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Seamlessly turn your Pebble Time into a true fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring & enjoy the simplicity of Qi Wireless Charging!
Seamlessly turn your Pebble Time into a true fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring & enjoy the simplicity of Qi Wireless Charging!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Julian Daddy on

      Sorry about being negative but very disappointed - taking too long to get this out and now this product is out of date before it is launched. I backed and understand the risks but still disappointed it has taken so long. Will be buying the PebbleTime II.

    2. Jeremie Lariviere

      great update, thanks!

    3. Shaun Walker on

      Thanks for the update guys, looking forward to receiving the Beta Backer unit soon!

    4. Missing avatar

      Micah Kuiper on

      Also concerned about operation in or after being in water!

    5. Sam Hindrichs on

      The Kickstarter campaign for TYLT VU Pulse ended and was funded on February 26, 2016.

      One week prior to the campaign ending (February 19, 2016) Update #9 said this:

      "Our Goal is to provide a water proof product, but that may not be possible, it may only be possible to provide water resistance that for example would allow you to shower and wash your hands, but not go swimming in a pool. We want to be clear, our goal is waterproof, but we do not want to mislead or make promises that we cannot meet as we strive on being a honest and quality brand."

      So quit complaining. They told us before the campaign ended what we were going to get. And quit asking for refunds. This isn't a store. Your money is an investment in a company to fund their production of a new product.

    6. Missing avatar

      Edward Roessler on

      WOW so you tell us "We know this is not what our backers had hoped for" so basically that tells us that the backers just wasted our money for something we had backed for. In other wards we should have gotten the Pebble Time 2 if we wanted this feature. Honestly I think you should offer people refunds since this is something that your paying backers were hoping for. It seems more and more is changing after backing this project.

    7. Rickard Nord on

      "...not advised to submerge the Vu Pulse or take it swimming." Not water-proof or not water-resistant? I can live with HR not functioning whilst swimming, but I can not live with a device on my arm that will break if water comes in contact with it. If that's the case it's utterly useless..! (Can't wear it on the beach, not in the shower, not by the pool, not on my boat - in case I fall in the water.)

    8. Terje Winther-Leiros on

      I do love this update and really looking forward to try it. Your delivering what you told us and even more. Thanks for beeing honest.

    9. Missing avatar

      David Gribnau on

      Sorry Guys but how do I get a refund please?

    10. Missing avatar

      jalba on

      After 3 at the last update I'm really upset because if I can not use it for swing really I would like to buy it. I wonder if I can is still anulate my backing reservation because it would be a real pain to take off and take on any time that I decide to use the swimming pool

    11. Heon Jun Henry Park on

      Too all commenting on this update telling TYLT that they were not clear about this product potentially not being water proof. I remember them originally saying that this wont even be water resistant, and due to popularity that they will look to increase the "water proof"-ness of it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Miguel Magalhaes on

      Okay guys this is really a stupid update! I need to be very honest I am truly disappointed with you. Specially if we consider you removed the goody of giving away the car charger for free to invest more and more on making sure the vu pulse would be waterproof up to 2 meters deep.

      And now close to the production date you say its impossible? How did this word appeared at a very late stage only? In the beginning everything looked blue and clear and now all of the sudden its not possible anymore?

      This is one of the reasons backing projects on kickstarter drives me nuts... If you thought it wasnt possible you should have said so on the first place.

      I wish I could get my money back.

    13. Paul on

      Not to add to the negativity but this is a fairly significant change in functionality for anyone who was planning on using it for swimming. (To put it mildly) I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat. In any case I totally recognize full refunds likely aren't possible at this point, but I'm sure at the very least you could refund the shipping if I no longer want it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ian Edwards on

      This is somewhat disappointing ...particularly as the main reason I purchased a Pebble was the fact that I did not have to keep removing/stashing my watch at beach/pool when going into the water with my kids ....even more grueling now that Pebble have announced their new set of watches will have HRM & still be fully water-proof.

    15. Missing avatar

      Oliver Hooton on

      I backed because I wanted a fitness monitor to use whilst swimming, this is the first time we have heard that it can't be used for swimming. I have to say I'm disappointed. This should have been mentioned from the word go. How do I get a refund please?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jason Liew on

      So the vu pulse is not for swimming or be submerged in the water thus pls be specifically mention do we need to remove the vu pulse in that was the case? Would like to know the consequences if that was the case

    17. DareMachina on

      I'm also curious about potential damage.

      I don't have any intention of removing the Pulse from my Pebble unless I must. Is it possible to mold a ring around the connection to place an o-ring or something similar?

      I'm not sure how tight the fit will be between the two devices since the pebble feeds through the pulse but it seems like I'll have to take it off anyway to drain it out if it can't stop water intrusion while swimming.

    18. Missing avatar

      Matt Beilstein on

      I'd like to know the same thing as Chris, if I swim (water ski) with it will it just not work as a HR monitor or will it do damage? I am running a Leatherman Tread as a band so removal of the band is very difficult compared to the Pebble quick release pins....does the band have to be removed to remove the Pulse? If so I'm in trouble.

    19. Kevin Clem on

      If I need to take my Pebble off to swim that sucks.

    20. Cameron Mulder on

      Thanks for the update! Sounds like things are going as planned which is awesome. Was curious about how difficult is it to put on/take off the Vu Pulse from the device?

    21. Christopher Tan on

      If we wear it to swim, will it just not work or will it potentially damage the Vu Pulse?