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Teach yourself robotics and programming in one ultimate 3D printed robot kit. Open source, high tech, and novice friendly.
Teach yourself robotics and programming in one ultimate 3D printed robot kit. Open source, high tech, and novice friendly.
Teach yourself robotics and programming in one ultimate 3D printed robot kit. Open source, high tech, and novice friendly.
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    1. Graham Tubbs on

      Help! I snapped my Tyrobot pelvis! Spare parts?

    2. Graham Tubbs on

      Tyro arrived today! Fascinating just to look at him in pieces - realised I'd not seen 3d prints up close before. Looking forward to building him over Christmas - maybe this time next year he can carve the turkey!

    3. Missing avatar

      Matteo Pascolini on

      When will we be able to order Tyroboards? My friend was helping me and didn't clean out the head cavity enough (I printed my pieces out) and the display is now broken .... :(

    4. Graham Tubbs on

      If you get a chance try to watch the final of UK Robot Wars - aired last night. I think you would really enjoy it.

    5. Tyro Electronics Creator on

      I will send out the rest of the backer surveys before Friday. The maker's kits will ship this week and the complete kits will start shipping next week.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nyrie Tickell on

      When should we expect to see the backer survey?

    7. Missing avatar

      Vivian Venter on

      This is my first robot :) I am super excited about it! Cannot wait anymore!

    8. David Ultis on

      Backer #33! Woo! I love Tyro. I have some robots Tyrobot should meet. :)

    9. Tyro Electronics Creator on

      Hello Graham,
      TyroBot is capable of walking a curve, but does not have the strength to push doors (I just tried it out right now). To make TyroBot walk in a gradual curve is pretty straight forward (no pun intended), just change a few variables.
      TyroBot is built with SG90 servos, which are useful for robotics and very durable, but have little torque. Also being a bipedal robot makes it hard for the motors to apply force to anything. Along with that, TyroBot does not come with any external sensors except the accelerometer so it is impossible for him to tell where he is. Through the expansion ports you could add your own, (I am currently working on a speaker and a microphone for voice control) but it is unsupported and still doesn't solve the problem of opening the door.
      Have a great day,

    10. Graham Tubbs on

      Just backed you - another piece to add to my desire to learn coding and robotics. In the meantime this has gotten me thinking - can Tyro walk a curve? I'll explain my dilemma - my robot vacuum needs my internal doors open if it is to clean the whole floor - but leaving doors open (this all happens while I'm at work) is something of a fire hazard - I'm wondering if I can somehow attach Tyro to the door and have him open and close it linked to the other robots schedule. Does the sound possible? Weight of the door, strength of the motors, walk a curve, run to a timed programme?

    11. Tyro Electronics Creator on

      Hello George,
      The original source code will be included along with an easy to use library to make TyroBot function. In fact, I've already published most of the code on Github. It is all open source so check it out!

      Yes, you will be able to change the code back to the original whenever you please. If TyroBot is too messed up you can always download the original code and reprogram him.

      As for building TyroBot, about 80% through the build you will need to turn TyroBot on. TyroBot will automatically put the servos in the right position so all you need to do is attach the servo horns and legs. Also, in TyroBot's software there are some calibration variables to help make TyroBot walk as smooth as possible. They can be adjusted too.
      Thank you,

    12. George Edwards on

      Hello Taylor.

      Will you include a copy of the original code for the robot?

      Imagine that I make changes in the program, will I be eable to turn it back to the original state with the original Code program?

      Another Question about building:

      How do you get the correct position of servos before building the robot?

      If the servo is not in the correct position when you build the pieces the robot is going to have move problems.

      Good Luck.