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The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT 
A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
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Local Chapters! UK Tour?? ID Cards!

Posted by Twogether Studios, LLC (Creator)

Hello Backers & Friends!

Illimat has been out in the wild for nine weeks and things have been very busy. Can you believe we’re already doing a second printing? We can't thank you enough for continually spreading the word.  In this update we’ll share about our Society of Luminaries local chapter pilot program, talk about our upcoming events (Hello UK!?), Victory Book update, and at the bottom we’ll get to the bottom of the 812 ID cards.

Society of Luminaries Local Chapters 

We’ve been working with a small core set of volunteer SoL community organizers to pilot a local chapter program. They are finding local cafes and game stores to partner with to host community Illimat play events. We’re working closely with this set of hosts and organizers to incorporate what's successful into our official program which we’ll announce sometime the beginning of April. Check out the map of where these pilot events are formingJoin the Illimat Players Worldwide group to connect to players in your area. Here's a shameless plug for the Portland,Oregon chapter event next month which is capped at the first 50 people marked as going!

Society of Luminary Member @smiraldi on Instagram. Click for other Insta SoL portraits & post your own! #illimat
Society of Luminary Member @smiraldi on Instagram. Click for other Insta SoL portraits & post your own! #illimat


Boise, Boston, GenCon...UK? 

 Look below for a list for some of our confirmed conventions and events. We’re also working on attending UK Games Expo this coming June, though that's not finalized. UK fam: should we jump the pond to come and host some events in the UK? If we do we'll do a tour similar to what we did in the US last year. We’d love to do an Illimat event at a speakeasy cocktail bar, game cafe, masonic temple, game meet-up, or royal family hen do -- we're up for the weird and wonderful and to play games. Contact us at if you would like to host an event with us in the UK in the month of June or to invite us to your cool tech, arts, music or game convention in 2018/19. 

February: JoCo Cruise: March: Treefort/Hackfort: Boise, ID April: PAX East: Boston, MA June: UK Games Expo? August: GenCon 2018: Indianapolis, ID

Victory Books- These might be a little late (but maybe not) as we try to organize all of our graphic design projects in one scope of work. We’ll keep you posted. 

Did you know that The Decemberists have a new album out soon and are going on tour? What pre-show Society of Luminaries traditions will you start in your town? Here's the link to their tour dates and cool new music video!


Those Darn 812 Cards! 

With a few reports of missing cards, we paid a visit on The Society of Luminaries world headquarters to get to the bottom of what's going on with 812 ID cards. The office door opened with a screech followed by a thud as boxes of envelopes tumbled to the ground. It was clear to us that after so many years of dormancy, The Society of Luminaries just was not equipped for the operational rigor needed to deliver the cards in an elegant way. We have performed a thorough investigation and can deliver the following report:

When The Society of Luminaries ran their report of the first 812 eligible backers last year to prepare the ID cards in advance- they made an error in the query, resulting in a report that displayed the first 812 backers who also had confirmed their pledge at the time of the report. In a doubling down of errors, they posted this report and created cards for these backers as well. In order to make cards for the actual first 812 backers, The Society of Luminaries office had to actually hand make double the amount of cards (and custom challenges) that they planned for.

Here is the outcome of our investigation:

If you have a US address, backed at the $45 level or above, and had a backer number of 812 or under- your 812 ID card has been mailed to you

If you live outside of the US, backed at the $45 level of above and had a backer number of 812 under and have not received your card yet- they will be mailed from The Society of Luminaries office in Portland, Oregon no later than Feb 16th.

If you backed at a level where an ID card was a listed item on your reward level, and have a backer number higher than 812- your ID card will be mailed from The Society of Luminaries office in Portland, Oregon no later than Feb 16th.

If you were listed on the 812 list we posted last year, but your backer number was higher than 812- don’t worry we’re not rescinding the gift of an 812 membership card. We’re going to go ahead and create a custom challenge for you and mail out your ID card- it's just going to take a little longer. Cards for US & International based addresses on this list will be mailed by Feb 28th. We can’t repost the original list that was made in error, as it was burnt in a fire.


Jenn & Keith

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jackson Whitley on

      Just wondering if there’s any update to the 812 ID cards and those who had a number greater than 812 being shipped? Thanks!

    2. Mario Anima on

      Thanks Jenn and Keith, so if our backer number is < 812 we should be getting a ID card?

    3. Missing avatar

      Ozzy Beck on

      Yes, please come to UK Games Expo!

    4. John W. Luther

      Damn. I forgot about the challenge. Drat!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jackson Whitley on

      Great clear up guys, thanks for the info!