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Seamlessly turn your Pebble Time into a true fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring & enjoy the simplicity of Qi Wireless Charging!
Seamlessly turn your Pebble Time into a true fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring & enjoy the simplicity of Qi Wireless Charging!
5,814 backers pledged $343,749 to help bring this project to life.

VU Pulse refunds

Posted by Technocel (Creator)

Dear Backers,  

Please be aware that we are processing your refund requests as fast as possible. Due to the quantity of requests and limited resources for processing, these could take up to 5 business days to process. If you do not receive a response to your individual request within 5 days, please contact us and we will follow up immediately. 

We appreciate your patience and thank you for your support.  


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    1. Missing avatar

      Zheng Xi Wu on

      Please refund Backer Number 1,463 $70
      Thank you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Alehx Lai on

      Please refund Backer Number 5,624 $70
      Thank you!

    3. Dimitri Grekas on

      Please refund backer 4,615 $80 thank you.

    4. Missing avatar

      Werner Buck on

      I would like a full refund
      Backer #5,849

      Please contact me for the payment details (IBAN/SEPA).

    5. Markus Teubner on

      Please refund backer #2339 ($55).

    6. Lars Skipevåg Vårlid on

      Pleace refund Backer number: 4,529, 80$
      Early Early Bird - VÜ Pulse with Gray TYLT VU Solo Qi Charger and TYLT Watch Band // Band Colors: Black, Blue

      Successfully funded on Feb 26 2016

      New card added on kickstarter.

    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kononowicz on

      HI, This is my third or fourth request , I'm Backer #2,694. I would like a refund. Thank you

    8. Missing avatar

      Cliff Citragno on

      Please refund backer #4,139. Thanks

    9. Missing avatar

      Thomas Boettcher on

      Third request: Please refund Backer 4707. It is now 1 month ago, i started my first request. Until today no refund and no reply. Are you really alive????

    10. Dionysis Kastellanis on

      No refund update.
      Backer number 2,918

    11. Missing avatar

      Tako Horsley on

      Please refund backer 3.205 (Tako Horsley).
      Thank you.

    12. Scott Oosterheert on

      Please refund backer 5,414
      I no longer have the credit card with which I made the purchase.
      Please refund to the new credit card I have on file with Kickstarter.

    13. Missing avatar

      alain lin on

      Please refund the backer

    14. Bertrand on

      Please refund the backer 2,818. Thank You.

    15. Missing avatar

      neil r on

      TYLT Team,
      Please refund:
      Backer number

      ($44 Early Bird + $5 For Int'l Shipping)

      Thank you
      All the best with your future endeavors.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kum Chun Sing on

      Kum CS
      Backer 5229

      I have requested a refund in Mid Nov 2016, but no refund, no reply from you yet.
      Please tell me if you are not going to do so so that I can forget my faith in you

    17. Alex Massy Gartly on

      I have requested a refund about a month ago. Nothing. No refund or email explaining. I realise you have a lot of refund to give, but this seems like it's willfully ignored. I would send an email, but there's seems to be a suspicious lack of links for said.

    18. Missing avatar

      Henry Lo on

      I have yet to receive a refund or any email to follow it up.

    19. Missing avatar

      dwarfer16 on

      I have yet to received a refund. Please issue an update about how this should be requested if this is not the correct method. You say to message but I cannot see any messaging facility.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jacob King on

      I have yet to see a refund either.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      Please refund my pledge, backer #5,395

    22. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Hi, same situation with me, I've requested my refund on 12/12 and have no response. Backer #5,041

    23. Michael Napier on

      Has anyone received their refund yet??

    24. Missing avatar

      Sean Farmar on

      So, How do we contact you guys?

      Is there an email address?


      Sean Farmar

    25. Missing avatar

      Matthew Weinrich on

      Still haven't gotten any response or refund yet. I requested mine December 12. Just sent another message.

    26. Missing avatar

      Charles Lesperance on

      Also still in the dark here - any chance we could get an update on the status of these refunds?

    27. Manix Valdespino on

      Continue waiting for my refund

    28. Andy R

      Sure would be cool if a Superbacker could get a refund that was promised a month ago...

    29. Michael Napier on

      I requested a refund 19 days ago (Dec. 15). Nothing yet.
      My backer #2,959

    30. Missing avatar

      Emacip on

      Continue waiting for my refund

      backer 6,219

    31. Ramachandran Iyer on


      What is the status of my refund?


    32. Missing avatar

      Chris Stymiest on

      Hello, I requested a refund on 12/12 and heard nothing. I requested again last week and still nothing. It has been 14 business days since my initial request.

      Backer 4,811 $55.00 USD.

    33. Richard Karnesky on

      I, too, contacted them on 12/12. Still no word.

    34. Missing avatar

      Terry Wynkoop on

      Terry W:
      Please Refund my money Backer # 4203

    35. Israel Fernández on

      Requesting a refund. Backer 4.838

    36. Missing avatar

      Mitchell on

      Requesting a refund. Backer 6116.

    37. Missing avatar

      Chris Stymiest on

      I requested a refund 13 business days ago. Still no refund, or any word from you. Backer 4,811

      Please do not lie to us. You are cutting your losses and throwing backers under the bus. Please refund my pledge+int'l shipping ASAP.

    38. Pascal Immerzeel on

      I would like a refund.

      Backer #6311

      @JoshuaCloud: Check your pledge details on the project page. Pledge number is at the bottom.

    39. Olivier Garrigues on

      1 604
      Backer # 1604. Olivier Garrigues. Please refund

    40. Missing avatar

      Joshua Cloud on

      Ok stupid question... how do you find out your backer number

    41. Mobius on

      I'd prefer the actual device but since that's no longer possible, I'd like a refund. Backer 1,034. $39. I no longer have the credit card from the original pledge though.

    42. Andy R

      Yeah I don't think they are actually refunding anybody...

    43. Missing avatar

      Claudio Torroni on

      Backer # 1060. Claudio Torroni. Please refund. Third request. Still no verification.

    44. Missing avatar

      Vincent LE GALL on

      Hi, no news since my refund request. Could you proceed ?
      Backer #258

    45. Joseph Smith on

      I contacted on December 12th for a refund. I still have not heard back from you.

    46. Missing avatar

      Oliver Kohlhammer on

      Backer 4940. Please refund $70.

    47. Akihiro Nagaoka on

      Backer #4761. Please refund $49.

    48. Missing avatar

      Björn Fahller on

      I understand you've had costs to get you this far, and that supporting a kickstarter project comes with some risk. You had no part in this trouble. Keep my money.

      As for fitbit, no, they won't ever see a penny from me. Never. Shame on them and their shameful practice.

    49. Missing avatar

      Thomas Boettcher on

      Backer 4.707 second request to refund. No answer at this time. Please refund 49,-

    50. Bernard Teoh on

      Can I check how can I send a message to tylt? As I'm unfamiliar with, I don't know how to message tylt via kickstarter platform.