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The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT 
A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
5,963 backers pledged $418,628 to help bring this project to life.

Monday Hot Topics

Posted by Twogether Studios, LLC (Creator)

Hello Backers & Friends-

So many things! We'll cover the big questions being asked & send out another update later in the week with the remainder. 

Where are your rewards?

AUSTRALIA: All of the orders have arrived or are on their way to you without your backer extras. Those will be shipped out to you separately this week. We LOVE seeing your unboxing pics- keep em coming!

CANADA: O, Canada..we thank you for your patience. As of today, we’re still on track to start shipping to you end of the week or early next.

UK & REST OF THE WORLD: We are amazed how quick Royal Mail is! Most but not all of you should have received your shipping notifications and many of you have received your games. If you have any issues with your items see the info below on what to do. 

USA: Have no fear, your games are on their way. The majority of you will receive shipping notifications by tomorrow ( Tuesday) and almost all packages will be shipped no later than Monday Nov 20th.

Who do I contact for shipping issues or questions? 

If you have any issues with your items due to shipping or shipping questions please contact Blackbox via email:

We’re pushing our retail launch & here’s why: 

 We planned to launch Illimat for retail on Tuesday ( tomorrow) but with all of the shipment delays in the US and backers not getting their stuff yet we’ve decided to push it to Monday, Nov 20th. We have stock in our warehouse and items for our events- but it just does not seem right to launch it if most of you do not at least have your shipping notifications yet. We’re still doing our events in Seattle, Portland, and PAX Unplugged this week and will sell a limited supply of Illimat & The Crane Wife expansion at them as we’ve made those commitments- but beyond that small amount we’re waiting till next week.

How do I connect with other players? 

 “Society of Luminaries members unite with fellow members around the world in the salubrious benefit of play and embody the spirit of diplomacy, good humor, education , and sportsmanship at the card table and beyond.” - Society of Luminaries Motto

Board Game Geek Illimat Forums


 Illimat Players Facebook Group ( New as of today)  

How to Play Videos

“Setting Up The Game” and “ How to Play” videos are now officially up with more to come next week as we expand our content on A big thanks to the backers who helped give feedback on these videos!

The Audience Luminary Card: 

When the Luminary is revealed, each player immediately sows a card face down into the field of the Audience. In a two player game, each player sows two facedown cards. Once all of these cards have been sown, they are all revealed. Players don't draw to replace these cards until the end of their next turn.

With that said, the following rule was suggested by a backer online and I think it's a fun variant if you actually have spectators.

"... As we had a couple of people in the room watching, but not playing, we decreed that the Audience Luminary meant that any spectator was allowed to decide which of the other luminaries it would act as."

Who do I contact for Shipping Issues?

 If you have any issues with your items due to shipping or shipping questions please contact Blackbox via email:

We’ll have another update later this week with info on Victory Books ( they are not in your shipments) The 812, Wyrmwood Edition & Original Art shipments.

Thanks everyone!

Jenn & Keith 


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    1. Travis on

      @Kirk --would you just relax? These guys are bouncing all over the place, promoting their game --you have a copy; stop complaining for 5 seconds and enjoy it. It breaks my heart that you are a supper backer if you are this negative on so positive a campaign. This campaign has been great. They are taking the game to conventions to promote it and sell a few copies. Get off the couch, go to a convention --people at conventions feel entitled to new shiny things too!

    2. Kirkstarter
      on's a new week and that " send out another update later in the week with the remainder" or "We’ll have another update later this week with info on Victory Books" didn't happen.

      Obviously, some more problems in the basement but it would be nice to get an honest assessment of what is going on. Available to non-backers before we get our rewards, missing parts, late updates, unclear information...please just let us know what is actually happening. Maybe you don't have all the solutions in place yet but being upfront is always welcome. Thank you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Tomasulo on

      Just gave my wife the 812 card and note with no further explanation other than that it has something to do with her Christmas present. She is delightfully intrigued.

    4. Twogether Studios, LLC 4-time creator on


      Hello Backers! I just wanted to pop in to post answers to a few of the top questions being asked.

      Dont worry just yet. MOST of the US rewards have shipped and are on their way- and a small percentage are still waiting to be picked & packed. I've noticed that Blackbox notifications go out in the evenings M- F. I'll TRY to get an export of any orders that have not shipped by next Tuesday Nov 21st so I can email you if your delivery is delayed for any reason- but this is something I'll need to work with Blackbox on getting some data exports of if it is at all possible.

      If you are missing anything from your shipment- contact blackbox & they will take care of you in a jiffy

      FYI Blackbox notifications are sent to you using the email address - Check your spam folders or promotional tab in gmail as many have found their email hiding in there.

      totally hear you about seeing it at Barnes & Noble before you get it as a backer. We wrote about that in our last update
      When we launch on Monday it will be available on our website at, the and literally 2 retailers ( except for those who backed at the retailer level & got the rewards) We didnt even ship it to Amazon yet. We're two people who work out of their basement and if ever any of our games are in Barnes & Noble we'll both be excited - but that will not be anytime soon. You're all still part of something *very* small and we cant thank you enough for supporting this project and the game.

      Working on the download page for the record tonight!

      We're at PAX Unplugged and meeting lots of wonderful backers so we might not be responsive this weekend to additional questions but we'll be back at it on Monday. Thanks everyone!

    5. Kirkstarter

      Okay...I was wrong. it WAS in my spam folder - first time for everything. Sadly, FedEx is slow as molasses.

      Can't wait!

    6. Kirkstarter

      Still no notification here (Arizona). Looks like the shipping is completely random.

    7. Jasper van der Meer

      Check your spam folders, y'all. My notification from blackbox went out yesterday. Blackbox should probably work on their e-mail notifications...

    8. Missing avatar

      Annie Avery on

      Still no shipping info (US backer). Guess I wasn't in the "majority" getting shipped earlier this week. Getting antsy over here!

    9. Joel Alexander Dueck on

      Got my US shipment notification last night.

    10. Missing avatar

      J F Traver

      Shipping notification for the tote bag just arrived! looks like it's starting in the US now, kids. Thanks, Jenn and Keith!

    11. Joel Alexander Dueck on

      No shipping notification for me in the US so far either!

    12. Iestyn

      My game and expansion arrived Early Monday morning. I got the shipping notification for the Variants book and the Kickstarter Okuses on Wednesday. Very pretty, and I love the box being a component in its own right.

    13. Jasper van der Meer

      Still, no shipping notification e-mails in the 'States.

    14. Kirkstarter

      No notification for me in the US.

      The long wait continues...

    15. Hurley

      Arrived yesterday morning - Melbourne, Australia!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jeff Smith on

      Got my shipping notification today, I am so pumped and ready to play some Illimat!
      Also, listening to all the albums/singing along. Mariner's Revenge Song for daaaaaays.

    17. Missing avatar

      J F Traver

      As an "I Just Want A Tote Is That So Wrong" backer, I'm hoping there might be some information about those lovely bags in the impending update ... I'm being patient and all, despite not being in Canada, but it's been a while since I've seen any mention of them in the updates. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    18. Missing avatar

      Ozzy Beck on

      UK: Shipping note on Friday, had it yesterday (Monday), thank you!

      Next video idea: Folding instructions for the board so it fits back into the box as shipped...

    19. Matthew Tyler-Jones on

      Hmmmm still no notification for me in the UK. I was hoping your update was going to say those with pins were delayed a while or something, but I better drop blackbox a line.

    20. Hurley

      Australia - delivered this morning!!! Thank you!,

    21. Twogether Studios, LLC 4-time creator on

      Hi @Alexander - We had 4 sea shipments out of China that were arranged by AdMagic's freight team. The dates those are loaded and arrive are dependent on available vessels going to those ports, etc. Just so happened that Canada was scheduled to arrive last.
      Ironically, from what I understand... the shipment scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles for the US was diverted to San Francisco and then it was diverted to VANCOUVER, BC ... it then took a several week journey across our two great countries to Indiana to our warehouse. Shipping logistics is a very complex game :)

    22. Alexander Stobbs on

      Out of interest, what was the reason Canada is the last location to be shipped to? (Also, super stoked to get this game soon!)

    23. Jacob Chess on

      All aboard the Hype Train!

      I am the creator of the /r/Illimat subreddit. It is barebones with not much of anything yet, please be patient as finding a person that will help with the CSS takes a while and trying to negotate a price also takes time. That said, if you do know CSS and would like to help with creating the visual overhaul of the subreddit, please contact me ASAP!

    24. Sky Ship Studios on

      Can't wait :) Just in time for some cold weather gaming!