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Help me create a line of fun and unique metal jewelry, accessories, and supplies to give stampers and jewelry lovers more options.
Help me create a line of fun and unique metal jewelry, accessories, and supplies to give stampers and jewelry lovers more options.
20 backers pledged $1,375 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

This has sort of consumed my life! :)

I'm still insanely excited that this project was funded!  I've been on high since we reached the goal mark and continue to get more excited as more pledged continue to come in!

Now that I know everything is for certain, the ideas and anticipation has sort of taken over my life.  I may have gotten a little over-zealous, and ordered everything I need already with the plan to pay off the credit card when everything officially goes through! :)  There was a reason behind that, however... after a little more research, many sites said that kilns take 2-4 weeks until they are ready to ship - If I waited until everything goes through I wouldn't be getting it until February!  (Although I ordered from a company who has them in stock, so it shouldn't take that long anyway.)

If anyone needs an IOU to wrap up for Christmas or wants to start brainstorming some ideas... let me know.  I did take the time to wrap all the Christmas gifts yesterday, so now I can just enjoy the holidays and daydream.

For those of you getting a necklace and/or bracelet.  Start thinking about what you would like.  Feel free to email me any ideas...

For those of you getting stamps or blanks, do the same thing!

I am just itching to get started!  Thank you again for all of the support!

4 more days!

Yikes!  It's getting close... Thanks to Ishaque Hussain and Mike Brenner for increasing their pledges. (You've also been thanked on facebook and twitter.)  Let's spread the word.

Maybe everyone is just procrastinating :) (fingers crossed)

Half way!

We are half way to our goal (well almost - 46%).

I want to send out a big thank you to all of you who have passed along this project to your friends!  Remember, if we don't hit the goal in the next 5 days, then you don't get charged, but you also don't get your rewards, and we don't get to continue with this fun adventure!

Thanks again!!

P.S.  I have your names on the website now... check it out:

another reward option!

I've agreed to do a full alphabet - your choice of uppercase or lowercase, your choice of font for a $40 pledge!

Only 8 more days - don't miss out! 

(You must know someone who would snatch up this deal! Pass it along!)

Thanks again!

5 Days down, 9 to go

We have 9 days left to get the last 2/3 of the goal!  I think we can do it, I'm hoping!!

Thank you again for your support so far.  Be sure to spread the word to your friends who might also be interested in the (super priced) rewards!