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Seamlessly turn your Pebble Time into a true fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring & enjoy the simplicity of Qi Wireless Charging!
Seamlessly turn your Pebble Time into a true fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring & enjoy the simplicity of Qi Wireless Charging!
5,814 backers pledged $343,749 to help bring this project to life.

Backer update #26

Posted by Technocel (Creator)

To our valued backers,

As you know we were expecting to ship the units out this week but we have encountered unexpected delays to our shipping of the Vu Pulse from overseas and are doing our best to obtain a new ship date for you ASAP. We hope to be able to provide a new update early next week. 

We sincerely apologize for the delay and any inconvenience caused by these unforeseen circumstances.  

Thank you

-Team TYLT

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ivo Strante on

      Dear team TYLT,

      How I could request a full refund?

      Thank you!

    2. Ben Austin on

      Come on, guys. You're just ignoring us at this point.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ka Pe on

      @everyone asking for a refund or for a cancelation of their "order": Kickstarter is not a platform where you order things, it's not Amazon. You back projects in their early stages and when they turn out to be successful, you may get a reward whenever it is finished. Inform yourself before putting your credit card data just somewhere on the internet and live with the risks you are taking. Nevertheless, I'm agreeing that better communication from Technocel would be appreciated, but I'm still optimistic to get the reward sometime this year...

    4. Jonas Larsson on

      Please post another update! It's not fair to just be silent. :(

    5. Missing avatar

      SMSgt Stephen Hammond on

      You need to give us back our money!!!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      enrico d'arrigo on

      Hi all,
      does anyone know how to restore order to the delay in taking steps?
      Is possible to cancel the order?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jessica Pearson on

      @Miguel: send then a private message. They respond to those, but don't seem to reply to comments here.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Liew on

      Why TYTL showing a lackadaisical here? This is a very bad project. I think i backed a wrong company. Unresponsible management from TYTL. Delayed update and not even a committed date of shipment for the backer.

    9. Missing avatar

      Miguel Magalhaes on


      I will have to move to a new home next monday. Can you please update my address details and make sure I receive the package on the proper place?

      Who can I contact to do this?

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Wiley on

      It's now two days into November, and even accounting for a Halloween-candy-induced coma, people should be back at work.... so, any updates?

    11. Missing avatar

      Sabine Weijers on

      Came here to basically ask the same thing as commenters below, any new updates please? It's November now, it's been 9 months since I backed this..

    12. Matt Seilback on

      Um, guys? Hello? Just a quick, honest update (even if it's not what we want to hear) would be great! Though early last week was never a promise (merely a "we hope for more info"), you got that date stuck in our heads! Been a week now since that, so a brief update would be super appreciated. For real. We trust you'll deliver, but lack of communication is never a good thing. Thanks for your hard work and thanks for dropping us a line!

    13. Missing avatar

      Dave Mitchell on

      When will the product ship, it's now well past the original commitments and in the last message, we were supposed to get an update last week.

    14. Miloš Stojanov on

      Any update on a possible update?

    15. Missing avatar

      Tony Cheung on

      "We hope to be able to provide a new update early next week."

      It's been more than a week. Is there any further update? Thanks.

    16. Suzanne Schiller on

      Seems pretty clear there will be no Tylt's in our future. Which was probably evident quite some time ago, actually, when the founder posted his bizarre "update" and then went poof!

    17. Missing avatar

      Clayton Powell on

      I can certainly appreciate why some people are voicing concerns over no update yet but think a lot of people are jumping to a conclusion that has no basis at the moment. The Tylt team did set an expectation for an update so I'm sure they understand how important it is to deliver on this minor communication expectation as part of managing the overall changing final delivery date.

      Hope to hear positive stuff soon! Who knows we might get something for our patience.

    18. Charles Barker on

      I would appreciate and expect better communication from TYLT on why it was delayed and also following through with your promise of more communication even if it is to say that things are still up in the air for reasons X, Y, or Z. With this level of service, even if the product once received is amazingly top notch, I will not be a patron of your companies other products in the future.

    19. John van Gurp on

      Also, "early next week" has come and gone.

    20. John van Gurp on

      I'm optimistic and fairly confident that we'll have the VU delivered at some point, but that confidence is a bit shaky at this point due to the cryptic excuse messages from TYLT. It doesn't sound like there's any locked down shipping date at all and it sounds like people are scrambling to make things happen. Fingers crossed the product is delivered. I'm definitely less likely to back any more projects on Kickstarter.

    21. Missing avatar

      Clas Jakobsson on

      This is really not good! The least I can ask for as a backer is that you communicate when further delays occur. When can I expect to receive my long over due Pulse?

    22. Missing avatar

      Ben Holtzendorff on

      2 Months behind.. Looking forward to my pebble time 2..

    23. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      I don't understand why on the expected shipping date you not post an update that shipping will be delayed but wait for a few days before you post an update. So based on that logic since you said early next week. I guess we wont have another update until at least the end of the week.

    24. Bernard Teoh on

      The statement start with "as you know..."
      Sorry tylt.. I never knew your initial expected delivery date. And I still don't know what's the expected delivery date.
      To a certain extend, i'm Okay with the delays.. However.. There is no reasons or whatsoever being provided.
      I'm very disappointed with the communication of this project.
      This is my first backing in kick starter. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll ever back another project on kick starter after this..

    25. Missing avatar

      Fulco de Vente on

      agree with Bart, backing a project doesn't mean that you can get a refund when the project doesn't deliver. That's the risk we took when we backed it!
      On the other hand, the communication in this project is really bad, why not give the real reason for the delay?
      Honest communication would make the delay more bearable...

    26. Missing avatar

      Marcin on

      Tuesday and no update. Can I have a refund please? Pebble 2 Time will be faster then VU Pulse. :D

    27. Missing avatar

      Bart Crijns on

      People are so impatient these days and still don't seem to get that you're not buying a finished product when you back a project, but you're promised a reward if the project completes successfully. Naturally there can be some hickups underway, but we're still only 2 months behind schedule and some delays are to be expected when the project lead leaves the company...
      That said, I still have faith in this project, in spite of its setbacks (Pebble coming with a smartwatch with integrated heart rate monitor not the least of them). Tylt never failed to deliver for me (not always on time, like most kickstarter projects) so I still have no reason to doubt them.

    28. Scott on

      Hi Kannyn Macrae and the TYLT team, we are seriously disappointed for what you've done. You earned a lot from us by such a delay / no delivery, abusing the kickstarter system and our trust as well. Really shame on all of you. We asked for a proper refund without response. You give out 26 updates for nothing concrete but creating irrelevant story that none of your previous supporter believe or will believe.

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Pietsch on

      I also believe in this project. Tylt has finally lost a very good reputation. Currently we can not do anything else but consider it. I am also firmly convinced that the ladies and gentlemen will continue to provide the product with updates even after delivery. Finally there is still a fairly large target group for the product. Currently the pebble time is offered quite cheap. However, I must admit that communication has left much to be desired since the departure of the original inventor. So friends like you say here in Germany: hope dies last.

    30. Cameron Mulder on

      I'm still looking forward to the product. Making new hardware like this is hard and the delay honestly hasn't been that bad all thing considered. Just keep us in the loop about where things are at so that we are not hitting refresh so often.

    31. Missing avatar

      Hiromichi Takenouchi on

      hi, it's early "next week" now, so UPDATE, hurry!!!!!!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Friedrich Alexander on

      I think, that the delivery/shipping has been postponed to often. For me this project has been delayed to death. so Please refund.

    33. Missing avatar

      Paul smart on

      Hmmm....Tylt "hope" to have a further "update" to us early next week on when these things may finally get shipped. It's beginning to smell. The only update I want right now are the instructions for receiving a refund.

    34. Alan Yau on

      I'm leaning toward a refund as well...I mind as well get a new watch at this point.

    35. Missing avatar

      John Cusick on

      Thanks for the update, will wait patiently for the next one. (probably to old to use HR and run a few miles, but really like my PT)

    36. Missing avatar

      Joachim Bick on

      Can I have a refund please?

    37. Missing avatar

      Hiromichi Takenouchi on

      Too late to update.
      Of course knowing it's delayed, so what "unexpected delays" means?
      Provide more information and explain details and reason.

    38. Adam Smith on

      The delays in this project have been terrible. I don't think I'm very interested anymore. Really disappointing.

    39. Missing avatar

      Colin Larsen on

      This has taken so long I've got rid of my Pebble in favour of a new Android Wear watch. Feel free to save yourselves some shipping and cancel mine.

    40. Tim Green on

      And you wait until the end of the week to tell us? I'm out. I want a refund, no longer interested.

    41. Missing avatar

      Javier Farfán on

      Can I have a refund too please???

    42. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Can i have a refund please?

    43. Missing avatar

      Torey Golden on

      I think Pebble's announcement of their new watches and OS back in June pretty much killed this project. I want to see this out to the end to use on my Pebble Time, but as many people have mentioned, the communication has been bad, the FABs (Features, Advantages, and Benefits) promoted with this have fizzled, the project team for this has even changed, and it does not give first time users of this company or KickStarter a good first impression. TYLT should consider doing something nice for us backers to at least do some damage control (Especially now that we're pretty much heading into the holidays).

    44. Akinwale Iyun on

      I'm not happy with the progress of the VU Pulse. By now, I'm suppose to be enjoying my toy. Kindly update us when the HR device will be shipped to all backers.

      Treat as urgent.


    45. Missing avatar

      Mowd on

      At least there's an update.

    46. Gordon Sanders on

      i am in hong kong and local. when will i get mine?

    47. Missing avatar

      Javier Farfán on

      Could I cancel it??? I want my money back please...

    48. Jeremie Lariviere

      appreciate the update