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The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT 
A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players
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3000 Backer Stretch Goal Achieved!

Posted by Twogether Studios, LLC (Creator)

We made it! 

Thanks to your support, all backers who receive a copy of the game will also receive Variants & Apocrypha. This kickstarter-exclusive booklet includes alternate rules and ways to play Illimat, along with rumors, speculations, and outright lies about the history of this illustrious game written by Colin Meloy and Keith Baker! Who came up with the Full Harvest rule? What is the origin of the okus, and what are other ways to use these tokens? Learn the answer to these and many more questions you never knew you had when you receive your copy of Illimat!

Also: At 9 AM Pacific Time this morning - in two hours - Keith Baker and Jennifer Ellis will hold a live How To Play session for Illimat here on Kickstarter! Follow this link to learn to play! 


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    1. Matthew Tyler-Jones on

      Guys, your link is broken, you have a spurious space on the end which adds %20 to the http address. People can still connect if they copy and paste the address into the browser of their choice and delete those extra characters before hitting return.

    2. Paul Gillibrand

      I love this! Looking forward to reading about the mythos of the game.

    3. Therese Totten

      Hurray! Thanks! Suffering from the aftereffects of a debilitating migraine last night, so will see about making it to the live instructions!