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Autism, many people talk about it, few know about it. I do, because I have it. I wrote a book about my experience.

One of the things that is an on going experience for everyone is the desire to fit in. Especially when it comes to school, that desire becomes strong; the more people try to fit in; the more rejection they get and the sadder people would be. Another thing that gets people interested is the desire to be different. It’s a strange experience when it comes to people, but there are many people who dress differently, act differently, and see the world differently. It takes one person to make that group. Many people want to be in it, most of them get rejected, and it is really a sad experience to get rejected like that.

Personally, I don’t like the fact people would reject others just to be with their group. I see others not wanting to be in a bigger group because they are different and are afraid to be treated poorly.

There have been a countless number of times when I was rejected by my peers because of my difference. All I can say is “I was born with it and I’m still cool.” I thought of a plan to create my own group - a group where everyone is accepted just the way they are. I can start by giving the world one of my greatest achievements.

Population: ONE! This has been an on going project I have been working on with my team. When I was little, I thought writing a book was all done by one person. I was wrong when I learned that I had to have a cover designer, an editor, and a coach to teach me about how to self publish a book. It was a big team, and I thank them for the efforts on making this book possible.

My book is Population One. I kept telling people it’s an action adventure book full of thrills, but it’s not intended to be a fiction book, although it does have some action, adventure and thrills in it. But what it’s really about is my experience of seeing the world differently. Unfortunately I cannot see the world the same as anyone else, and it goes the same for everyone else in the world. The cool thing about this book is that it has 50 chapters. Each chapter has its own subject that affected me throughout the years, and I have the courage to share these experiences with you using this book as a guide.

I have got to say that this whole thing is so exciting. It’s exciting for me to experience this book selling business; it’s exciting for the soon to be readers to be inspired by someone who is like everyone else but has autism.

One of the testimonies on my book said: “Population: One is a must read for all ages. For those who have or don’t have autism.” That was quoted by Judy Hoff, the author of Healing The Hole In Your Heart. The book doesn't have to be for people who have autism or any disorder that makes them different, it’s a book for all ages like it says and for people who have or don’t have autism. It’s for everyone!

My goal for this book is to first share it to the whole state of Washington and to everyone in my birthplace of Portland. This is only the beginning of my legacy, and I am so thrilled to see what will become of it. I have high hopes of this book being sold to the whole world!

On the back side of the book is a list of what the book is about. Here they are.

  • Growing up with autism, its obstacles and benefits.
  • How to adapt and succeed regardless of life’s challenges.
  • How disabilities include special gifts.
  • What is true leadership and its role in conflict resolution.
  • School bullying and ways to eliminate it.
  • Embracing change even when it is unwanted
  • Teamwork and leveraging everyone’s talents to make a better organization
  • Putting aside differences to co-exist peacefully

I get a good feeling that people young and old will enjoy these topics even when they don’t have autism.

The title Population: ONE is a title I've come up with when it came to a book like this, and I named it this for good reason. At the beginning of the book, I thought of making this book describing why I felt so isolated in the world and why I can’t be with others because of my autism. It was later on that I figured out a new reason why I chose this title because with me, I have a world with a population of one. Everyone has that. If there was a party on someone’s world, then it would be Jacqueline's world, population 35. That’s just an example. Then I expanded on this theory with worlds even more. 

  • Worlds = People
  • Galaxy = Planet Earth
  • Universe = Galaxy
  • ? = Universe

As you can see here, the worlds represent the people, the galaxy holds these worlds in place, and the galaxy is set by the universe. Here you see a question mark next to the universe. The reason why I put that there is because the universe itself is a huge endless space that goes on forever. There is no such thing as another universe, unless if you like fictional books and video games where there are many universes out there from imagination. This made up theory proves that the number one is not a lonely number.

As of 3/7/13, the book isn't been published yet, but you can follow me on my brand new blog at Those who are reading the blog want to read the book, and those who are reading the book want to read the blog. It’s a cool win-win deal right there.

I want to share a preview of the book called “About This Book, Being Different, and Being a Hero.” It’s like an extension to the intro and tells a little bit on what the book is mainly about. Here it is:

About This Book, Being Different, and Being a Hero

Different. That word alone is extremely common in everyday life. Especially when it comes to living beings. The way I used to see the word “different” was that it’s a lonely thing, and because I am different, because I have autism, I felt like I didn’t need anybody and needed to isolate myself from everyone.

Overall, because I was different I felt as if the planet needed me as a hero. That’s what I thought before writing this book. In reality, I can’t self-proclaim myself a hero. I’m just an individual. Are you an individual? If you are, then you are never alone. There are great people in the world we live in. People are great when they do good to themselves and to others. That is why, with this book, I want to prove that being an individual with or without autism can affect the world in a positive way.

All these years of being alone with freedom, I discovered something I wrote as a quote for my high school graduation: “The best kind of freedom is the freedom to do good. It’s what makes heroes.” I kept that quote as a reminder that doing good makes me feel like a hero to anyone and to anything. When I was little, I felt like a hero giving flowers to girls. It felt great. When creating this book, I felt like a brave hero because I was open to the thoughts coming from my heart and mind when writing and had the courage to help people young and old.

So many people in the world can write about anything, but only one person can write a book about me, and that is me. This is an autobiography about my childhood and how I viewed the world and what challenges I’ve faced over the years. Maybe most of you can relate to me when it comes to childhood stuff.

This book is not in an orderly fashion in terms of its chapters. I wrote what came up in my head. Most of the people I know are not named in this book.

This book can be described as many things. It can be a journal, a diary (not really), a survival kit, and a guide for everyone with or without autism. It can even be a comic book, but I can’t draw comics. Although they look so cool! See, that’s the thing about books and stories, there’s a lot of imagination that’s realistic most of the time.

With my help, I hope you can show great leadership, determination, and ambition. My book will give you examples of how to do that. Feel free to use my examples. If not, that’s totally cool, because everyone is different and entitled to the choices he or she makes in life.

Enjoy the book.

Other then that, I think that's it. I'm the kind of guy that likes to help kids and teens and adults. I believe that when your a cool dude like me who loves to have fun, then it's possible to get people pumped up inspiring themselves for the better... with or without autism.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Past Risks and Challenges:
While writing the book, I often felt depressed about a lot of stuff. The way I see it is when thinking about the past and I know I can't relive them, it's really hard. Especially when writing a chapter about my parents divorce it was challenging and I was really sad while writing about those kinds of topics.

There have been kids that didn't believe me when I said that I wrote a book that's going to be published. They asked me questions in a harsh kind of way, but I gave them the answers to all the questions they asked. It was a challenge, but it was successful when I gave out all of the answers. I was distracted by other things when writing the book like homework, but it's homework, everyone has to do it.

I have to remember all the stuff that's going to be in the book like, for example, when I was 3 months old I remembered an iceberg on the Atlantic Ocean while going to Sweden to see my relatives.

Future Risks and Challenges:
I am really excited about this selling gig and being a professional speaker. But when it comes to new things, I always shake all over the place starting with my legs and my hands. It happens to other people too, and I'm one of them; but later on when I do more speaking engagements, I won't shake anymore when speaking in front of an audience.

I honestly think that there is going to be jealousy when other people my age see me having an impact on others. I'm not sure if that's possible, but it was just a thought.

There are a lot of people who don't like people with autism, just like other people don't care for the mentally challenged. It's a sad truth, but I will be prepared for that. All I can say is, "...alright." Because to me, it doesn't really matter who likes who, it's a matter of accepting people for who they are when people do positive things for other people.

I am still young when it comes to this publishing business, and I could get lost on what's going on. It's a good thing I have my Dad who knows a lot about how business works and he will help me.


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