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The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT 
A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
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The Captain's Illimat: Not an Add-On, Not $12

Posted by Twogether Studios, LLC (Creator)

In our previous update we said:

Today we’ve added a breathtaking deluxe wood version as well as an Illimat expansion at the Kickstarter exclusive price of $12+shipping that you can add onto your pledge.

This is the power of punctuation, as we meant to say "We've added a deluxe wood addition, as well as...". The Crane Wife EXPANSION is $12 + Shipping and can be added to any level. Use the "Manage" button by "You're a Backer" at the top right corner; select "Change your pledge"; add the appropriate amount; and confirm your pledge. 

The Captain's Illimat is NOT an add-on. It's a separate $675 level. We wish we could produce them for $12, but that is NOT the case. If you're an existing backer and want to switch your pledge, use the "Manage" button, select "Change your pledge", and select the Captain's Illimat level. 

Thank you, and sorry about the confusion. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Clarke on

      I go to 'View Pledge' but there is no option to add any additions even though I am being encouraged to do it now???

    2. Elizabeth on

      @Brad - The @creators have said it does not in the comment section.

    3. Brad Almond on

      Design question: Does the Crane Wife expansion pack fit nicely within the original Illimat box? Not a deal-breaker per se, but if so, that'd be pretty handy.

    4. Barb Bliss

      Why isn't this a stretch goal instead of an add on?

    5. Missing avatar

      Tom Stewart on

      Tee-hee! Yes, that was indeed how I initially read it, but immediately knew it couldn't be true. It *did* make me look at the video, though, which I probably wouldn't have if I knew right away it was $675. Maybe you could randomly give one to an ordinary pledger to make up for all the heartache.........

    6. Therese Totten

      Twogether Studios, just saw comment below. Thanks again! And yes, the power of punctuation.

    7. Therese Totten

      Thanks, and it's $14 for most of us for the $12 add-on plus shipping, $15 for other countries, correct? Not $12 only.

    8. Missing avatar

      Greg Weston

      Clarification achieved. Thanks very much.

    9. Campaign Coins

      If anyone ever offers you twelve dollars for a captaincy, check the hold for rats, plague or vampires before you sign anything.

    10. Twogether Studios, LLC 4-time creator on

      Sorry: it's $15 total for the EU; $14 total for US/CAN/UK/AUS/NZ.

    11. Missing avatar

      Erich Gercke on

      Way to build me up and then tear me back down, guys. Don't worry, I still love you all.

    12. Twogether Studios, LLC 4-time creator on

      @Greg- The prices we list on the add on slide of our campaign page include shipping.
      So to add on the expansion to an existing pledge and you live in US, Canada, UK, AUS, NZ- the shipping is an additional $2 bringing the total price of the add on to $14. If you live in the EU, the additional shipping is $5 bringing the added pledge amount to $17. Hope this provides some clarity!

    13. Missing avatar

      Greg Weston

      The Crane Wife expansion says $14 on the campaign page but $12 in the updates. Can you confirm which is correct?