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Seamlessly turn your Pebble Time into a true fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring & enjoy the simplicity of Qi Wireless Charging!
Seamlessly turn your Pebble Time into a true fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring & enjoy the simplicity of Qi Wireless Charging!
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VU Pulse refunds update

Posted by Technocel (Creator)
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Dear Backers,  

We just wanted to remind you guys one last time that the deadline to request a refund is March 13th, 2017.  You still have about 2 more weeks left to request a refund, we will stop providing refunds after March 13th, 2017.

Thank you!


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    1. Victor Shigueru Mine

      I have not received my reward. Please refund.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    2. Lee Perry

      I believe the kickstarter rules are such that a company must make every viable effort to deliver the product promised. Some kickstarters end up with no delivery of promised merchandise, but still skirt the rules by giving "beta" items or incomplete items (such as a PDF in place of a physical book). With this kickstarter, I have not seen a refund or any promised merchandise. I would humbly request the principles of this company to address our concerns and sincerely define how they intent to resolve this situation.

    3. Lee EP on

      I'm backer #6,046. I never received any confirmation of a refund. I am a little confused why anyone has to "request" a refund the originators stated the project is completely cancelled. Shouldn't they just automatically reverse all pledges? Very frustrating how these situation are handled so badly time and time again by Kickstarter and all involved.

    4. Missing avatar

      Pedro Lopes on

      And the was just a joke, guys! And another scam by Kickstarter.

    5. Mario Bermudez Castro on

      i've never got a message about refund (it's a trap!)

    6. Louis Ng on

      Hi,when can have response to get back my refund ? i have made few responses in the kickstarter to request for refund before mid march but till now I still do not know am I getting my money back.
      Please response me to my email address: geknoi_ng

    7. 류재혁 on

      Refund backer #1,338

    8. Missing avatar

      robson on

      Refund backer #370

    9. Xavier Paquet on

      Just a reminder of Februray 1st,
      could you please refund me (I'm backer #5171), I pledge $85.

    10. Missing avatar

      Yoshinori Kitahara on

      I'm backer #5322. Please refund $85

    11. Missing avatar

      Lee Cobb on

      Hi I'm backer 3744, please refund my pledge of $80. Thanks.

    12. Eusebio Murciano on

      Hi, I'm Backer 5467, please refund my pledge. 55$


    13. Briand Youngmok Son on

      Dear People concerned, I still don't get my money back and it's the 3rd time I write this asking comment. You see, I did my best to get my money back. Please do something and tell me anything about my money, or I may proceed any legal procedure available. My backing number is #6234 and my money is $85 with shipping fee.

    14. Mabux

      Please refund, and contact me because my creditcard has changed.
      Backer # 2286

    15. Javier Núñez Silva on

      Hi. Please refund. Backer 2.930. Thank you

    16. Danny Foh on

      This is my 4th time ... Please refund !!! Backer #4972 .. $55 .. Thank you ..

    17. Ryan Salomon on

      I am requesting a refund.
      Email is

    18. KazuyaDarklight on

      Please Issue Refund
      Backer: 5,730

      Thank you, sorry things went south.

    19. Ben Zotti on

      Please issue a refund.
      Backer number: #4,742.
      Thank you.

    20. Missing avatar

      Aramis193 on

      Would like a refund backer # 687

    21. Missing avatar

      Aramis193 on

      can you please give more info on how to request a refund. Should I leave in the comment section, send a email or what ???

    22. Missing avatar

      SCreative on

      I would like to get a refund. My Backer Number is 4,096

    23. Missing avatar

      Elmar Athmer on

      Please refund (#1500).

    24. Missing avatar

      Dragos Sorescu on

      I want a refund. How do we proceed?

    25. Missing avatar

      Marilyn Teo on

      Please refund me my money! It's my 3rd request.
      What's the point in asking us to reply when we don't get any updates on the refund process nor are we asked for any of our details? How is it going to happen this way?

    26. Missing avatar

      Duy Doan on

      I would like a refund please. 2nd request.

    27. Jiahao James Jian on

      Please issue a refund
      Backer #2438

    28. Missing avatar

      Theodore Swanson on

      Please send me a refund! Third try on this request. THX

    29. Missing avatar

      hugh shrager on

      Backer #35 requesting my refund
      hugh shrager

    30. Missing avatar

      Nigel Davies on

      Backer # 4,845
      Can I please have a refund - my card ending *2029 is no longer valid
      Nigel Davies

    31. Missing avatar

      Evelyn Wong on

      Please refund my pledge of $75.00. -Evelyn Wong

    32. Missing avatar

      Kent Power on

      Hi, Requesting refund. Backer#: 2,106

    33. Missing avatar

      Alehx Lai on

      Please provide refund of US$70
      Backer number: 5624


    34. Missing avatar

      Shawn on

      This is my 3rd time. Please refund! (#3584)

    35. Missing avatar

      John on

      I would like to request a refund.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      This is my 3rd time. Please refund! (#5395)

    37. Missing avatar

      Diego Sagasti on

      Please provide me with a refund
      Backer #2.548
      Thank you

    38. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      Please provide me with a refund

      Backer #3,827


    39. Missing avatar

      Er Xiang Jun

      I'm also asking for the third time. Please refund

    40. Missing avatar

      Matthew Cochrane on

      I still haven't received my refund and I've asked three times now.

    41. Missing avatar

      Corbin on

      Please issue a refund
      Backer #1,480

    42. Christophe Fromy on

      Please issue a refund:
      Backer # 3,334

    43. Missing avatar

      Schoonsi on

      Pls refund, Backer #5,351... USD49...

    44. Denis T Akhiyarov on

      How do I get refund?

    45. likearaptor on

      Please refund my $44, I still haven't heard anything if I am going to get it refunded yet.

    46. Danny Foh on

      This is my 3rd time ... please refund !!! Backer #4972 ... US$55 ...

    47. Missing avatar

      Jose Ortiz on

      Requesting refund too.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jan Hergott on

      I'm backer#5267
      I would like to request a refund. Thanx

    49. Missing avatar

      Matthew Graff on

      Refund please. How do I make this happen?

    50. Joel J on

      I would like a refund as well