations guys! We didn't even cut it that fine. Huzzah!

    47. Missing avatar

      Sachertorte on

      @U7 committee
      Of course, it ain't over till it's over, so here's to hoping ;)
      While I have your attention, could you maybe tell me what the song in the trailer is named? I can't seem to figure it out for the life of me, and I simply must know!

    48. Kwok Chi Leong on

      Finally! It's done!

    49. U7 committee Creator on

      @oldpocketwatchmh Yesssss! Thank you for your support! I'm pretty sure your kaomoji helped us stay sane.

    50. U7 committee Creator on

      @Gensuta Hi Gensuta! I totally agree with you about the timer. Such a thing! Thankfully it's alright now :-))



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