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Mutual co. is making a brand new music video for Sincerely, Iris.

Mutual co. creates a music video for Sincerely, Iris.

Tyler M Reid and Charles Taylor Goubeaud join forces again to co-direct the new music video for Todd Murray's Sincerely Iris.

Who is Sincerely, Iris?

Sincerely, Iris consists of singer/songwriter Todd Murray. He has a sound that can be summed up best as “road trip music.” It’s a style that’s always changing, and always moving along. Whether it be gypsy-esque or like Kerouac's beat up old truck, shaking down the road at midnight, it is at once comforting, and somewhat unknown. Sincerely, Iris draws upon influences from Jeff Buckley all the way to Billie Holiday.

"More than just your garden–variety acoustic balladeer is Todd Murray, a recent arrival in the Hostess City from the midwest. Performing as Sincerely, Iris (yes, that’s his stage name) Murray – isn’t just a G–chord strummer. He writes thoughtful, interesting and melodic songs using open tunings and visionary fingerings. If you must, think of Jeff Buckley melancholia, Cat Power simplicity and the oblique dark–sky musings of mid–period Joni Mitchell... This is an artist to watch." Connect Savannah

A parody of the singer songwriter music video cliche

We are taking this genre and literally pushing it off a cliff. Instead of a happy go lucky music video where he would normally just sing and strum his guitar, Murray will be attacked by gangsters, run over and many other dangerous/hilarious activities.

Without giving away too much awesome information we will be utilizing underwater equipment around ten different locations, and a lot of physical special effects and props.

Sincerely, Iris will be joining us in Savannah, GA to help us make this happen. We are very excited to be involved with Todd Murray and excited to make an adventurous and funny music video with him. We are going to revitalize this genre and take you with us!

Money is the source

Music Videos are not free, however, with the great crew we have we can do it inexpensively but still look very professional. Every amount helps down to a $1. Our music videos would not be possible without your donations. We successfully shot Skyler Stonestreet's Holy Rollin music video as well as El Cantador with great support from fans on kickstarter and we hope to do the same here.


After every event and action Murray and his clothing and his body will get roughened up and beaten, which requires a bit of effects makeup and several wardrobe changes.


We have many many locations some of which will require expensive permits  and hourly fees and supervisor charges.

Production Design and Props

Again to keep everything a surprise I won't tell you everything but there are some props that are on the pricey side that also need certain legal supervision. However we promise to use our funding responsibly and will find the least inexpensive route.

Extra Stuff

There are expenses we can plan for like, truck rentals, generator or extra lights. However, there are always many other items that don't come into play until the last minute but are important for us to have to make the music video possible. Some money will go to all that extra stuff.

We're Hungry!

Probably the most important part of the production is feeding our awesome crew. Without them none of this could really happen. They work hard and need to be well fed. Some of the money will go to feeding the great crew.

As we continue through this pre-production journey we will keep updating you and awesome information and other ways you can help out.

If you have any questions or are curious about some more information then e-mail us at or check out our site.


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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS A digital copy of a Sincerely, Iris song! Plus a signature handwritten Sincerely Iris thank you note and photo.

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS Limited edition signed by Murray and crew DVD of music video, play it on your big screen and watch the glory happen! Keep it in your collection forever!

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS There will be ALOT of destruction on set, and we will send you a prop that has been used and have Murray sign it and send it to you!

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS A signed slate from the official music video by the band as well as the crew. You will also receive a thank you song from the band specifically for you.

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS VIP executive producer access on set in Savannah, GA. Hang out with our crew, tutorials on the equipment, lighting, etc. Have an idea? We will do our best to make it come true!

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