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Seamlessly turn your Pebble Time into a true fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring & enjoy the simplicity of Qi Wireless Charging!
Seamlessly turn your Pebble Time into a true fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring & enjoy the simplicity of Qi Wireless Charging!
5,814 backers pledged $343,749 to help bring this project to life.

Refund Procedure

Posted by Technocel (Creator)

Hi Backers,  

If you choose to obtain a refund, please go ahead and send us a private message through the Kickstarter platform (If you have already messaged us, please don’t send another one) and we will get to them in the order received. Please keep in mind that the refunds might take several days to reflect on your account.  

Thank you

-Team TYLT

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    1. Ed Harris on

      Please send me a refund.

    2. Missing avatar

      raul on

      Please send me a refund

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter Brace on

      Please send a refund

    4. Missing avatar

      Kurt Hagenbucher on

      Please send me a refund

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Iguchi on

      Please send me a refund.

    6. Michael Leitner on

      This is pretty much a joke. I get that you don't want to move forward with the product as there'll be no future market, but it's weird that you cancel the project after it's been almost ready for shipping, at least for Kickstarter backers.

      And I like the concept of "Keep it short and simple" but you could offer a little bit more insight. That's what I always liked about Kickstarter: Even if a project fails after a successful funding, you tell everyone how you failed and the community learns from it.

      BTW: I don't get why someone has to write you a message if they'd like a refund. Of course I want a refund, I don't get anything from you in return. It went way more smoothly with the cancelled Pebble Core: Pebble sent me a refund without asking.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ramsey Moss on

      I too request a refund.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrzej Taramina on

      Please send me a refund.

    9. Missing avatar

      Keith Bugeja on

      Please send me a refund.

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Heller on

      Please send me a refund

    11. Missing avatar

      Russ Cleroux on

      Please send me a refund.

    12. Charlie Kealoha Criscola on

      This post says to private message you through the Kickstarter platform. This is that space right? Yet for us, this is the only place to make a post to you. If you are aren't going to finish the project then I'll take a refund as well. Thank you for trying at least.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jan-Erik Walldén on

      I would like a refund please.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sean Leary on

      I would like a refund please.

    15. Missing avatar

      Julijanta on


      Would you kindly advice what do you meant by sending a private message through kickstarter platform please? I found the message center, but I couldn't send any message to you.

      Thank you.

    16. Kevin Doshier on

      I too would like a refund

    17. RUSSELL NANT on

      Could you please send me a refund

    18. Missing avatar

      Dave Mitchell on

      Please send me a refund.

    19. Worasit Thititanakarn on

      I would like to refund as well. I am backed 2 sets, please let me know what I suppose to do next.


    20. Eloi Fàbrega on

      I would also like a refund.

      You said 'send a private message' and I am not sure where to send it.


    21. Missing avatar

      Tan Jie Qi Jackie on

      Hi there. I would like to refund as well. I know it's late but I just manage to receive this. I backed 3 sets.

    22. Missing avatar

      Joseph Hopper on

      I would like a refund please. Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      hachisuki on

      I would like a refund please. Thank you.

    24. Missing avatar

      Theo Wooning on

      I would like to cancel my support for this project and ask you for the full refund please.

    25. Missing avatar

      ma young kug on

      I would like a refund please. Thank You

    26. Missing avatar

      ravin on

      I would like a refund please

    27. Missing avatar

      Iavor Hristov on

      I would like a full refund , please. Thank you

    28. Missing avatar

      Tim Cosens on

      I sent a private message weeks ago requesting a refund. Please respond.

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kononowicz on

      Hi, as you wrote in your post above "We also fully understand if you no longer wish to wait for the Vu Pulse and are willing to provide you with a full refund should that be your choice" I have asked for a refund, no one is responding. Can someone respond???????????????

    30. George Harismas on

      Well a total refund of my order will be fare for the inconvenience...

    31. Missing avatar

      Bradley Moss on

      Refund requested messaged

    32. Missing avatar

      Kristen Soong on

      I will like to have a full refund, please let me know how should I go about it

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael Gudmundsson Rosengren on

      I would like a full refund thank you, do you need any information from me for that? Thank you. Michael Rosengren

    34. Missing avatar

      Naomi Crosbie-Iwasaki on

      I would like clarification like Fabrice as well please!

    35. Gouhier Didier on

      Hi, I would like to have a full refund please. Thank you.

    36. Kenneth Pinto on

      I agree with what Fabrice wrote below. I'm willing to continue backing this too, but with so many refund requests, will TYLT be able to deliver to the remaining backers?

    37. Fabrice Degraux on

      Hi Tylt team,

      I must admit that I'm a little bit confused.
      As a backer on kickstarter, we are not shopping something that you could simply pick up off the shelf and send us asap. I'm fully aware that I'm supporting a technological project, with all its risks, and among them the possibility of delay. It seems that a lot of people here have forgotten this.
      Your refund proposal is very generous and personnaly, I will refuse it and continue to support you. But having see all this refund demands, I'm worrying that you could not carry out this project, due to lack of financing. Moreover, by offering a refund, you could introduce a doubt on your trust in your product.
      So can you give some garantees that you will continues de development of the product whatever will be the number of persons who want refund?
      In my humble opinion, it would have been fairer that you offer a total or partial refund to all the backers, should you not be able to deliver. In this way, everybody has to endorse his part of risks and this is more aligned with the kickstarter philosophy.
      Can you please clarify this point in another actu?

    38. Kaehline Hong on

      i want a refund please.

    39. Missing avatar

      Juan on

      I want to obtain a refund. Could you confirm it, please?

    40. Amirul Azam on

      I would like to have a full refund please. Thank you.

    41. Missing avatar

      Sven Disselkamp on

      i also ask for a refund at the 8.Nov, but i also hear nothing. Please Tylt sent us a response!

    42. Missing avatar

      Bernardo Ferreira e Souza on

      Sent a message over a week ago asking for the refund. Anyone got a response?

    43. Missing avatar

      Metin Akbil on

      I would like a refund please

    44. Boekhren Karyostyko on

      Hi, I would like a full refund please... tq

    45. Ray Turner on

      I would like a refund. Thank you

    46. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      Hi again
      If the TYLT team view the posts here.....please respond to emails.

    47. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      I asked for a refund a few days ago....but have decided to wait it out...sent another email today stating that I will wait.
      I never received an email response to any correspondence so I don't know where I stand?