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Survive in a massive open environment using real Mars topography from satellite imagery. Uncover the mystery.
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A spotlight on the soundtrack

You've already gotten a taste of the game's soundtrack on our main page, and if you're a backer you can download those tracks right now (with the download link in the Backer Exclusive Update #2). To give you a bit more insight into the music of Lacuna Passage let's hear directly from our composter, Clark Aboud:

"I remember first seeing Lacuna Passage on a forum for Indie Games. It sounded like such a unique concept, something you don't see everyday in games. The game already had a distinct atmosphere, I thought that creating music to support that would be an interesting task. After talking to Tyler, who had great ideas on sounds and approaches, I knew Lacuna Passage would be an amazing game.

"I've always been a fan of film and game soundtracks. I love the way you can hear the story unfold in a John Williams score. That's something I hope to do with the game's score. The tracks you've heard so far have been all about finding and experimenting with different sounds and colors to fit with the game, sort of like an "alpha soundtrack". Hopefully in the final game you'll be able to hear the progression of Jessica's story on Mars.

"The approach for the music in Lacuna Passage is playing on how the situation and environment is affecting Jessica. For the main 5 note motif, which you can hear in Jessica's Theme and throughout the other tracks, I wanted to create something slightly disconnected and lonely, to mirror the game's themes. But I think in-game, silence, or the lack of music is going to play a big role in creating the isolated atmosphere while you're exploring that vast red wasteland..."

Clark has given us an amazing musical canvas to work with and we very much look forward to expanding on his themes throughout the development of the game. In fact, Clark has been continuing to stun us with new tracks since the beginning of our Kickstarter. Below you will find a brand new piece that we put together a simple video for. Enjoy!

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    1. Creator daniel ramirez on July 10, 2013

      Very good. I am really looking forward to the game and music. It was the game story and music that hooked me.