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The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT 
A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
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Games to the US are on a boat!

Posted by Twogether Studios, LLC (Creator)

Greetings Backers & Friends!

Thanks for your patience with this month's update. Here are the bullet points:

  • There was an unexpected plant closure that delayed the shipment of the games.
  • The games to the US are now on a boat headed to our US fulfillment center and we expect to start shipping the last week of October.
  • We won't have specific ETAs for our containers to AUS, UK/Europe and CAN until they set sail from China next week. We'll add comments to this update when we have the shipment ETA's for those countries. 
  • If you need to update your shipping address or are one of the 500+ folks who have not confirmed your shipping address please follow the steps here. Last day to do so will be October 10th. 

For more details of the progress & process of the last month please check out our production blog below.


Jenn & Keith

Production Blog:

Four weeks ago I felt that much like Bobby from the Brady Bunch, I too had picked up a cursed idol bringing bad luck all around. 

Kat, our great and totally on-the- ball project manager at AdMagic let us know that the plant finishing up our games was shut down for mandated government upgrades & wouldn't reopen until most likely......maybe...Sept 15th.

I can't begin to describe to you my reaction to this news.

Each day/week during this time we worked with Shari & Kat from AdMagic to identify ways to reduce the impact as they tried to get in touch with the staff from the closed plant & pulled strings to help.

This is when I'm reminded once again that China is not a country that works the same way as my own. I may have been filled with rage when it was being explained to me, but from what I understand, some plants in China need upgrades to comply with statutes in US trade agreements. When one is identified to be upgraded, it gets shut down for as long as it takes to upgrade it with little to no warning. 

In the meantime, we had already set out on our Illimat preview road tour. Those few weeks of not knowing how long of a delay we would be incurring felt like months as we stared at the road each day- but meeting many of you at our events and seeing the overwhelmingly positive reception to the game made it worth it.

As of today, we've been traveling for 5+ weeks and have done 22 days of demo events. Keith & I will be very happy to get home soon but our dog will miss all the new smells every day and meeting new adoring people.

We'll be posting a short video series on our social media channels of some drink recipes these game cafes created themed on Illimat. Look for them starting the first week in November. We'll also be planning west coast dates soon.

As we use this portion of our updates to share nitty gritty details of the production process with you I would be amiss if I didn't say there's still many things that can possibly go wrong. It's because of this that many people only share when things are buttoned up & ready to go. Instead, we'll continue to update you with concrete information when we have it & share this process as transparently as possible. We ask that you help out our adrenal systems and send positive thoughts and affirmations for the precious games coming your way.

We won't be back in our basement & in front of our computers until next week so we might be delayed in responding to comments and questions while driving but we'll do the best we can. 

All the best



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    1. Twogether Studios, LLC 4-time creator on

      Hi Everyone- As promised, here are the estimated dates that Illimat will START shipping in countries other than the US.

      Australia & New Zealand: October 30th
      UK, Europe & Middle East: November 14th
      Canada: November 22nd

      We'll post all of these dates again in the October update coming out on Thursday.

    2. Drew Vogel

      Cannot wait to receive this long-awaited title.

    3. Jasper van der Meer

      Oy, the Dragoon ks just announced a four month delay due to AdMagic and what was probably the same plant closure that threw off Illimat. Lay Waste Games LLC is switching to Panda to finish their production run of the Dragoon Expansion. China is a very, very different place.

    4. Jasper van der Meer

      Thanks for the insight! China seems like a bad dragon ride, but they will win on cost almost every time. That makes sense.

    5. Twogether Studios, LLC 4-time creator on

      Jasper - This is such a great question for creators to ponder and a topic I think about so frequently that I could go on ad nauseam about.
      Manufacturing in the US is about double the cost per unit if you're making a game that's 90% paper and cardboard. The varied components in Illimat actually required us to do some heavy hunting last year for someone- anyone- who would do metal and fabric and cards and a heavy box- in total Illimat is made in about 5 different plants and then shipped in country for compilation. So for Illimat, It was make it in China or make it $70 retail. Our other game that we *just* sent to the printer is 100% cardboard and cards. although double the manufacturing costs we're printing it in Michigan because we want it available by the holidays. I love the supply chain meta game and learn something new all the time.

    6. Jasper van der Meer

      I'm laughing at the June estimated delivery date. Are U.S. printers/manufacturers so expensive to use? This isn't to sound snide. Understand, I just received a ks 18 months past estimated delivery. The blame was laid on Chinese manufacture, shipping from China, & a piss poor international fulfillment vendor, but I wonder at what point China is a source of false economy for production?

    7. Joel Alexander Dueck on

      Well, let's hope that boat headed to the US feels a draft...aft.

      (That's another Brady Bunch reference.)

    8. Missing avatar

      Alex Denham on

      Disappointed, but can't be helped. Thanks for the update.

    9. Streams

      Thanks for the update!... Nice to see the end of the journey in sight and the possibility of adding this game to the mix in Nov hopefully. I have some students who are interested in trying this new game out. I foresee this game being on the table quite a bit as it is more relaxed in nature compared to many of the other games we have.