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The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT 
A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
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July Update- Production Has Started!

Posted by Twogether Studios, LLC (Creator)

Hello Backers & Friends!

We’re unpacking a giant haul of great progress this month. As in our previous monthly updates we’ll provide the bullet points and further details on those points in our production blog below.

We received our pre-production copy of the core game including The Crane Wife Expansion, and many of the stretch goal goodies. There were a few things we asked to be tinkered with and AdMagic is turned around our requests very quickly. It’s a beautiful game and mass production has begun. The estimated date we will BEGIN shipping to you is September 25th. Read below for pictures and details.

The Captain's Illimat: The craftspeople at Wyrmwood have resolved some of the final design elements this past week and should be starting work on these soon. If you backed at this level, The Captain's Illimat will be sent directly to you from Wyrmwood ( if you confirmed your pledge and we have your address.) We expect these to start shipping in September. Check the design blog for videos of progress from Wyrmwood.

Records & Pins: Totes, poster, pins, and the record are coming from different manufacturers and are on track to arrive for fulfillment well in advance of the games. There, they will wait patiently for the games to arrive so we can ship everything together to you. This month, the record production has been completed and we’ve approved the proofs for all of the pins.

Art Show in Indy & Tour: Want to see some of Carson Ellis’ original concept pieces for Illimat or have a beer with us and learn to play? If you live near Indianapolis or plan to visit in August you are in luck! We’ve partnered with IndyMoca for a game inspired pop up show and event. Check out the details here.

Road Tour: The first leg of our US road tour will take us through the mid west and east coast. Our second leg will start sometime in October and take us down the west coast & through the south west. We’ll add events to the Illimat Facebook page as they are confirmed as well as call outs for hosts or recommendations in cities we’d love to visit- so please “like” the Illimat page to be in the know!

We partnered with our friend Angela Webber to launch a small Kickstarter today for a game that might add a little joy to your day. It's called Action Cats. 

Read on for the design blog details & pics!

Jenn & Keith 

Design Blog 

 Our one pre production copy arrived last week and It so beautiful that it was hard to let go of the sample copy to ship it to Carson Ellis & Colin Meloy for their review. The game box is thicker than standard with a linen finish that really lends itself to the design and color palette of the game.

This beauty.
This beauty.

The game board is printed on a mid weight cotton with bound edges. The thickness and texture of the material was important here so that the fine lines of the design would be clear and crisp. One issue we found that will be addressed in production was that the design was printed in white rather than cream white. We’ve been using white in the playtest sets but having the game board, cards, and center Illimat all using the same color palette is important to us. 

We were able to bring the pre-production copy with us to a convention in Connecticut last weekend and play it with a few backers. We just love the thickness of the cards and the linen finish compared to the playtest copy.

Stretch Goal Goodies
Stretch Goal Goodies

The September timeline for shipping is based on the time it will take for production, sea freight to the warehouses, then over road to the warehouses. There’s still a lot that could happen in all of those steps and we’re just neurotic enough to think about them every day. However, fingers crossed to start shipping in the US on around September 25th. The container going to Australia might get there sooner than the one in the US and the one to the UK a little longer- so keep watching this space for updates as we have them.

I really love that Wyrmwood (the artisans making the Captain's Illimat) communicates design updates to us in video form because it's so easy to share them with you. Here is a 10 second video they sent us demonstrating how each section of the board is magnetized and below on how they have made the center Illimat box for storage as well as a more elegant way to turn it. 

Amid all of this excitement we’ve launched a little kitten sized Kickstarter for a new game. Even though we have a ton going on we thought a game about making up stories about the secret world of cats was the light and fun moment many of us need these days. Angela Webber from The Doubleclicks is running the Kickstarter for us so that we can keep focused on getting Illimat out to you. 

Thanks Everyone!



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    1. Twogether Studios, LLC 4-time creator on

      HI @Streams- The Okus that come with the game are a little over 3/4 of an inch each. Those are manufactured by a separate plant so they were not in the proof.
      Your Okus plan sounds wonderful. The ones in the set are meant to get you started, but they are intended to be something that is personal to the player and that they add to the game. We did a demo at a local school in Portland and the kids picked it up very quickly. Theres some good logic, problem solving and simple math associated with the game. The rules for the team play in the Variants book would be great for the game club as well. Thanks for bringing Illimat into your school and we'd love to hear how it goes! -Jenn

    2. Streams

      Thank you very much for the update! It is much appreciated and I too love to hear production details as it is all a process of refining, reviewing, refining until the final product emerges in pristine form.

      I did notice that the okuses (okusi?) aren't in the photo. I am curious as to the size of them... I will be honest and had the idea of acquiring my own set of okuses for my copy of the game and decided on 4 (actually more) items from different countries/cultures (a stylized bishop chess piece from England, a wooden foo dog netsuke from Japan, a stone intricately carved curled up dragon from Ireland, and a "marble" Grecian statue bust... others are an old metal key, ancient worn Chinese coin, etc.) for players to choose to use as theirs in the game. These items are 2" on the longest side.

      Needless to say, I am really looking forward to introducing this game to the game group I facilitate at the school where I teach.

      Thanks again for your dedication on this product... I am sure it will look/be incredible and beautiful.


    3. Twogether Studios, LLC 4-time creator on

      Thank you @Proff. Plum! It does take quite a bit of time to summarize a month so it's great to hear it's well received. It's possible we need to increase frequency of updates as there's so much movement happening!

    4. ProfessorPlum on

      I really appreciate how much detail you put in the production blog! It's so great to learn this insight. Thank you for sharing and please keep it up!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Catherine D'Amato on

      Can't wait to receive my game. We played around Christmas. We had a convergence while we sailed through an Antarctic convergence. Loved the game. The spinny wheel looks so cool.

    6. Twogether Studios, LLC 4-time creator on

      HI @Isaac -You can change your shipping address now up until we make an announcement that address changes are closed ( a few weeks before we're ready to ship).
      Here is a link to the steps on how to change your shipping address:
      Thanks! Jenn

    7. Isaac Banner on

      If we're moving before the ship date, what's the best way to change our address?