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A customizable enclosure system for building project and small scale production boxes. 
It's a box. Your box!
A customizable enclosure system for building project and small scale production boxes. It's a box. Your box!
388 backers pledged £9,614 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. manGoweb

      Still nothing ...

    2. manGoweb

      still never got anything? :(

    3. Two Hornets Creator on

      Hi Ondrej,
      I see that you're a backer and that you haven't sent us your address yet. Without it, it will be difficult for us to send you your reward.
      Maybe that's what's troubling you?
      I'll PM you with what information you need to submit.


    4. manGoweb

      Is this a scam or not?!

    5. Barry Moore

      I never received my reward. We're these shipped?

    6. Barry Moore

      Any status?

    7. Missing avatar

      David Rees on

      Any reply on the horizon? David

    8. Two Hornets Creator on

      Hi David,
      It will be sent as soon as you fill in the survey.
      Details are in update #15


    9. Missing avatar

      David Rees on

      Hi, any idea when I will receive my case?

    10. Two Hornets Creator on

      Hi João,
      Your reward was shipped and delivered in April.
      I'll mail you with the tracking and we'll sort out the details.


    11. João Cardoso on

      How long it will take for you to ship mine? I filled the survey long ago...

    12. João Cardoso on

      How long it will take for you to ship mine? I filled the survey long ago...

    13. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Thanks Chris
      Great. Its always the simple things.
      Filling in the survey now.

    14. Two Hornets Creator on

      Hi Jon,
      Did you use the URL without the dot at the end? For some reason the link didn't turn out right and we can't change it any more.
      Anyway, the link is:


    15. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Not seeing any survey for the reward I picked, and the link to the webpage in the update sent out on Wednesday doesn't work. Any idea whats going on? Is there another way to access the kickstarter backer rewards?

    16. Missing avatar

      HanspeterH on

      Received my Blinky yesterday in Switzerland..Nice, but you can clearly see a difference of 0.3 mm in height between the front left and right hights which results in a gap in the front plate which is of course a rectangle and not a trapez...

    17. Amir Soltani on

      Received my case in UK, it is very nice, I'm well pleased. Great job!

    18. Two Hornets Creator on

      Hi Thomas,
      Yes, you can use your saved URL from when you filled in the form, or you can mail us and we'll send you the lines that you filled in.
      I'm going to mail you this later today so that you see what you filled in.


    19. Missing avatar

      Thomas Provoost on

      Hey, quick question: is there any way for me to review the stuff I put in the survey?

    20. EmpChildren on

      My shipping address seems to have been merged with someone else.
      It has my name on it, then someone else, then an address in England.

      Slice case's website isn't letting me reset, page fails to load.

    21. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      Collected my SliceCase from UPS yesterday, now just waiting for the Micro Python board - hmm, spotting a trend here :-)

    22. Jamie Whitehorn on

      Just received my SC MicroPython case - very pleased with it :-)
      AND was very pleasantly surprised to find that the Two Hornets team had included an extra gift in the form of an RGB led and brackets :-D Just need the MicroPython board so I can play with it now ;-)
      THANK YOU!
      Looking forward to be being able to order other SliceCases soon.

    23. Michael Kelso on

      SCPI arrived today safe and sound. Thanks. Look forward to the future customization.

    24. Rickard Nordström Pettersson on

      I got my SliceCases today (Sweden), i taked some photo when i fix my SCAR…

    25. Missing avatar

      Andy Holt on

      Well, my SliceCase for Micro Python has now arrived :) … now all I need is for the Micro Python board to arrive from it's KS :(

    26. Missing avatar

      Matthew R. Johnson on

      Can we get an ETA on delivery?

    27. Missing avatar

      HanspeterH on

      When will I get my Blinky?

    28. Missing avatar

      Matthew R. Johnson on

      Are you guys on track to deliver by the end of February?

    29. Two Hornets Creator on

      Hi Matt,
      Custom colours will basically give you the freedom to choose exactly the colour you want from the palette at the end of the survey page.

      Initially we thought of limiting the choice of colours and them simply list 15 or so for everyone to choose from. But as SliceCase is all about "..lets you decide.." we decided to have a smaller amount of the most common colours listed, and then if someone want something outside that then you can pick that colour yourself.
      It's all included and you won't be charged anything extra for this.

      As of showing what colours look like what; we've added a small sample page here:
      It shows the most common choices and what they look like. Unfortunately we can't show you all colours at this point, but more samples will be added as we go on.


    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    31. Two Hornets Creator on

      Hi David and Michael,
      Sorry for the delay and a bit of silence during the last two weeks.
      We've been very busy getting it all in order and just posted an update explaining that status.
      So, just a bit more of patience and we'll send out the survey shortly.


    32. Michael Kelso on

      Any updates? havent heard anything for a few weeks.

    33. Missing avatar

      David Blanco Mulero on

      When will we decide the colors of our SliceCase?
      Congratulations on your proyect!

    34. Henk Brekelmans on

      Congratulations guys. Well done!

    35. Viktoriya Skoryk on

      Hi Christoffer!
      Good to see that the Micro Python SliceCase is doing well!
      Congratulations on your successful project!

    36. Two Hornets Creator on

      Hi Warren,
      Thanks for backing the SliceCase project.
      The hope to have the SODAQ available next week and then to about the same price as the SCPI. So, if you're willing to back it now without having seen the photo of it first then you can add £17 to your pledge and send us a PM that you'd like the SODAQ.

      If you want to add a SCPI starterkits now then that can't be done as they're out. You can add the normal SCPI reward to your backing though, by adding £24 to your pledge and sending us a PM.


    37. Warren Todd on

      Hi John
      I've pledged for the SCPI EARLYBIRD Starterkit but would like a SliceCase for the SODAQ you recently mentioned you are developing. Could you advise a cost for that case so I can add it to my current pledge if possible. Also, if I decided to get 2 SCPI Starterkits, would the cost of the second one be the earlybird price ?

    38. Two Hornets Creator on

      Hi Wilson,

      we have received your update. At the moment it is a bit hectic
      but we are enjoying the ride.
      Sorry if we didn't reply in a timely matter earlier in the proces.

      Thanks you for supporting us!


    39. Missing avatar


      I emailed you my "Extra Pledge" to you, please confirm. Thanks.

    40. Two Hornets Creator on

      Hi Enrico,
      I saw your backing coming through just fine, so let's leave it at that ;)
      For reference though, the instructions on how to do this is available in Update #1.


    41. Two Hornets Creator on

      Hi John,
      I like hearing how you're thinking and I definitely think that it's a good idea to shape the PCB's to fit directly. Otherwise there are many different ways a PCB can be fitted, both with and without screws.

      The design isn't open, that's true, but if anyone would like to produce commercial PCB's fitting the SliceCase profile system then it's only a matter of contacting us to get a waiver to be able to make these.

      No, at this point I haven't been in contact with them, but I'l contact them once we're online with our webshop and all. Thanks for the tip!


    42. Enrico Spinielli on

      how could I pledge for 2 different rewards? I am interested in both Micro Python and Arduino Uno...

    43. Missing avatar

      John Hind on

      Have you told about this? With them being Netherlands based too and all they might give you some publicity! Bit late for the Kickstarter, but I'm sure it would drum up a lot of business once the business is up and running.

      (For the record I heard about you through the MicroPython kickstart although I've signed up for an Arduino reward).

    44. Missing avatar

      John Hind on

      Great idea! The video got me thinking about modular electronics combining a custom PCB with the SliceCase parts so both assemble together. At first I thought of ways to bond SliceCase edges to PCBs - perhaps a locating lug fitting slots in the PCB, assemble on a jig and glue in place.

      Then I had a Eureka moment!

      Why not make the PCB with the SliceCase edge profile cut as part of the PCB itself? You could then just assemble the PCB directly into the SliceCase stack and it will form part of the structure of the case! Of course, PCB material will be thinner than a normal slice, so edge panels would probably have to be custom cut, but otherwise it looks to me like the system is adaptable enough already to accommodate this.

      I understand you are not making the design fully open, but I hope your IPR will not preclude third parties using your edge profile in this way to sell PCB modules designed to integrate with the SliceCase parts.

    45. Two Hornets Creator on

      Hi Elmo,
      Thanks for your suggestion, I've added it to the list of manufacturers to contact.


    46. Missing avatar

      Diara on

      Maybe consider designing a case system for the modular SmartMaker brand of arduino derived electronics. But they just recently shipped their rewards and are propably busy currently (documentation etc.), so maybe contact them after that big Chinese spring celebration that stops most all production there...

    47. Two Hornets Creator on

      Hi Robert,
      Great suggestion! I've added it to the list of manufacturers to contact.

      You can add more rewards, no problem. I've written about this in Update #1 (


    48. Robert on

      Is it possible to add additional cases to my order? For example, I would like to add a SCAM & SCPI to my order for the Micro Python.

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