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Update #3

40K, Molotovs and Quill18's video


We've doubled our goal in about three days! Thank you everyone for all the support!

Last night I put some incendiary weapons in the game. So now raiders will sometimes spawn with molotov cocktails or incendiary shot launchers. And, of course, you can take these weapons and use them yourselves. Fights are much more interesting when stuff is on fire. Especially when it's people. In fact, it was amusing yesterday when I was testing this - my colonist was firing an incendiary launcher at some raiders. But a squirrel wandered between them and got shot, bursting into flames, running around, and spreading fire across the field.

Next up, the famous YouTuber Quill18 has made an excellent video showing off the first 15 minutes of the game. If you want to see some footage of the game in action, you should totally check it out here. Look! It's a real game, not Kickstarter vaporware!

Finally, I wanted to clarify the Pirate King a bit because the (somewhat unclear) reward text is confusing people. Every version of RimWorld will be the same. It doesn't matter which level you back at - you get the same game. You always control a group of colonists.

The only special thing about Pirate King tier is that you get to define one of the pirate leaders who may attack the colony. You don't control this character - he just spawns into anyone's game randomly.

Thanks again for the support everyone! As always, I'm around to answer questions. And the community at the Ludeon Forums is growing fast if you want to talk more about the game. An old friend of mine just put up a fun gameplay story of his last play.


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    1. Missing_small

      Creator Sankfang on October 8, 2013

      Seriously bill time to put it all into a letter and post it on the forums. Every single piece of literature, cinema or games have giant logical problems. Why do the people stay in a clearly haunted house, why do space marines go on the ship instead of scanning it and blowing it up, why don't intelligent space faring aliens know how to open wooden doors or just not attack planets covered in water that apparently kill them easily!

      If he were to make FTL or wormhole tech piratically available to all it would just be Star Trek or Star Wars where everyone is rescued and no one is left behind, that is a really poor setting for a story about humans spread out across the galaxy with different levels of knowledgeably because of their isolation (How would they even be isolated if travel was so easy?). I loved the setting of FIrefly, a shitty future with you are more likely to be killed for what you have then to be taken on as another burden. Time to stop and let it rest.

    2. Gir%20184%202.small

      Creator Bill Briggs on October 8, 2013

      Welcome to that very discussion, Aerouge. Been trying to figure that one out.

    3. Backer_badge3.small

      Creator Aerouge on October 8, 2013

      Hmmm after watching Quills "Let´s Play" I wondered one thing. If traders show up so fast after the initial crashlanding (2-3 ingame days) why arent the crashlanders rescued?

      Maybe the backgroundstory should be somewhat adjusted from "crashlanding" to "settling". Otherwise this somehow does not make sense :(

    4. Gir%20184%202.small

      Creator Bill Briggs on October 7, 2013

      Mickaël—The backstory says a passenger liner. Neither Pirate nor Prison ship. I strongly doubt that’s a direction that Tynan would be interested in taking the game, yet. If we were on a prison transport, that’s kinda important and the inadvertent colonists’ crimes would need to be listed so we know how that affects them. Also, those kinds of people (who have been locked up and forgotten about, on purpose) tend to have a low cooperation and reliability threshold.
      You’re assuming that the system is already inhabited. If it were inhabited, the colonists would be rescued. One way or the other. You don’t do things secretly in space. You just don’t. The landing coffins would be detected the moment the left the ship and when you got out (if you’re lucky) you’d be greeted by a group of Bounty Hunters who are looking for the reward for rescuing you, and, if you’re not lucky, it’s a band of slavers and pirates with the same goal . . ..
      Not that any of those job options would work in an STL-powered sci-fi world, outside of a close solar system.
      By adhering to the laws of physics and STL, if the system is inhabited, you’re going to be rescued, imminently. Quite possibly before you even land. Whether you want to be or not. If it’s not inhabited, you won’t see another person, ever. Unless your trip was so close to the beginning or end that your ship will be missed within a couple of years and they can send a rescue ship.
      No, if you still want this to work out, the radio would be relevant to talk to other survivor camps to trade materials with them. We don’t know how large the passenger liner was, but, we could presume that our three aren’t the only colonists who survived. However, we can presume that this is the only world that could support life so all of the coffins set course for it. However, the delivery system they’re using would have to be a mass driver, and we could only pay them with some esoteric monies until we could build our own mass driver to facilitate full trade.

    5. Missing_small

      Creator Staffy50 on October 7, 2013

      After watching the lets play i had to upgrade to play the alpha. Good job

    6. Missing_small

      Creator Mickaël Alison on October 7, 2013

      Then let's say it's not a pirate ship but a prisoner transport ship which crashed. That's pretty simple : nobody has a spare fuck to give about rescuing you. You are already lucky to have landed on this land rather than on the penitential mining planet you were supposed to visit for the rest of your miserable life.
      Trade with people inside the solar system should be enough : there must be mining outposts on nearby asteroids or things like this. Merchants here will consider trading for goods but they'll definitively not rescue your sorry ass. After all you are probably a mass murderer, a drug smuggler or a rogue politician.
      The only factions interested by your person are pirates, bounty hunters and slavers. The first think there is some stuff to take from your settlement and they are totally ok with the idea of killing you. The second may have heard about prisoners among your group worth a nice amount of cash if taken back to the authorities. The last one could either considering trading with you or trading you - depending on the firepower you'll show when they come close to your colony.

      In my opinion this kind of backstory would eliminate a lot of disbelief problems. And FTL travel wouldn't be a problem anymore : ships could come to rescue you, they just don't want to.

    7. Gir%20184%202.small

      Creator Bill Briggs on October 7, 2013

      Michael—Um, no. There’s no feasibility in that model at all. There would never be a break-even point. You simply don’t do STL trading on spec. Keep in mind that communications still takes years or decades to get answers from as FTL communications don’t exist, either. So, you’d have to drop the drones off with a set price point, and HOPE that someone decides to colonize this system. Or, you’d stick to normal interstellar STL trading and hope for the best on that.
      Sankfang—Oh, I totally get that. I’m simply debating the ideas behind the backstory, not whether or not the game would be fun. I’m onboard with the GAME. My point is that the backstory needs to be rewritten for it to prop up anyone’s suspension of disbelief.
      After all, we’ve got 25 days left before we can get our pre-alpha copies (those of us who put in for that), I’m just passing the time.
      On the adhering to the laws of physics argument, by asking me to do that, you’d have to do the same. Which is my other point. If you want to adhere to the laws of physics, the game can’t happen. Period. First of all, the year has to be sometime after 102,013 CE in order for humanity to have spread across the entire galaxy. There can’t be any interstellar, STL, passenger liners travelling across uncharted space lanes. STL space piracy wouldn’t exist as it would take years to catch and attack ships in open space, and local space fleets would be on hand to deal with pirates at their destination. STL trade is unfeasible at best and impossible at worst. Even at best, Interstellar Traders wouldn’t be able or willing to interact with the player (there wouldn’t be any Han Solo/Traveller-style free traders about, there would be less than no money to be made. As I keep saying “You simply don’t do STL trading on spec”).
      Adding the miracle of FTL is only asking the player to accept one thing that isn’t true, as opposed to dozens of miracles that we have to assume for this to happen all STL.
      Jakub—Well, per the backstory, our inadvertent colonists were passengers on a passenger liner, so I’m sticking to that. If you’re going to make up your own backstory—welcome to the club. When I go to play the game, I’ll probably figure something else out.
      The passenger liner had to have set its course through this system, there is no other way around it (you can’t just change course when travelling at 99%c without SCADS of superscience). Everyone would have known, by the time they reached 0.1%c (probably at 0.001%c) where they were going. EVERYONE. There couldn’t be a pirate attack happening at 99%c. It just can’t happen. An attack would require maneuvering. Travelling 99%c . . . you just can’t turn.
      Ship courses would be incredibly detailed and carefully planned. In (at least) 102,013, I’m presuming their math is really good and accurate enough to know the most efficient and safest routes. I could see an impact with a piece of deep-space debris, but, even a single grain of sand would demolish a ship. But, presuming a glancing blow, causes the ship to veer wildly (read: slightly) off course and the ship can’t transmit an SOS as its antenna got sheared off in the collision. The ship “limps” along to a marginally habitable system and disgorges its surviving passengers before disintegrating in the solar system’s gravity well.
      That explains how they got there, even assuming that they shouldn’t be anywhere near a system, but doesn’t answer ANY of the other issues.
      “The only ships around that are willing pick you up are slaver ships. For aforementioned reasons, they ONLY pick up slaves, and anyone and everyone they pick up becomes a slave NO EXCEPTIONS.”
      Congratulations and welcome to another problem. In the video, a slave ship offers the player two slaves . . . why didn’t they just land and come out with three more slaves?
      I could almost buy the “you crashed on a pirate-infested world” story, though you’d have to tell me a REALLY good story as to why we weren’t captured and sold into slavery before we wiped the frost from our eyebrows.
      As I said, I get that the GAME needs trade, and needs it early. However, the backstory doesn’t hold up to this. And these are plot holes large enough to orbit a planet through.

    8. Missing_small

      Creator Jakub Kupsik on October 6, 2013

      This is my idea on the topic of "Why can you communicate with ships but not be rescued?"
      At least in the current stage of the game, you can both buy slaves and sell prisoners to slaver ships, so getting people on/off the planet is not "hard". I would think that the thing stopping you from being rescued is the fact that no one in the area wants to rescue you. I originally imagined that your characters were on a slave ship that crashed. Even if you did originate from a passenger liner, I doubt that your ship came near this system on purpose; it was probably driven out of 99%c by a unusual event (malfunction, pirate attack, bribe?!).
      Whether ships CAN pick you up is irrelivent; no ship will. You are a small band of people on a pirate-infested world. "w3 r suviv0rs plz h3lpz!!!!111!" is most likely a common message done by pirate supercomuters that automatically gets weeded out by spam filters. To the ship capitans, saving a couple random refugees is not worth any chance of being infiltrated by disguised pirates with legendary tricks, and every bargain too good to be true IS too good to be true.
      Trade, however, is a totally different issue. As long as the client can pay with hard, virtual cash (bitcoins?), the trading ships are willing to send and take up supplies (after scanning and decontaminating them of course) whether the client is "the president of some big corporation", a bunch of "refugees", or even "honest" pirates.
      The only ships around that are willing pick you up are slaver ships. For aforementioned reasons, they ONLY pick up slaves, and anyone and everyone they pick up becomes a slave NO EXCEPTIONS. To keep the slavers in control, slaves can not own anything or make any requests. So you could technically sell yourself to slave traders, but that would probably just cause you to be resold to a pirate on the same planet, (due to the high costs of interstellar trade mentioned below) allowing you to die in slavery instead of working toward possible freedom or at least pseudo-comfortable natural death.

    9. Missing_small

      Creator Sankfang on October 6, 2013

      Dear Bill,
      There comes a time in every game where you have to put down your realistic stick and pick up the fun one. While it may not make sense why the colonists cannot just bargain their passage on a passing ship it would make for a pathetic game. I understand you want it all to make sense by breaking the laws of physics with FTL, but sometimes you just got to let it go.

      Love, Fun.

    10. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Michael McClintock on October 6, 2013


      "or they would be so far off the beaten path (where it’s uneconomical to rescue them) that trading vessels wouldn’t be traveling slow enough to interact. "

      What if trading companies left vessels in areas where they travel at incommunicable speeds. These being small unmanned vessels with a trading algorithm which communicates with a series of interstellar beacons at extremely long range and allows for a constant (if not live) feed of current stock information and market price. The software on this device is such that it can take the last reported market price and use it to determine an offer which is economical. Each corporation leaves one of these in the system and that simply orbits the system buying/selling from anything within range. When it reaches a surplus of goods that is sufficiently profitable for a supply vessel to stop in that system, it sends a message to the nearest manned trading center and they review it's status and mark it as a stop for the next trading vessel (probably also unmanned). These trading vessels never go anywhere near any of the worlds in the system, because they are mostly unchartered and potentially dangerous. And there is no reason why there would be any function to receive a transmission or any data from these worlds due to a completely locked down firewall preventing malicious activity.

      Could something along those lines work?

    11. Gir%20184%202.small

      Creator Bill Briggs on October 6, 2013

      Tynan—the game still looks quite fun, and, regardless of the back story, I’m still backing. I’m, also, still along for the debate.
      Christian—Each of the points you bring up about why rescue is decades away is doubly true for why trading vessels would never visit the inadvertent colonists. Either they’re somewhere that rescue would be coming, though it might be years away, or they would be so far off the beaten path (where it’s uneconomical to rescue them) that trading vessels wouldn’t be traveling slow enough to interact.
      After all, in order for space Passenger Liners to even exist, with the disparate culture and technological levels the passengers possess, that means that space travel must be routine enough for it to be cheap. Not that an STL, interstellar, passenger liner makes any sense, either.
      Per Kristian Brastad—One presumes that already. No company is going to want to pay someone hazard pay for a decade and let them sleep it off on a ship. Even assuming that you could effectively contact a ship, by radio (a signal that travels at the speed of light), travelling through your solar system at 99%c, only an AI could react fast enough to hold a conversation with the outside world (at 4 seconds to the minute, most people don’t have the ability to hear that conversation).
      It’s not that the technical problems couldn’t be overcome, it’s that there’s no financial reason for them to be overcome. You would never get any cargo in a useful amount of time, or for a reasonable cost. As Christian said, it takes a LOT of energy, and that’s going to wind up being expensive, one way or the other (either in fuel or in time).
      It would be cheaper and easier, not to mention having an incredible long-term boost to local economy for you to simply ignore the other worlds in the galaxy (being as they’re not, terribly, relevant anyway) and focus on becoming a self-sufficient colony. Needing a million tons of iron IN A GENERATION means that building an iron mine now would be more valuable in the long run that expecting to be resupplied in ten to twenty years. Building the foundries and industries you need to support it would be a permanent boost to your local infrastructure.
      It would be each planet on their own—unless they got lucky and have two worlds in their system’s Goldilocks zone. Then they just have someone to go to war with later.
      As for the AI allowed to trade while underway, that’s just impossible for several dozen reasons. Discounting the general impossibility of STL interstellar trade:
      1. You wouldn’t be trading on spec with STL travel. Everything on that ship would be paid for by the recipient. And, considering the king’s ransom they would have had to pay to get it, they’d be livid that someone let the AI sell part of their lot. They would be justified in not accepting the lot, thus making the transit company responsible for the entire bill of the transport.
      2. The ships are travelling WAY TOO FAST to be able to interact with each other.
      3. The ships would be travelling on wide courses to ensure that they don’t hit other ships like them. It’s too dangerous, they’d be sticking to specific flight lanes to ensure no other ships are nearby. So, they would never encounter another ship.
      4. The ships would also AVOID planetary systems due to the increased amount of debris they’d encounter passing through the heliopause. So, the only world they’d ever approach is their point of departure and their destination.
      5. I could go on, but, really, it’s just beating a dead horse at this point.
      So, a lack of FTL means either space is chocked full of several planetary masses worth of space ships or it isn’t. My money’s on the latter. However, in order to trade with any STL ships, space would have to be thick with them.
      In the shower, I came to the realization: In order for this game to work, there must be trading. Without a z-level mining ability, there’s only a small amount of map and it possesses a finite amount of metal. Also, without trading and piratical raids, there’s no possibility of getting more colonists (even presuming the female colonists are okay with pumping out one baby after another that’s just going to take way too long). So, trading has to work, and it has to be early-game.
      That doesn’t change the problems I have, it’s just an acknowledgement of the issue from a development (not-story-based) angle.
      My advice is to leave the non-FTL back story out of it.

    12. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Michael McClintock on October 6, 2013

      I would happily pay a reasonable fee through your site (to avoid people backing out!) for access to the current build without having to wait for the end of the kickstarter. Might be an idea to help with the fundraising! Call it an impatience tax.

    13. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Per Kristian Brastad on October 6, 2013

      Hmm, What about because of time the travel takes, Tradeships are fully automated, piloted by a AI, so no place for living people abord it? AI is ofcourse alloved to trade underways to increase its missions revenue.
      Or is that to much of a handwave?

    14. Dragon_lord.small

      Creator Christian Breitenstein on October 6, 2013

      There are several problems to interstellar or systemtravel (the latter being the travel within a star system) - the biggest of which being Energy. If you travel at a certein velocity it takes a LOT of energy to slow down. It also takes a LOT of energy to accelerate in the first place. Acceleration and Deceleration can be done without fuel by means of a sun sail for example, but that takes lots of time - especially if you are a ship big enough to support a useful number of people (and that's BIG). After all, when the crew is out of stasis they need to eat, breathe, exercise, sleep, wash themselves, use the toilets, all those little things that in sci-fi are usually overlooked. All that requires systems with redundancys and emergancy systems with redundancys if you don't want to turn each space travel into a one-way trip. The reactor, as the electrical power source, is the easiest problem to solve.

      In order to move any given mass you need something to push it with. If you don't use solar sails to use the physical parts of light you have to do the pushing with other means. If you use thrusters, you need fuel. LOTS of fuel. That requires lots of space and makes the ship much, much heavier. Of course any spaceship has to have the facilities to create fuel (again, more mass to carry around) but that created fuel has to come from something which you first need to find.

      Long text, short meaning: Space travel is a lot more complicated than science fiction usually describes it - so a crashed ship not being rescued in time is easily realistic. Yes, rescue WILL arrive - but when? Space is big and the distances are mind-boggling - also, everything moves constantly at equally mind-boggling speeds. Rescue could easily take decades to arrive. After all, a ship that's able to carry shuttles that are able to enter and leave a planetary gravity field while big enough to ferry several humans needs to be much bigger than a normal trading ship would be. Constructing and maintaining such big ships is clearly very expensive which makes such ships likely very rare. If such a ship is not around the corner (for which the odds are astromomical) it needs to be informed, then it has to alter course and come rescue the crew. That takes lots of time, years or even decades (or centuries if you crashed at a VERY remote area).

      Explaining why the crew has to fight for survival is easy enough. Of course that removes the possibility of pirates showing up every now and then by ship. Maybe those are of a different crew that, as astronomical as the odds are, also crashed on the same planet? Or other parts of the crew of the same ship that broke up upon entry in the athmosphere, scattering the ship across half the planet, driven insane by the situation? Maybe the insanity comes from something local, a fungus or a plant that looks delicous but is poisonous?


    15. Missing_small

      Creator Simo on October 6, 2013

      Just watched the pre-alpha video - very impressed, good work! Obviously a bit of work to do and some polish but the overall concept really does it for me. Keep up the good work.

    16. Porta_small.small

      Creator Tynan Sylvester on October 6, 2013

      @Bill - I actually quite enjoy talking and thinking about pseudo-realistic space travel, it's a very interesting topic. Anyway, we're still working out fictional details. It is weird that you can't hitch a ride. We'll either come up with some reason for that (e.g. none of these ships are interstellar), change it so traders are all groups of people on the map (so you can kill them etc), or hand-wave it away (I prefer this option less).

    17. Gir%20184%202.small

      Creator Bill Briggs on October 5, 2013

      While an amusing anecdote, it's not terribly likely. No one would travel with that carrier again, and they'd go bankrupt. Hence, it's bad business sense.
      Even "lost, presumed dead" wouldn't cut the mustard as, when news of them reached the authorities, the carrier would still be liable.

    18. Squirrel.small

      Creator ThomasN on October 5, 2013

      Maybe in the future capitalism endures and the authorities deem the rescue of 3 people marooned in space as too expensive.

    19. Gir%20184%202.small

      Creator Bill Briggs on October 5, 2013

      Tynan—First off, the game still looks great and looks like it will be a lot of fun. The design and UI look tight and intuitive. The idea of the AI Director also sounds like it will add much to the game. So, you’re not running the risk of losing a backer because we disagree on any points or because I find the background as believable as Gilligan’s Island (which, it is starting to resemble). I’m more likely to just point out the MST3K Mantra than accept a lot of the existing back story.
      However, I’ve never been one to let that get in the way of a good debate. My point still stands.
      If the radio is available, and there are people nearby enough for it to matter, then, rescue is imminent.
      Ship-board time is, functionally, irrelevant. The fact that it would take years (if not decades) of non-dilated time to get from point A to point B renders interstellar commerce moot. The time and distances are too vast. The likelihood of something happening to your cargo en route is too great. Even accepting all that, and saying that STL, interstellar commerce exists, the feasibility of interstellar commerce existing at a level that the player could interact with is beyond miniscule. We’d be talking massive ships with millions, if not billions, of tons of cargo that is already earmarked for someone in another star system. There wouldn’t be a legitimate, or logical, reason for them to be willing to trade with some unknown colony on some unexplored, unregistered, world. Even if the ships cannot slow down enough to allow people to board it (but still deploy trade pods that somehow decelerate hard enough to liquefy metal yet the contents are, somehow, undamaged), there’s no reason to assume that they wouldn’t carry the news of the “colony” back to authorities who would launch a rescue operation.
      It also assumes that, for some reason, the ship is travelling close enough to the planet for both communication and trade to even be possible. The odd of which, conveniently, would be astronomical.
      I think it’s easier to assume some form of limited FTL travel and non-FTL communications (say, BattleTech-esque). That allows for the occasional trader to show up and still take a long time for the news to get around (“I’m heading further out, but, I’ll let people know you’re here”) and increase the odds of pirates finding you (“That old trader was right, there is a band of survivors here for us to rob!”). It’s all about the willing suspension of disbelief.
      I never liked Revelation Space: too many “miracles” to be hard-sf, and too hard to be truly Space Opera. It wanted to have its cake and replicate it, too. I haven’t read any of the others (no reason to continue when I didn’t like the first one).
      However, I’m far from unreasonable, and, at a basic level, we can always agree to disagree on the finer points.

    20. Bobcat184.small

      Creator William C Crawford on October 5, 2013

      You're right. I absolutely misunderstood what the tier was. I have no objection to that.

    21. Porta_small.small

      Creator Tynan Sylvester on October 5, 2013

      Bill - You're correct, travel in this universe takes years (usually decades) in the frame of reference of the stars. Of course, in the frame of reference of the ship, it may only take a few months or a handful of years, depending on the acceleration. Either way, they have cryostasis. But these years-long travel and communication times are the reason planets are so diverse.

      As for encountering another ship, there's no guarantee that these ships came from other stars. They could be from other junk planets in the system, or from a moon, or even traveling between settlements on the same planet. Even if they were from the stars, they don't have to slow down. You can communicate by radio with fast-moving ships; time dilation can be compensated for. And said ships could trade by dropping pods that can accelerate into the planet's frame of reference at 100 g's, never having to stop themselves. This also explains why you can only trade and not become passengers - human bodies can't handle the acceleration that such cargo undergoes to catch up into the ship's frame of reference.

      Always found such questions fascinating. If you're interested in a well-developed universe with STL travel, I suggest you check out Alistair Reynolds' Revelation Space (after which some of the concepts in RimWorld are modeled). Reynolds was a professional astronomer for many years; his physics are pretty accurate.

    22. Gir%20184%202.small

      Creator Bill Briggs on October 5, 2013

      Sorry, the idea that the game, as we’ve so-far seen, can exist without FTL is about as believable as mercury being an acceptable surrogate for human blood.
      Sure, a massive, anarchic, galaxy with no centralized government or leadership is one thing, but . . . without FLT the entire story falls apart faster than a nice carrot cake put into a blender when someone hits frappe.
      How would you ever encounter another ship? STL travel only works one way—just a little bit of research will show why it’s completely untenable for a background like this. How are you going to get messages to ships moving too fast to slow down and suffering from so much time-dilation that Hollywood actions scenes would be comprehensible when observed outside from of the effect.
      And someone would have to give a pair of fetid-dingo’s kidneys, after all, our inadvertent colonists were on a Passenger Liner (that somehow exists even though you’d have to spend YEARS travelling between the closest destinations) and I’m sure someone is going to be asking “Hey, my mum hasn’t returned from her holiday yet? What happened?” “Sorry, Timmy, we lost your parents liner a decade ago and, you know, we just don’t have enough crap to give one about it.”
      It is completely possible to have varying levels of human technology AND have FTL travel. Traveller’s been doing it for decades. That show, Firefly, also had it working fairly well, though it had scads of fridge logic of its own.
      Sorry, not buying the excuse.
      I’m not asking for “realism,” I’m asking for believability.

    23. Missing_small

      Creator Sankfang on October 5, 2013

      @Bill Briggs Building a radio to communicate with passing Merchant ships is one thing, but what makes you so such anyone gives a damn for three or more people on the fringes of human space, crashed or not. Slavers and Pirates run the Rim Worlds (hint hint). The lore also states that faster than light travel is not possible so that accounts for so many levels of human civilization, being cut off for very long periods of time. Also I love the setting.

    24. Gir%20184%202.small

      Creator Bill Briggs on October 5, 2013

      I do, however, have a piece of “criticism.”
      I know that this is pre-alpha and EVERYTHING is subject to change, but watching the video I had a “mrnh!?” moment.
      Why, if these inadvertent colonists can build a radio, are they staying behind? Why not send an SOS and get picked up by that first, passing ship? Even if that ship can’t carry them (really? You can’t make room for THREE people?), it could let them know that it would alert the authorities and they would get rescued.
      To me, the radio should be much later, in game, when our intrepid colonists have started having children and have decided to tough it out on this new colony world.
      Sure, I get a basic level of it:
      1. It would be a short game
      2. MST3k Mantra
      3. It’s Pre-Alpha, shut up!
      It would, however, be an interesting setup (different game modes?) where you have a small amount of survivors who have to survive X days before the rescue ship arrives, and another mode where you bring a slightly larger number of slightly more useful people who are setting out to make a colony.

    25. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Anders Mellon Skov Hermansen on October 5, 2013

      Seeing all these LP'ers try it out makes me increasingly impatient for the campaign end so I can join the bandwagon, heh.

    26. Gir%20184%202.small

      Creator Bill Briggs on October 5, 2013

      So . . . can I just throw money at you now to get the pre-alpha?

    27. Missing_small

      Creator Tim Gilbert on October 5, 2013

      @William C Crawford, I think you might be misunderstanding what the reward is. You don't get to play as the pirate king, no matter what your pledge level is. You just get to define the stats and background of one of the NPCs in the game at the higher-level pledge. Obviously there's no way to do that once the game is released, since all of the NPCs will already be written by then.

    28. Porta_small.small

      Creator Tynan Sylvester on October 5, 2013

      @William - I've rewritten the update to try to make it super clear that there is only one version of the game, for everyone.

    29. Bobcat184.small

      Creator William C Crawford on October 5, 2013

      It still seems to me that you're implementing a feature that a *lot* of people are going to want, but restricting it to the few people who pay 7.5x the original price of the game during the initial funding, and then not offering it ever again.

      Worse, if you *do* offer it later, the people who get it now have every right to be upset about something that was supposed to be theirs only.

      No matter which way you go, some people are going to be rather upset.

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