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A completely unhinged fantasy adventure gamebook. Find the Bastard Elf a place to crash using two dice and your two rock-hard fists!
A completely unhinged fantasy adventure gamebook. Find the Bastard Elf a place to crash using two dice and your two rock-hard fists!
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June Update - 2018 edition

Posted by Hermit Skull (Creator)

Well, this should be the second last update before the book comes out. 

Illustrations: that's pretty much all I've been doing. Although I wanted to get them done a bit quicker I've been averaging one a day since the last update, which seems to be as fast as I can go.

 There's 27 illustrations to go as of today, about a month's work. And the card illustrations, all 180 of them. But I have a plan for dealing with those and I don't think they'll slow things down all that much.

 After the illustrations the next stage is a final play-testing session, adding the RPG scenario in and a final editing pass to make sure everything is in place. I've made a couple more adjustments to the rules - changing the starting stats and how escaping from combat works. From now on you can start with more than your maximum stats if they're particularly low (though you can't restore lost stat points until you're down below your maximums) and, unless the text says otherwise, escaping combat is now possible without receiving a punch in the face first.

 Once that's done the proofs for the book and cards go off to DriveThru, I wait on their initial print, OK it and I can mail out the DriveThru links so you can get your copy of the book in whatever format(s) you want. I'll also start mailing out the physical rewards just before I send the proofs to DriveThru so you'll probably get those at around the time the links are available. 

Backer faces

This is a last call for photos: if I've asked you for the picture you want in the book and you haven't sent it, then time's running out. I'm only missing a few so if you haven't heard from me I've almost certainly received yours. I'm going to send out another email after this one to the people I'm missing. If I don't hear back within a week (end of next Sunday) it's going to be too late because all the good pictures where there are heaps of villagers hanging are going to be drawn by then and it'll be a challenge to cram people into the remaining pictures.

While we're talking about the face in the book reward I may as well update you on that. I had about 90 backers who wanted to be in the book, and so far I've drawn 53 in. I've generally tried to draw people in places based on the style of the photo - the nice sensible portraits are mostly somewhere safe, doing something sensible, and the weirdos who are pulling faces or wearing costumes could be anywhere. With that said a bunch of people are, through no fault of their own, decapitated heads or ghosts or the like, and owing to technology and the various skin colours of the population of Nonce you might not be wearing the right kind of glasses or be the precise colour you are in real life, but you'll still have the certificate to prove that it's you to any doubters.  In any case any children or animals you sent me are safely out of harm's way and are mostly very similar to how they look in the photos so don't worry about that at least. 


Though I'm hoping otherwise there may be a slowdown due to jury duty, which I have starting tomorrow. I should be able to work in the evenings as usual but I lose the 3 hours I've been using in the mornings up until now. I should still be able to stick to the schedule if I leave the more complicated drawings to the weekends. I intend to use the time productively though - jurors do a lot of sitting around waiting for cases to start so I'll be drawing up all the item card illustrations on paper, ready to scan in at home.

Next update

The illustrations should be done, or at least very close to being done, and I should have a fairly precise date for when the book and rewards are going out. That'll be a last call for you to update your address on the backer survey, because the update after that is going to be the stuff going out and a probably a picture of me falling apart like the Bluesmobile at the end of The Blues Brothers.

Well, until then...

S. Iacob


H. Skull

Two-Fisted Fantasy

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