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The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT 
A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
5,963 backers pledged $418,628 to help bring this project to life.

February Progress Update

Posted by Twogether Studios, LLC (Creator)

Greetings Backers & Friends

Here’s our February Illimat progress update….

What we accomplished since our last update:

  • Our rules booklet is in final layout, thanks to the input from backers who really helped with some quality input and feedback on the most important first section. We’ve posted an image of one of the updated pages at the bottom of this update.

  • Colin & Keith completed the Kickstarter exclusive booklet Variants & Apocrypha and it too is in final layout.

  • Carson Ellis created and completed the artwork for the Kickstarter exclusive luminary card, The Audience

  • The 3D rendering for the okus token models is almost complete

  • The Illimat box design has been updated and the exterior card sleeve packaging completed. The design team at SMOG has done a wonderful job. The hand drawn font that Carson Ellis created really gives the game an old world look. Here’s a sneak peek:
Illiimat Box Front
Illiimat Box Front


Illimat Box Back
Illimat Box Back


Not everything was roses this past month, as January was a series of snow and ice storms in Portland. We’re not accustomed to getting much snow here, so there are few snow plows and everything shut down with actual school days in the single digits for the entire month. We’re still on track with getting Illimat shipped to you by June- but we’ve had to delay the delivery of The Crane Wife expansion to August. All other add on rewards ( pins, totebags, posters) are still on track for June shipment. 

812 ID Cards

We were hyped to get all these handmade cards out to you- but then we realized that many if not most of you will get challenges that require or are related to your copy of the game. It seemed silly to have this card and challenge sitting around for three months and not be able to do it. So, we will mail the ID cards in May closer to the time you will get your copy of Illimat.

Here's what the front of the ID cards look like
Here's what the front of the ID cards look like


Updated rules copy with placeholder illustration
Updated rules copy with placeholder illustration



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    1. Missing avatar

      Rich on

      @twogetherstudios - Watching the replay of team play with Jen's Full Harvest brings up a question: if you play multiple suits of court cards for that play, what determines which court card's season the field takes on?

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Tomasulo on

      Everything else looks really amazing, though. I don't mean to nit-pick.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Tomasulo on

      What is the box made of? My only real concern about using the box bottom alone as a centerpiece is that it seems like it would feel flimsy if it was a typical cardboard piece.

    4. Matthew Tyler-Jones on

      Ok, so now I get the references to the bottom box in the rules.

      I can't say I'm massively happy about the changed design. I liked the idea of the whole box (bottom and lid as the Illimat, partly because it's more rigid, and robots and also because I like the idea than nothing was "put to one side" during play. Now the lid is going to be off the cloth, and I remember my kids stepping on game lids and breaking them (they are old enough now that I shouldn't have to worry bout that, but still ...)

      I also liked that the outside of the box would have "Do not sew/harvest/stockpile" on the sides. Obviously, I understand that a box that says "Do not do the thing that this game is about" won't be brilliant on a shop shelf, but I like that there s game may have come from a time when they worried a little less about retail messaging.

      In fact as I write I'm getting more disappointed that although this is a little thing, it moves the game away from being the product that I backed.

      Please reconsider.

    5. ProfessorPlum on

      @Everyone who wishes they had been a part of the original 812 - we now know one of them: Jay E. has been unveiled as a member!!!!

    6. John Keel

      Everything is looking great! Quick question about the 812 cards: did you get everything worked out for those of us who first pledged at a luminary level so we could join the society and then had the levels change when we upgraded? I know you said you had gone back in and looked at everything, I just wanted to be sure. Thanks. I just can't wait to get this game!