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Survive in a massive open environment using real Mars topography from satellite imagery. Uncover the mystery.
Survive in a massive open environment using real Mars topography from satellite imagery. Uncover the mystery.
1,830 backers pledged $54,295 to help bring this project to life.

Halfway to our goal!

Posted by Random Seed Games (Creator)

We can't thank you enough for the support we have received so far and the assistance our backers have offered in spreading the word about Lacuna Passage! We are, as of the time of this writing, sitting nicely at 54%; however, we can't get too comfortable and just expect smooth sailing for the next 16 days.

If you haven't heard of the site Kicktraq, allow me to introduce you. We have been closely monitoring our progress there and we invite you to check out our Kicktraq page. You will see one of our charts from Kicktraq below illustrating our fairly linear funding trend.

(Check out even more data directly on our Kicktraq page)

It appears that we are well on our way, but that means we need to keep this momentum going. So, we are calling on our amazing backers now to help us with our halfway push. Instead of waiting til the end of the campaign, let's try a few things to give us a bump now so those last few days are less of a challenge. Here are some ways you can help:

Share, Like, Tweet, Post, Pin, and Blog

Exposure is the simplest way for us to reach new backers. Everyday we get emails and comments from people who are just hearing about Lacuna Passage for the first time. We don't want to miss anyone who could have helped us to our goal. Mention our project any chance you get.

Feel free to use any of our own social network links to help you out:

Don't forget the Facebook and Twitter cover images that can be found in our "Thank You Pack", available as a download link in Backer Exclusive Update #2.

Personally convince one person to pledge

Leveraging social media can be a great way to reach new backers, but sometimes you have better luck in addressing a friend or family member directly who might have an interest. If all of our current backers got a friend to donate at just the $15 level that would bring in almost $12,000, a huge boost towards our goal. Sit someone down and show them our Kickstarter video.

Become a member of the Martian Militia

Backer "Marty" made a great suggestion in our comment section to have everyone increase their pledge by $3.71, the amount being a reference to the acceleration of gravity on Mars. This fairly reasonable and arbitrary amount is purely an expression of your support and desire to see the project funded. After you've increased your pledge go to the comments and declare you are now a ***MEMBER of the MARTIAN MILITIA***. If every backer increased their pledge by $3.71 it would give us a boost of almost $3,000. Every dollar counts!

What other ways can you think to help? What's great about Kickstarter is that it allows a community to rally around an idea and help make it a reality. Thanks for everything!

P.S. Don't forget to vote for us on Steam Greenlight!


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    1. Gary Coughlin on

      Hey you guys on Facebook should go find my post on IFLS and like it, try and give it more notice. I posted it "about fifteen hours ago" so its pretty buried already. Or if you prefer write your own post, go ahead I will be liking any others I see about Lacuna Passage but let's not try and be too spammy with it. If you see someone else posted, just like and share or whatever.


    2. Saul Wynne on

      ***MEMBER of the MARTIAN MILITIA***

      Every dollar counts! :-)

    3. Gary Coughlin on

      I posted about this game in IFLS on Facebook. Thought it was relevant there since you guys are so focused on keeping this game grounded in science. Would be awesome if she writes a post about this game to her followers!