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A superhero murder mystery by Tyler James & Cesar Feliciano.
A superhero murder mystery by Tyler James & Cesar Feliciano.
267 backers pledged $13,460 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. SmallPressComicsReview on

      Was wondering if there are any plans for volume 2. Would love to know whodunit ;)

    2. Mike Beck

      Got my issues of Red Ten #6 yesterday! -Mike

    3. Ramel Rocket-Man Hill

      All items received! Golden project from start to finish. Great communication and fantastic delivery!!

    4. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Sorry about that, Jason. I'll put an early backer mini-print in the mail for you tomorrow. Glad you got the books!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason Weichman on

      Tyler I got my hard cover and both copies of issue 6. Thanks! However I did not get my early backer bonus, is that going to be mailed out later? Can't wait for issue 7!

    6. Bloodfists

      Got it today. Thanks. Cool comix.

    7. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Mike, thanks so much for the kind words. I'm having a lot of fun with every ComixTribe series.
      Matt, glad you loved it. Dustin, glad you liked the book. Your series bundle has just been packed, and is going in the mail tomorrow!

    8. Bloodfists

      I got the Red Ten Hardcover. It's great. Still waiting on the series bundle and THE RED TEN #6 Standard Cover & Kickstarter Exclusive Cover

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew S. Moffitt on

      Got my book last week, loved it. Made a point of savoring it over a few days. Can't wait for the second half

    10. Mike Beck

      Got my book in the mail yesterday. It was absolutely brilliant! Between this and Epic, I think that you are going to be one of the next big writers that everyone is going to follow! I am absolutely excited for what you are going to come up with next. - Mike

    11. Dennis Mercier on

      Sounds good. Thanks.

    12. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Dennis, it depends on where they're shipping to. I can track the packages, though, so we'll make sure you get yours.

    13. Dennis Mercier on

      Do you know how Amazon ships the books out? I just moved so I'm wondering if they'll find me if they don't ship USPS.

    14. Scott McClellan on

      Hope you consider a Kickstarter for a HC of Epic. The zero issue was great and #1 just came in the mail yesterday. Also looking forward to reading your rom-com OGN from StoreEnvy.

    15. Jonathan Tan Si-Hao on

      Cos I pledged for an Oxymoron HC plus the El Guapo commission. Could I get the "You talking to me variant"?

    16. Jonathan Tan Si-Hao on

      Ah. I was wondering where I could input the info for the add-ons. Good to know that there would be a separate follow up for that.

    17. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      I'll be following up regarding add-ons separately, Apples. Thanks!

    18. Apples on

      Do we use this survey to state or add ons? Or is that information coming in later? :)

    19. Virginia

      Alright, after much consideration I think I have to go with the Golden Age Variant for Oxymoron!

    20. Ramel Rocket-Man Hill

      Loved it, great story, great art. Can't believe I missed out on the campaign for it. Then went to your website and ordered the penny issue the pilot issue and the real # 1 issue so I can have the physical copies.

    21. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Awesome, man. Lemme know what you think!

    22. Ramel Rocket-Man Hill

      Sweet- just picked it up on Comixology!

    23. Scott McClellan on

      Congrats! And I just threw you more of my money with EPIC!

    24. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      To echo Cesar's words, thank you all so much for keeping this book going! I'll post an update tomorrow, and surveys will go out early next week! You're all awesome!

    25. Cesar Feliciano on

      Just wanted to jump in here and thank everyone for their pledges and support. You are all fantastic folks.

    26. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Hey, Ramel, EPIC #1 came on this past Wednesday and is available on Comixology. Also, check out for print. We have the EPIC FCBD book that came out on last Saturday there for a penny.

    27. Ramel Rocket-Man Hill

      Thanks Tyler- checking out your other projects- Epic looks pretty cool. How could I snag a digital version of that? Or a printed copy of it?

    28. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Welcome aboard, Ramel. Hope you enjoy the ride!

    29. Ramel Rocket-Man Hill

      Was checking this out today and saw only 2 hours left and went in at 25.... read some more and had to upgrade to 35. way to go. can't wait to read the book!

    30. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Updating your pledge info now, Michael. Thanks!

    31. Michael Bird on

      Added to pledge for Oxy and scam hardcovers.

    32. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Got it, Virginia...let me know when you decide which OXY cover to grab.

    33. Virginia

      I'm at the $25 early backer pledge, just added on $25 for an Oxy hardcover~

    34. Scott McClellan on

      I know! I was really debating between Mulvey or Golden Age. I chose wisely!

    35. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      You got it, Scott. The Mulvey is nearly sold out, so I'm glad you snagged one while we still have them. It's an awesome cover!

    36. Scott McClellan on

      Would you also add a "Are You Talkin' to Me?" Mulvey variant Oxymoron vol. 1 to my pledge? I've already upped the $25.

    37. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Got it, thanks Dustin! Welcome to the campaign!

    38. Bloodfists

      Pledged at the $35 plus $40 for the Series Bundle add on also

    39. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Still available, Scott. Adding a note to your pledge. Thanks!

    40. Scott McClellan on

      Just pledged at the $60 tier, but added $40 for the series issues bundle. Are they still available?

    41. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Hey Virginia, we still need to add a few more pages to the book to get all of TRT #0 in there. See UPDATE #14 for details. We're close though...and with a big final push these last few days, I feel pretty good about our chances.

    42. Virginia

      So at this point, is #0 included in the hardcover? Sorry if this has been covered, I just backed the project!

    43. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Thanks, Jason!

    44. Missing avatar

      Jason Weichman on

      Changed it, Thanks Tyler!

    45. Antonio Garcia

      Already $10,000 and climbing! I did a feature for this campaign over at 4cr:

      Please share the link and leave a comment at the feature so that we can bring new backers here to unlock the extra pages for the book.

    46. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Jason-- you can just change to the $35 pledge... I have you down as an early backer, so you won't lose the bonus.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jason Weichman on

      I have a early backers bonus of $25. How do add $10 to my pledge (to get the #6 variant), and still retain the early backers bonus?

    48. Shane Cormier on

      and i just realized that there is going to be another HC for issues 6-10. Looking forward to when that one is ready for a kickstater

    49. Shane Cormier on

      i havent added the 40 dollars for the comics yet. waiting to see how much money i have to spare before i do that. i dont want to pledge more than I can afford and have my order canceled. but i have 10 days to figure it out which hopefully ill be able to.

    50. Tyler James 3-time creator on

      Yup, all sold out of that one. @larryscomics might still have some copies of the NECRA exclusive TRT #2 with the Alex Cormack cover.

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