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The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT 
A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
5,963 backers pledged $418,628 to help bring this project to life.

May Update

Posted by Twogether Studios, LLC (Creator)

Greetings backers and friends!

We’re in what I consider the most anxiety producing aspect of production- the waiting. This is the point in which most of the timelines and communication for the game are dependent on the factory in China. As reported in our earlier updates we have provided all of the game production files to our manufacturer and as of today all of the files were reviewed and approved by the plant but we’re still waiting on our digital proofs and physical proofs for production which enable us to get to the next milestone. We’re expecting our digital proofs for the game and expansion on Wednesday. Although our milestone progress chart has not changed since the last update, there have been multiple small steps accomplished. We’ve included a section below called “production blog” detailing some of our recent production process below for those who would like to know more.

Tell us your address/ Change your address 

 A big thank you to everyone who confirmed their pledge last month. We went from having 1300 unconfirmed backers to 815! If you still have not confirmed your address or need to change you can still do so right up until we’re close to shipping. All the how to information is in our last update here.

Those are our high level updates for the month. We'll make a small post as soon as we get our proofs so we can provide new delivery estimates. Continue reading below for an inside peek at production details.

Thank you! 


Production Blog 

 In the journey of getting a product to market there is an opportunity each week for it to be delayed or to keep the project on it’s rails. As the producer, I'm always looking for opportunities to head off potential issues at the pass. Concurrently, we’re all keeping an eye on the critical objectives- which is to make something you will be delighted with and that all of us working on the project feel proud and excited about. To give you some additional insight into our process I’d like to share two of the plates we kept spinning this month; Okus Tokens and our freight and fulfillment plan.

Okus Tokens 

After completing some requested edits from the factory on our 3D molds, our Okus Token molds are now being created. We’re making 8 different tokens and tooling for all of these molds for pre-production physical proofs take about a month to complete. Prior to submitting our 3D files, we made a few small changes to the designs in keeping with our primary objective. First, we decided to give the tokens an antique gold finish instead of a silver finish as it made them too close to looking like monopoly tokens. Secondly, we moved the bird token out of the core set and it’s now part of the Kickstarter backer bonus items along with an antique book. In it’s place, we added an antique chess pawn to the core game set. One of the reasons for this is that the antique chess piece felt more along with vein of many of the Okus tokens that backers shared pictures of- something a little worn and feeling as if it belonged to something else. We also felt that it gave the core set a little more of a “collected” feeling and was intriguing. The bird replaced the proposed cannon balls that were proposed for the kickstarter bonus. When we looked at cannon ball 3D models and at the scale we’re making these it just didn't stand up as well as our other choices.

Okus tokens included in Illimat- metal with antique gold finish aprox 3/4 of inch in size
Okus tokens included in Illimat- metal with antique gold finish aprox 3/4 of inch in size


 Shipping & Fulfillment Plan

 In our update last month we did a big push to get backers to confirm their addresses. Some of you asked why we were doing this as we are potentially months away from fulfilling your rewards. One reason for this was that getting the last 20% of your remaining backer addresses takes a long time and we wanted to get a jumpstart. Secondly, it allowed us to feel more confident in our shipping plan ( from the factory to our warehouses) and head off potential delays in fulfillment ( from the warehouses to your door). First, we needed to make sure we had enough backers in countries outside of the US to ship directly from China to warehouses in Canada, Australia, and the UK. There's a host of costs associated with splitting up our total print run, but if there is enough backers in these countries it hits a tipping point where it's worth it. Thanks to backers taking action, we were able to determine that we hit the tipping point that enabled us to ship       (factory to warehouse) to Canada, Australia, US, and the UK. This also gives us a chance to have product in these countries to sell after we fulfill Kickstarter backer rewards. In addition, we took the opportunity to do a test data extract to our fulfillment partners at Blackbox. They were able to make sure that our extract includes the data they need to pick and pack all of your items accurately and that the address formats follow best practices. Doing this prevents delays in fulfillment due to address format issues or errors in the rewards you receive due to bad information from us.

Those are details on just two of the spinning plates of production and getting Illimat on the streets. If you want us to continue to include a production blog of this level of detail as part of our updates- please let us know in the comments so we know this is something you’d like us to continue. Thank you all for your support of this project and your excitement for this game!





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    1. Twogether Studios, LLC 4-time creator on

      Hi everyone- this feedback is wonderful, thank you! Just a follow up from this post. I mentioned that we were expecting our digital proofs on Wednesday and would update then. As of this moment we still haven't received our digital proofs and I'm working with our manufacturer partners to get an ETA on delivery. Thanks! Jenn

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Tomasulo on

      This is the exact level of detail I prefer for Kickstarter updates.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Sippel on

      I really enjoy your detailed updates, thank you!

    4. Jesse Diego Perez on

      YES! I love detailed updates like this.

    5. Miles Taber on

      I'll add my voice to the chorus of enthusiasm for this kind of production update. Thank you! Keep it up!

    6. Streams

      Thanks for a meaningful update... love to hear the behind the curtain activity.

      About the chess piece okus... I was thinking more of a classic piece (was hoping for a rook or knight actually) and not an actual human form (pawn)... may have to learn about metal casting to produce my own once I see the set.

      Thanks again for the update.



    7. Missing avatar

      Jack R. Friedman on

      Yes! More production blog! I love to see this (wish all Kickstarters would do this ...).

    8. Bob Buechler

      Love the production blog. :) thanks for the update!

    9. Kevin Brost on

      Definitely loving the production blog, it's really cool seeing all the behind the scenes work. Progress updates are important but seeing how it comes together is more fun.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alex Haesche on

      Yes, more Production Blog!

    11. Jennifer C on

      You guys are killing it. Love all the behind the scenes in the production blog. More, please.

    12. Jaed on

      I'd like to continue seeing detailed updates like these.

    13. Kenneth M. Ewig on

      I love the detail that was in this update and would be happy to read more behind the scenes stuff like this if it's not too much trouble. Thanks for all you guys do!

    14. Matthew Tyler-Jones on

      I love the production diary. This is the sort of update I want in Kickstarter, rather than simply "we are/not shipping in x". To be honest I don't care when it ships (I do of corse care THAT it ships). By investing (and I use the word carefully) in the project, I feel part of the team that made it. Of course its you doing all the hard work. The production diary enhances that feeling and massages my ego.

      And I love the way the onus tokens are shaping up, especially now that my personal favourite, the misslethrush (yes I know it isn't a misslethrush), has become a KS exclusive. :)

    15. ProfessorPlum on

      Bruce Dickinson: "I got a fever, and the only pra-scription is mor--"

      Me: **interrupts Bruce and whispers in ear with hand cupped to hide face**

      THE Bruce Dickinson: "and the only pra-scription, is MORE Production blog!"

    16. Twogether Studios, LLC 4-time creator on

      @malater- In our instructions, we of course encourage folks to use their own personal Okus tokens. There are some variant rules about " ransom" but its courtesy to give a personal Okus back at the end of play. You are right, if you have everyone playing with a personal Okus Token it feels different than the tokens that come with the game. But you might not have everyone playing prepared with their own token to play with and even the act of picking a token that comes with the game is a way of identifying yourself with that object. The tokens that come with the game are essentially a "starter set"- some of these objects are small tokens that are related symbolically to themes in Decemberists songs except for the the bear tooth which is Carson Ellis' actual Okus Token.- Jenn

    17. Missing avatar


      Great to be kept in the loop as things develop!

      As an aside, something feels off to me regarding the okus tokens, and has since the game where the additional ones was played live. Aren't the tokens meant to be something of some value to the player? Something that can be lost in a game, but you don't want to lose? It feels like a bunch of doll-sized objects don't really fit that lore. . .

    18. Castor & Pollux Games on

      Plz keep them coming! Invaluable info for any of us who plan to kickstart our own game someday. Cheers!

    19. Cody Hess on

      I like it! It's cool to hear where things are at in the production process

    20. John W. Luther

      Thank you for the detailed updates!

    21. Twogether Studios, LLC 4-time creator on

      Thanks @Toby Craig- will do!

    22. Toby Craig

      Plus one for more production stories!

    23. Twogether Studios, LLC 4-time creator on

      @Jackson Whitley, @Jasonact, @Tom Stewart- thank you for your feedback. It's pretty wonderful to know that our day to day work of getting this made is interesting!

    24. Missing avatar

      Jackson Whitley on

      Yes, please keep up the detail. Love seeing every step of the way! It's honestly like waiting for a big holiday.

    25. Jason Martin

      Definitely include the production blog. It's part of what makes Kickstarter so much fun!

    26. Missing avatar

      Tom Stewart on

      Definitely appreciate the detail. Keep it up AFAIAC.