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A completely unhinged fantasy adventure gamebook. Find the Bastard Elf a place to crash using two dice and your two rock-hard fists!
A completely unhinged fantasy adventure gamebook. Find the Bastard Elf a place to crash using two dice and your two rock-hard fists!
A completely unhinged fantasy adventure gamebook. Find the Bastard Elf a place to crash using two dice and your two rock-hard fists!
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    1. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      PS the main illustrations aren't all full page and not all of them are very complicated so it's not as herculean a task as it sounds, just a bit difficult. Sorry again for the length of time this is taking, not a lot longer to go.

    2. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      Again all I can say is that I'm sorry for the length of time it's taking and thank you all for indulging me, hopefully in return you're going to get some enjoyment out of the tome that I'm about to inflict on the world. Feedback so far has been pretty positive and I'm looking forward to seeing people try to carry this book around.

    3. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      Hi James,

      Sorry this one's taking so long, I've just taken on a bit much with this project to get it done quickly. At the moment there are 50 main illustrations to go plus the card illustrations, I'm estimating mid or end July for completion. A final editing pass and formatting the print and play cards and then off to the publishers. Mid August would be a conservative guess for when it would be cleared for publication by DriveThru, at that time I'd also mail out the physical rewards.

      Probably the next stage is the art book and Bestiary and then the "DLC"/expansion once I get some feedback on what people are interested in expanding on (or not, I have some things to go on)

    4. James M.

      I've been reading the updates as they're posted and it sounds like things are moving along. However, it also sounds like we're not quite ready for production yet. Is there a rough timeline for completion and an estimate for when you think we'll get the books? I'm more than willing to wait for it to be done right and get the best product possible; I'm just trying to update my notes and expectations about when things will arrive. (I do this semi-regularly with all the Kickstaters I back.) Thanks!

    5. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      welp I broke the page, I'll get that fixed up in the next couple days. It's a bit outdated anyway :(

    6. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      Editing is still going, will be done in the next couple of days at the rate I'm going. By the weekend hope to show you the first layout of the book including the re-worked rules and full item list. Big update coming.

    7. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      Micro update: been fishing through the item list and getting my thoughts together for the endgame push. I also played the game through for the first time myself. Considering the amount you can do it's surprisingly fast and the bits I thought were a drag while I was writing them are pretty punchy mostly because I went for breadth over depth. I'm hoping this means it's a book that people will be happy to revisit at least a few times to dig the secrets out of it.

    8. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      Merry Christmas!

    9. Jordan Joestar on

      Merry Christmas! :)

    10. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      Hi David, it's good to stay on top of these projects. Hope you enjoy this one when it's done.

      Hi James, yes I think May/June is a reasonable target. I have gained a few extra hours a day to work on the illustrations which I will start in early January. At present I think the best thing would be to release the book and cards as quickly as possible before completing the Bestiary, art book and mini PC game, but the physical stuff will ship as soon as the book and cards are good to go. If I find I'm getting ahead of the May/June schedule I'll try to get everything out at one time to save on shipping costs for people who want to get the books printed as early as possible. I also wanted to include the game and all books on the USB stick along with the design notes and stuff but if it's not to be it's not to be.

      And sorry about the irregular updates, I can understand why you want them now even if there's not a lot to say. I'll be sure to do an update tonight and more regularly from now on. Once the illustrations start there will be a lot more to show so I will resume the video feeds as well.

      I hope once the book's done people will forgive the delay - it's more of a tome than a book now and has far more entries and will have more illustrations and items than originally promised.

    11. James M.

      Thanks for the updated approximate timeline. It sounds like you're aiming for the May/June area. Do you expect to release the components as they're done (e.g., book in May, extras in June), or is everything going to come at once when they're all finished? Just curious.

      I agree that delays can be annoying and no one really likes them, but sometimes you can't do anything about them and we get that. I think most backers are understanding and accepting of delays as long as they're communicated and we keep getting updates on the project, which I think you've been doing pretty well. FWIW, I like to get something about once a month post-campaign even if there's not much to say, just to keep the lines of communication open. If we get to 6+ weeks without news, I start to get a bit concerned about what's going on (if I remember it's been that long since the last update, that is). So like David, I will sometimes ping creators for updates if it's been a while and I'm looking for news. It doesn't mean I'm in a rush or anything, just wanting to be kept informed.

      And not for anything, but IMO 6+ months is a kind of long delay. It's not the worst I've personally seen, but most delayed projects that I've backed delivered within ~3 months. Most of the rest were within 6 months, and very few took (or will take) longer than that. So I consider up to 3 months fairly typical, but more than 6 months to be long. That's just my opinion from my experience though.

      Thanks again for the update.

    12. David W. Bauer

      Thank you Hermit! That’s all I wanted was a little poke to get some info. I am happy now. I just look back at some off my projects that haven’t been fulfilled yet and send out an inquiry. Looking for honest answers and I got one from you. Thanks again and am looking forward to this. I bought some other books in this quest style and have been playing them.

    13. Freshjazz on

      A delay of max 6 months is ok and pretty normal. It would be nice to stay within this time span.

    14. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      Thanks for the support but it's OK to be annoyed by late kickstarter projects. I'm annoying myself. But please rest assured that this will be done and it's not going dark - I have laid off the updates because they generally don't contain anything incredibly interesting (other than that I have completed such and such section) and because I've been hoping to present the draft of everything up to the end sequence very soon.

    15. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      Sure, I believe that the writing will be done by the end of this month and I'm doing everything I can to make that happen, including taking time off work to do it. I am hoping the art work will be done by the end of March and editing and layout should take about a month from there before it will be sent to the printing. Since this has taken so long I won't hold onto everything while I work on the extras like the Bestiary and art book so at least the book and cards will be done in May with the extras following in June. More on this when I get the update out but the reasons are more or less the extended illness I had early-mid last year and the ballooning size of this book.

    16. James M.

      @David: You say "coming up to a year" as if this project is a year late. It's not -- the original estimated delivery date was last month. And IIRC, we've known for some time now that it was going to be delayed. We've been getting updates pretty regularly, and progress is always being made. It's just going to take longer than expected to complete. I'm confident that we'll get what we backed for, but if possible, I would like to get a new estimate for delivery. Thanks!

    17. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      I'm doing the best I can, sorry for the delays. I'm finishing up some loose ends to get the game in a playable state before I get to illustrating but it's hard to get some of the pieces nailed down.

    18. David W. Bauer

      Coming up to a year!?!?! What’s going on? No updates? No game Book? Hello?

    19. David W. Bauer

      Waiting for this!

    20. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      This one is supposed to be a full playable version of the game missing only the end sequence but a couple of sections are being stubbornly hard to write!

    21. Missing avatar

      Tommy W on

      All your updates are good ;)

    22. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      Sorry for delay on the update: it's coming. I got nearly everything I wanted to done, but not quite. The next update will be good news.

    23. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      Haha yeah, it's kind of a slow burn

    24. Freshjazz on

      Yeahhhh ... sounds awesome.
      Btw am I the only one who's commenting ?! ^^

    25. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      Update coming at the end of this weekend. Working hard to bring you some good news.

    26. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      Hi Freshjazz
      I've been on holidays from the last update until last week, update shortly.

    27. Freshjazz on

      @hermit skull. Hey hey. It's been a month since your last update. Any news? Greetings

    28. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      didn't mean to post twice! Anyway, it'll be there and sorry for the slowdown on updates.

    29. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on


      Yeah coming up tomorrow night

    30. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on


      Yeah coming up tomorrow night

    31. Freshjazz on

      @hermit scull

      How about an update bruh?

    32. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      Thanks Jordan! Didn't see this until now. I hope you had a good one!

    33. Missing avatar

      Emma Miller on

      Well done!! Can't wait to see the finished book!

    34. Missing avatar

      Kevin Clifford on

      Good grief - £4700! Well done all. Congrats Mr Skull on a second funded book

    35. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      @Jordan: I'll post about it in the next update but because I can only send one survey I'll contact every backer via the Kickstarter messaging system and keep track of who's sent me their picture and the name they want in the book manually.

      @Cheong Ngai Mike : Thanks! It'll be out before you know it!

      @Volkan: Cheers!

      @Nicole: It really was. Well, I'd better get stuck in...

    36. Nicole Stanzini

      Congrats!! A good way to end! Totally can't wait till next year!! Work quickly, hahaha!!! <3

    37. Cheong Ngai Mike on

      Congratulations!! Can't wait to get it next year xD

    38. Jordan Joestar on

      pic*, excuse me for my not perfect english. XD

    39. Jordan Joestar on

      I have a question. I pledged for the 15£ tier and my face will be in the book. How and when we will be able to send a pick of our faces?

    40. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      @Jordan: Thanks!

    41. Jordan Joestar on

      Congratulations!!! �

    42. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      @Nicole: Thanks! It should be a lot of fun for anyone who likes gamebooks or unpleasant Elfs!

    43. Nicole Stanzini

      I'm really excited about this project!! I can't wait till you get it finished!!!

    44. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      @Kevin Thanks for stopping by, it was good to have you around while you were there! I posted as much of the image as I got done last night but for the final image it's going to be in the book :D

    45. kevin abbotts on

      great live stream, shame i couldn't see all of it but watched the remaining bit this morning on replay :) great work! hopefully you will be able to post the image as part of your next update :) good work!

    46. Hermit Skull 3-time creator on

      @Michael: It's not a dumb question. The pledge is for the PDF version of the book, cards (also the print and play version of these) and the bestiary supplement. Once the book's complete next year if you want a physical copy of any of these things you need to pay just the publisher's print cost for whatever format you want but there's no extra markup on top of that. While going through DriveThru in this way isn't the smoothest process in the world it has some advantages, mainly that it's cheaper and you can easily pick from a variety of formats.

      The items that I'm sending out in the post, covered by the shipping fee, are the Kickstarter exclusive stuff - custom dice, bookmarks, stickers and so on, plus the souvenir certificate if you have your picture in the book and the USB stick for some pledge levels.

    47. Michael Boucher

      Dumb question - if I understood this, I will not get a physical book, I will have to pay extra for DriveThru to print the book for me? However I will receive a physical copy of cards? Many thanks!

    48. Missing avatar

      Emma Miller on

      Great - stretch goal number 2!

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