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Help us publish the first two volumes of Twokinds into high quality books, along with premium hardcover editions!
Help us publish the first two volumes of Twokinds into high quality books, along with premium hardcover editions!
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    1. mandoza3 on

      I received the posters you sent out some time ago, thank you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Rebecca W

      Just an FYI - I got my personal drawing print in September and was very happy! I really admire Tom for staying committed to getting all the backer rewards sent out - thank you!

    3. Rapier Kamigawa on

      Likewise, I got to see a digital image of my personal drawing but im still waiting on it, as well as the manga-sized books, to be shipped :/

    4. Missing avatar

      Rebecca W

      I have seen a digital image of my personal drawing and was very happy :) The only downside is that it does not appear to have been shipped - still chasing on occasion, but no news as of yet.

    5. Jesse McCausland on

      Flipping through the comics I got and it crossed my mind again. Any updates on the personal drawings?

    6. Missing avatar

      Mitch on

      Anyone know where this from
      Also i haven't got a personal sketch yet

    7. twokinds Creator on

      I'm here! I'm still here! Agh, sorry. I've been spending way too much time on each one of these, but yes, I am still working through the personal drawings. If you haven't heard about yours, please send me an email ( A lot of them are drawn, but in many cases the name on the stream didn't match the name on Kickstarter so it's become confusing figuring out who's done and who's not. If yours isn't done... feel free to kick me or something.

    8. Missing avatar

      Rebecca W

      @Rapier Kamigawa
      I hope you get a response.

    9. Rapier Kamigawa on

      I certainly hope that's not the case Rebecca W, I just sent out another email to Tom a few minutes ago. Hopefully i will get a response this time :/

    10. Missing avatar

      Rebecca W

      I have tried kickstarter messages, the chatroom link, even twitter (in desperation) - with a space of months between. No luck with either method of comunication ;__;

      I am trying to avoid becoming stalker-ish...seems to be happening anyway. I don't want to be someone who badgers an artist - but I am really scared that personal drawings have just been forgotten.

    11. Rapier Kamigawa on

      I was talking to Tom via email a long while ago but he seems to have stopped answering my emails about when ill receive the rest of my pledge. :/

    12. Missing avatar

      Rebecca W

      Anyone had any word regarding the personal drawing tier - I have tried to contact Tom regarding any status, but haven't heard anything. :(

    13. Rapier Kamigawa on

      Got half of my package a while ago, haven't heard from tom on an estimate on the delivery for the rest of it though :/

    14. Missing avatar

      flamerain5 on

      I've been trying to ask Tom if there is any updated on my picture and haven't heard anything, I saw him sketch it in a live stream, so what's up?

    15. Futeko on

      Received my package today (hardcovers + sketch; delivery in Europe) - they look great! Thank you very much Tom - was definitely worth the wait!

    16. Jesse McCausland on

      Well that bad news went out the window relatively quickly. Caught Tom in the chatroom and he told me the complete drawings are still in progress. Thanks again Tom.

    17. Jesse McCausland on

      Well a bit of bad news from my wife, the drawing is just a sketch instead of a full color drawing as stated in the reward description. Just curious if others of this tier got the same or am I the anomaly.

    18. Jesse McCausland on

      Glad to say that my package came in today. My lovely wife decided to bestow this news to me during work, so now I feel refreshed and ready to speed through my work pile and get back home.

    19. Steven King on

      Contacted Tom and he told me that my package will come in two parts, so I'm glad he didn't forget.

      @Jonathan: He probably won't start on the next book(s) until he's finished with this order.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Wester on

      This whole process has felt amazing Tom. When are you thinking about book 3?

    21. Rainer on

      Finally got my package with a bonus of The Dragon Masquerade for free and was pleasantly surprised. Yay me!

    22. Missing avatar

      Stephen Moore on

      Yay! Got everything! Thanks Tom! The Dragon Masquerade was an excellent surprise!

    23. Steven King on

      ...and it's not all here...

    24. Steven King on

      Alright, I finally got my package.

    25. Eoin Brown on

      After a ridiculously busy day at work what did I find waiting for me? To be quite honest it made my day being able to set my eyes on the hardcover books which I might add look really good by the way as well as the posters and the sketch. Thank you very much Tom for the hard work!

    26. Missing avatar

      James on

      I am quite happy to say that I received a very welcome surprise in my mailbox today in the form of my bundle of physical goods. The two hardcover books look absolutely amazing and I was surprised to find a copy of The Dragon Masquerade included in my bundle, tucked safely between the two hardcovers. Tom, if you still check these comments at all, thank you very much. All the work you have done to try and get these bundles shipped out to everyone is truly appreciated.

    27. Missing avatar

      Rebecca W

      Happy to announce that my books and posters portion arrived safely - they look beautful (especially when I compare it to the original first volume I have).

      Just need to wait for the last part *so giddy with anticipation*

    28. Jesse McCausland on

      Word of your notice has me checking my inbox repeatedly now Kaiser. Eager doesn't even begin to describe the anticipation of the arrival of my own.

    29. Missing avatar

      ultimatekaiser on

      Got a shipment notice. Looks like we're getting down to the gritty finish.

    30. Nir D on

      So...talked with Tom 4 months ago on IRC. Didn't hear from him since. At this point I really doubt that I will ever see my package.
      It's nice that people are getting his new comic while some of us are still waiting for the first one >.>

    31. Katerater

      Hi, I received my physical items (finally) yay, a bit ago... but Im checking my email and junk folder for the digital stuff. ;___; Im not seeing anything. I would love to get my digital rewards please. I have been carefully going through my junk mail for a while now so I know I didn't miss it!

    32. David McMurry on

      It's starting to look like I'm going to have to write this off as a donation to Tom. My package apparently went to the wrong place the first time he shipped it, and now, almost three months later it is still somewhere out there. I get the feeling it went to the wrong place again.

      And no response to PM's still, though I notice he has responded to a question on an update about another thing he wants to sell. Oh well. I just really looked forward to re-reading the comic in book form.

      I notice he's still on the twokinds (the comic not the kickstarter) webchat, you can try him there maybe? I wish we had an email we could reach him at since kickstarter obviously isn't working for him.

      You're right, he did get a lot of orders, and this isn't amazon. But, you know, it really isn't so very hard to type up a 15 minute update every month or so, when there are people who still don't have their stuff promised to them when most of it is allegedly out the door. Especially after two years of waiting.

    33. Missing avatar

      James on

      So, we are now two and a half months past the last update from anyone about this project, there's been no communication from Tom via Kickstarter or the comic site itself as to what is actually going on with the remaining bundles and packages to be sent out. Has anyone had any response via email or such about anything here? Helpdesk chat is always empty as well, so no help there.....more than a touch concerned here.

    34. foxfirerage on

      his goal was 25,000 he got over 7 times that. He has to do a crap ton of drawings in the books for the high end backers and sign and sort and ship stuff for dam near 25 hundred people. Give the man a break O_o most of the delays were do to the printing company losing his books. Now he can spend all day every day responding to spammed emails or he can keep crunching away and get the project done. I know what one I would prefer he spend his time on >.>
      Kickstarter is not amazon you are backing peoples projects not shopping online >.>

    35. Missing avatar

      ultimatekaiser on

      Yeah still waiting on mine.... Hope I get it soon. It's sad to wait this long... We could have a whole new volume by now. Geez.

    36. David McMurry on

      @Quentin Altemose

      Believe it or not, this is actually a pretty uncommon for a comic project on kickstarter. I've had a couple others that did not like to update, but I've received rewards to almost every other project I've backed (and this was my first) that hasn't otherwise failed or had a longer estimated date.

      I have no idea what's going on over there, I assume it's very stressful, but I hope he updates us here at some point. There are obviously people still receiving their stuff, but I've yet to get a shipping email so I have no idea what's going on. Sounds like a lot of stuff is getting damaged in transit, I wonder who is handling the shipping.

      @Nir D: He hasn't responded to my messages either in the last year. :/

    37. Nir D on

      Tom, why are you not replying to my messages? It has been close to 4 months since you sent my package... and still nothing. I keep sending emails and messages through kickstarter since january.

    38. Missing avatar

      Quentin Altemose on

      I will honestly say that I will NEVER ever back another project on Kick Starter ever again. This was a horrible experience. Lack of communication and updates have been horrible and it is 2 years now since I backed this project ...and I still have nothing.

    39. Missing avatar

      vlf on

      Got mine just yesterday, damaged package, but contents were in one piece :3

    40. Missing avatar

      Anthea on

      My package arrived here in Germany today. By the look of the package I feared the worst for the content, because it was not in a good condition. But due to some very good packing the books were completely undamaged. And I really enjoy reading that story again! There definitely is a sensoric difference between the online comic version and the printed version. So now I am waiting for the next books.

    41. Daniel Butler on

      just got mine today hear in the UK. The poster was badly damaged though but its hear and done at long last.

    42. Fab on

      Got mine on Monday 31st March! Quality - Thanks Tom.

    43. Missing avatar

      Newker on

      Hey tom any word on the plushies?

    44. Taint

      My package arrived today in the UK. Some of the worst transit damage I've seen, but they're here at the very least.

    45. Missing avatar

      Georgi Nikolov on

      From Bulgaria here and my books and posters just arrived in a surprisingly good condition for flying across the world (and going through my country's postal service). Thank you very much Tom and i wish for you to have even more success in your future endeavors.

    46. Missing avatar

      Charadan on

      My books have arrived here in Australia! Thankyou so much!

    47. Jasper on

      Some two years of waiting and my books and posters have finally arrived. Their condition is pretty good for having traveled across the continent. There is some crumpling around where the posters were wrapped around the books and the corners of the books are a little bit dinged up as well but the posters have smoothed out after a few days under a stack of books ad the two hard covers are no worse than shelf wear as you'd see at a store. I suppose I'm just used to the pampered treatment of Amazon's boxes and bubble wrap.
      All in all I'd say it's definitely been worth the wait. I'm looking forward to your next book Tom. Thank you so much.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Wester on

      I've still yet to receive mine either

    49. Asaril on

      I got a shipping confirmation :) -> Germany

    50. Ben on

      Hello. I had paid for the $200 reward. I have heard nothing about how soon I will get it, nor a tracking number, or anything. I am a little concerned about when I will receive the items I paid for.

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