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Help us publish the first two volumes of Twokinds into high quality books, along with premium hardcover editions!
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2,463 backers pledged $197,512 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Derkatwork on

      When will the digital download be ready? Should I look at amazon?

    2. Albert E Thompson on

      2x a week?? oooo you will be very busy days

    3. Michael B. on

      Haha, No, just a long-time fan with an attention to detail. :)

    4. Michael Chang on

      Michael Bettano, are you personal friends with Mr. Thomas? That's quite an awful lot of information you keep posting.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ehryn on

      Considering I read a number of webcomics whose creators basically do it as their job, I see no reason why in a few more years Tom can't do something similar if that is what he wants to do (assuming that IS what he wants to do). It takes time, but there is such a MASSIVE support for this work that I can't see it dropping off any time soon. If anything it's likely to increase. You can count on me for a pledge for the next volumes of the books, though I have completely emptied my wallet for now I'm afraid (which would have been higher, had I seen this one first and not the other one I'm backing XD) but I really would love to see two updates a week plus anything else you feel like doing, so I shall share it to death all over the shop and hope against hope that people find the comic and love it like we all do and decide to throw money at you! :D (I would totally pledge $1k if I had it, but it would cost me more than that to GET to SDCC XD)
      Good luck! <3

    6. Jessica Wood on

      I'm glad I could help support you in the printing of your comic. I look forward to reading more of Twokinds. Cheers!


    7. Michael B. on

      College is most certainly a higher priority, that said, Tom has talked of his dream of being able to subsist off of his love/talent for illustration; no one should be denied their dream. Hell, before his foray into animation he was attending hoping to be come a radiation therapist. I know not his progress but I do know he is trying his damnedest to make this a reality. At this point he's closer than ever, there is relatively high demand for the fruits of his labor. Is this energy sustainable? Ehh, tough to say, this is the first pubic offering he's had in 4 years, there is a pent up energy among the community that might not be replicated in a subsequent book release, that said, I believe the community will rally again when the time comes. Maybe not to quite the same magnitude if done within a year but still large; the community is always growing. I know I'm down. :)

      I realize the first $42000 will be spent on the print run; however everything beyond is gravy (besides the Kickstarter fees). Now, I realize that there are probably things that can be done with the addl money to improve the profitability, but being part of Keenspot is contractual and may be for a certain length of time. Breaking off from a good deal to return to a dedicated server so soon would probably be foolish, I do not know the full benefits of being a member so I really can't talk further (obviously they at least provide webspace & some money).

    8. GambitSarcastic on

      You've pretty much guaranteed yourself $100,000 with a double update schedule.

    9. Richard Miles Musgrave on

      Personnally, as much as I think he might be able to do it... Remember that all of the money or at least a good portion of it is going to go toward the comic... It would be rather silly just to stop where he is right now in life and just rely on a comic... Sure, it fun and cool and I bet he enjoys it but he s going to college and he should follow through on it... He s not going to be set... One of the things that I want to see him do is for him to start his own website and get advertisements to show on it do he is constantly getting a steady flow of income!!! It takes money to make money and maybe tom would get enough to by a new computer lol... (if you catch my humor)!!! Wish Tom well,
      Richard "Miles" Musgrave

    10. Michael B. on

      While I agree I don't want to see Tom overworked, I think that 2 updates a week will provide better pacing for the story. There's also a possibility that with higher output there may be more time to explore some of the more subtle facets of the story, as an unplanned tangent wouldn't be as distracting in a biweekly schedule. Plus, if we achieve the ultimate goal he'll be set for a while and able to focus almost exclusively on the comic. Remember even though we didn't see it he's maintained a one per week schedule while working his ass off preparing the old strips for print...that means, at the minimum, redoing lineart for almost every page. Though...he will be beginning work on books 3 & 4, plus fulfilling our 1&2 orders. Busy, busy.

    11. salemlab on

      yeah i wish to.
      the series are a real master piece since the very start!

    12. Michael Chang on

      I agree with Richard..I wish for Tom to get the 100,000+ mark but I don't want him to rush his series.

    13. Richard Miles Musgrave on

      I think that this goal will be amazing, but there's only one problem with it... I'm afraid that Tom will get super pressed and the quality of his masterpiece will start degrading.

    14. Missing avatar

      Stephen Hibberd on

      Looking at the amounts which we've already put toward this collective interest/love of ours, I'd say we'd be hard pressed not to get another $27,000 in the pot in a month. Two comics a week is gonna be great!

    15. Ageknight10 on

      I honestly think next wednesday Itll skyrocket back up agian and gain more momentom just cuz thats when he releases more comics. Like donovan kerry says it may not be today or tommarow but it will defenently be soon

    16. BlinkShot Productions on

      I think we can make it. I think this goal might be hard on Tom though. I can feel his pain of updating 2 times a week. I hope he doesn't lose the creativity within him! :D

    17. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on

      Unfortunately, the donations have started to slow as just about everyone who is willing to make a donation has already made one. 30k more seems pretty daunting, but there's still almost a month of time left, so who knows?

    18. Missing avatar

      Donovan Kerry on

      This goal won't be broken today, or tomorrow... I say give it three days. The dedicated fans and the happy funders have had their donation, we'll see who else streams in over the next week. 100k is definitely reachable though. :D

    19. Kyle on

      Why do i feel that 100K will be reached right after lunch? Come on guys we can do it!!! Lets reach the new goal.

    20. Nicholas Legacy on

      Great! Update twice a week, Wow. I wonder if it reaches 200k... XD Maybe Plushie Flora to all backer?

    21. Missing avatar

      Thomas Jan George Skuse on

      Oh my gosh. If we get two updates a week! :DDDD

    22. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      upped pledge from 12 to 20 ;) lets get to 100k! With the current trend (horribly skewed) we should hit over 500k XD

    23. Matt on

      Must... resist... reading more of the webcomic. Can't wait for these volumes to be ready :D

    24. Memeno_Mori on

      It does seem like a rather high goal, but if the past two days is any indication of the future, I'd have something planned for the next level as well.

    25. Michael B. on

      Oooh, this one's going to be a challenge, but with so many days remaining it just might happen. It just might.

    26. Missing avatar

      Tommy on

      In just a few days you have this much pledged... Wow, but I can't say I'm surprised, your work is amazing, I only found out about 2kinds maybe 2 weeks ago, read the entire thing that day cause I couldn't bring myself to pull away from it, and now I anxiously await every update. Please don't ever stop what you're doing here. I wish I could pledge the $1000 cause meeting you in person would be amazing just to find out exactly what brought you to create this comic.

    27. Missing avatar

      Tiawulf on

      For the love of sweet fuzzy glorp give the man more money! twice the twokinds every week, I think I'm having a fan-gasm.

    28. Missing avatar

      BiGFaTHoBBiTT on

      Oh Yeah! You Know It Will Reach It Now!!! And Yeah I Reckon It Will Easily Make 100K And Mabey 200K Now That Fans Will Spread The Word So That We Will make The 100K Margin. I Love Twokinds And It Really Needs A 2x A Week Update! Tom If U Read This, YOU ARE DA BOMB!!!!

    29. twokinds Creator on

      Yes, I am trying to keep a level head about things. I certainly don't want to become overzealous and stretch myself too thin. But this 100k goal has been in the plans since the beginning, and is something I've prepared for. Though you're right, I should consider any future goals carefully.

    30. M. Phoenix Gibbs on

      You know... Steve Jackson Games ran into this problem with their just-completed "OGRE: Designer's Edition" Kickstarter. They blew through every goal they could think of, several they made up on the spot, and kept going. You might start carefully considering a stretch goal for oh... 200k? 300k? Who knows? Take a look at the OOTS Book printing drive. That went unexpectedly outrageous as well.