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Help us publish the first two volumes of Twokinds into high quality books, along with premium hardcover editions!
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    1. Michael B. on

      I don't really see a big deal with exclusive content for backers or special rewards/commissions for more generous contributors. These extras only add value for us backers, it shows how grateful Tom is to have his community.

    2. Levi Watts on

      @Scott: The difference between a personalized commission and a pre-order copy is one is shared to those outside of the KS Backers, and the other is either a private original or a limited group copy. The idea of offering rewards completely unrelated to the project at hand is not one that I have seen tried, would be interested to see it tried, but wouldn't hold much hope for it's KS.
      As for an emphasis on original KS style, in the end its the money that speaks. If the public supports an idea of how a KS leader is using rewards, then it's an acceptable way by popular vote. What works in one project doesn't necessarily work for another.
      If my memory serves, only two projects that I have supported offered backer only content. The part that bothers me on both of those projects was that this private only offering was made after the KS started. I couldn't have known I was going to be supporting a project that had backer only content at the time I made my donation, which I would have avoided participating in if given the choice.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stealth on

      @Levi: Isn't that one of the benefits of Kickstarter, though? That it works as a financial backing for a big project AND a pre-order e-commerce tool? As long as there's an overall point for the money, why shouldn't the rewards be commissions? Heck, you could start a KS to make a computer game and just offer woollen mittens to all donors over $10. No relationship needed!

      Why does there need to be such an emphasis on "the original KS" style? Shouldn't project leaders just use it however it benefits them, and let the public's money decide if they're doing it in a suitable way?

    4. Levi Watts on

      @Alexander K: The $1200 reward level is a tricky one imo. At that much cash from a single person, it is essentially a commission. If the reward was written as only for them self, I believe I would be fine with it being just for them for two reasons.

      The first being the commission level of money, but I don't know where that gray line fades going down into the more commonly KS'ed reward levels. Perhaps that line is a factor of how much the commission would normally cost vs the KS reward tier's number. That gray line is somewhere well north of 100%. Such a reward style starts to take away from the original KS and become a platform for commission sales. Limiting the total allowed commission receivers of all tiers seems like a gray line somewhere south of 20 people.

      The second reason I think I would be fine with a limited supply limited group commission tier would be that this tier was known about to begin with. Everyone who had read though the rewards would know that it was a possibility.

      As for the receiver being allowed to share that content with more then the designated group, that in this form would have to be a one to one conversation with the artist. What is written is essentially a minimalistic contract. I feel that by what is written, it sides with the KS leader to make the final decision. OTOH, a KS leader who goes against the wishes of that reward receiver could kill their own chances at pushing another KS later.

      (Note that I'm writing two reasons from a generic KS project mindset, not this one in particular. I feel what can and can't be done within a KS is an evolving living document of the entire community.)

    5. Missing avatar

      Going Strong on

      What ever it is it will be met in no-time at all.

    6. BlinkShot Productions on

      I dont think Tom makes any money through this... I think he should make something :D

    7. Missing avatar

      Alec Soul on

      yea, 650th backer, pushing the amount to $65k. i think the new goal would need to be $500k because i think it could happen

    8. Alison/Lilly on

      The next goal is at $100, clue what it is yet, though!

    9. Albert E Thompson on

      my pets support you too ( MEOW MEOW MEOW!!! )

    10. Albert E Thompson on

      I pledge $55 to help writer and artist. I am support to u YAY!

    11. Missing avatar

      skynex on

      what is the next goal? $100.000? and as a reward? an audio file of tom where he sings "you are so great, you are so great. many thanks to you all"? ^ ^

    12. Missing avatar

      Davion135 on

      Was hard fishing through the options to find a way to get the digital volumes 1+2 along with the cast poster! I'm proud to pledge $60 to help a writer/artist get his work out there through community support! :)

    13. JDEzekude on

      OK, I've pledged $135 (including the extra $20 since I live in England)! I can hardly wait to see the final product of your side-story comics!

    14. feefers on

      Think you'll need a bigger scale there...

    15. Missing avatar

      Corey Miller on

      if the money inflow keeps up at this rate Tom is going to have to work full time to keep up with demand! I'm quite glad this campaign worked out. every dollar counts! I put my $110 in. =)

    16. Missing avatar

      Thomas Anastasio on

      You would have thought that Tom would learn his lesson about promising comics for monies, considering what happened last time. $384 dollars to the big 5 combo

    17. Devin on

      Goal reached. :D

    18. Michael B. on

      I agree. Though would said short story be considered canon but beyond the scope of the twokinds story?

    19. twokinds Creator on

      I think if someone goes for the short story pledge, they are free to share it or not at their discretion. Only makes sense since it will essentially be theirs to do with as they will.

    20. Michael B. on

      We need an updated dipstick...this one doesn't quite capture the suspense as we inch ever closer to $55,555. XD

    21. Stuart Robertson on

      seems you've almost hit the 2nd goal in around 24 hours, just wow... awesome!

    22. Greg Millar on

      I concur, early access for the backers with plans at later availability gives the backers an extra little something without creating content that is hidden from people who may not have even discovered the comic yet.

    23. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      Tom, it certainly does seem fair.

      On the other hand, speaking hypothetically (I can't offer that much money, sadly), the 1200$ level reward - is the receiver free to ask you to share the short story with everyone, not just the backers?

      How will your short stories be licensed?

    24. Missing avatar

      DaleMartel on

      Completely agree with releasing it later, after the backers have had early access to it.

    25. Dereck

      That sounds more than fair. That way you show appreciation to the kickstarter backers, but you also don't hide away content from the rest of your fanbase. That way, they could look at it as an incentive for backing future projects to get early content.
      This being said, I love that you're doing so well with this kickstarter, 47K in less than 2 days is an amazing pace.

    26. twokinds Creator on

      You know, I hadn't really thought of it like that, but I guess I do agree with you, Levi. If it's alright with the other backers, then I think that's what I'll be doing. The 55,555 reward will be available to backers first, as thanks for their contributions, but later can be released as available content later. Does that seem like a fair proposition?

    27. Greg Millar on

      I agree with Levi, here.

      The whole point of kickstarter is to enrich the community by sponsoring projects that would otherwise not be possible, not to create special, exclusive content for a kind of "varsity" club of financial backers.

      Early access to such content is fine, as are special signed copies, but this content should eventually be made available, either to purchase or as a gift to everyone.

      That said, I'm happy that this is going so well. Twokinds has been my favorite comic for quite some time and I love to see it succeeding here.

    28. Levi Watts on

      I highly disagree with backer only content. This punishes those who either didn't hear about the KS in time, are future fans, or don't have the financial means or ability to participate. The other not nearly as bad version is the backer exclusive over a time limit, allowing non-backers to either buy the content or release the content as free at some point in the future.

      The reason I participate in KS projects is to help cause content that would otherwise not be available, not create content that most people can't access. I'm sure that there are lots of HS and younger fans that either don't have the finances to participate in a KS, or don't have the means of participating in a KS.

      None-the-less, grats on achieving minimum goal amount.

    29. Judah Perez on

      So Tom, whats going to happen when we surpass $55k I would really like to see the books in stores.

    30. Sabine on

      This is amazing! And now the 42k goal is met, so maybe in some stores? :D That would be so cool!

    31. Missing avatar

      Thomas Jan George Skuse on

      Tom, you are such an awsome artist with such an amazing comic. You have loads of fans, which are more than willing to help you out in anyway they can! I know cause i'm one. I'm so jealous of the person who gets the $5000 prize. :)

    32. Alison/Lilly on

      But of course, Tom! :D We love you and the comic~! ♥
      Hey look, the $42k goal has been met too! ^-^

    33. Missing avatar

      Razmoudah on

      Wow, in the time it took me to find out about the project, look through the rewards, find the reward level I wanted, create a KickStarter account, and make a pledge it gained nearly $1000 in pledge, and I only pledged $115 (which might be a bit of a pinch for me, but I want my name on the supporters page and I want the full swag bundle).

    34. Missing avatar

      Tiawulf on

      I've always been very stingy with my money, because of the simple fact that i never had any growing up, but I've been following TwoKinds for 5 years now and this cause is one that i will very happily get behind.
      Also, because i also think that you'll break $55,555 pretty soon, maybe you could set another tier, say $70,000, and if we manage to get to there you could raffle away the remaining of the final 3 sets of prizes, if someone actually buys all of them... well then I'm out of ideas.

    35. Missing avatar

      Sebastian.Petersen on

      I believe what will meet the 55,555 dollar goal within not so long.
      I am just as surprised that the comic has so many supporters!
      I think its easy to say we all love you and twokinds! <3