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An open-world action adventure game set in a simulated world that does not belong to humans.
An open-world action adventure game set in a simulated world that does not belong to humans.
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June & July Recap – Foundations of Albamare

Posted by Twirlbound (Creator)

Time for a little summer recap! It’s been an incredibly hot summer here in the Netherlands, but we’ve been working harder than ever on Pine to fill the world with interesting areas, content and more.  

While we are having some unexpected delays in a piece of news we are dying to bring you, we can still show off many cool things we’ve been working on. Not a lot of gameplay, but still a lot of content!  

We’re chugging away towards important milestones, as we’re treading the road towards a solid beta. We’ve been working on the world (design, setdressing and layout), player mechanics, a huge questing system and more. Here are some highlights.

The entire island's terrain was improved

In order for things to look more natural, we’ve been updating everything from textures, the structure (models) and vegetation on our terrain. With a new shader technique the grass is faster than ever, adding lots of different types of vegetation in a breeze.

The Soggy Woodlands had a navigational pass

Alongside a stronger structural design and adding more mysterious architecture, we’ve been ensuring the swamps are a dense and interesting environment for both simulation and player activity. It houses one of the island’s Vaults and carries a lot of lore.

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A quick preview of the Vaults

We don’t want to spoil too much, but the Vaults are progressing well. We are prototyping their puzzles and gameplay before moving to visual development.

Spreading mysterious ruins across the island – what could they be?

Finding ruins across Albamare could mean anything. Can you find them all?

Worked more on villages

For villages, we’re adding more functionality in the form of new “role barracks”, where species pick up their roles for tasks that have to be done, as well as new eating and sleeping areas. Also, cloth physics! Also, species-specific fences!

Working on a new critter: the Bleeker

While slightly revamping our critter plan, we’ve been working on a really important one: the Bleeker. We were missing a tone of aggressiveness (as the game can’t rely on species giving you a good fight, based on affinities you have with them), so the Bleeker will bring some action to the fields, mountains and caves of Albamare.

We're working on our quest system

The last and arguably most important system of all is Pine’s questing system. It relies on all other systems and mechanics in the game and eventually adds the purpose and much of the story into the game. This has been a massive task that will continue to drag on across next milestones, but we are rounding up the basics.

On top of an existing node editor called xnode we built a system of custom operators and coordinators to guide the player and the simulation alike into situations that are filled with context and story. Much to do still, but the logic of starting and completing quests and states being saved as you do is getting there.

In addition to this, we’ve been working on a lot of player-side things that we’ll show as soon as possible. Stay tuned!  

As always, all feedback, questions and comments are welcome. Feel free to reach out in the comments below, through pine[at], on IndieDB, on Reddit, on our Discord server, Facebook or Twitter.  


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    1. Missing avatar

      mark wallace on

      Looks great guys, super excited to see this fully polished. Take your time with it, perfect your baby. :)

    2. Twirlbound Creator on

      @Shagz: Thank you! And good news: we've revamped our trigger system to something much more fun and unique. We'll show a bit of that soon, but no more pressure plate triggers!

    3. Shagz on

      I always judge the atmosphere of a game as a place I would want to be or that affects me in some way (should it be an adverse environment). I think you have captured that because everything looks awesome!!

      My only criticism, and it is minor, is the switches to what I imagine are doors in the vaults...I immediately thought Skyrim as they look very similar to those used in Skyrim. Since I want to wonder around in your world, Albamare, and not Skyrim again, consider maybe a different look/feel to them that is unique to the world you are creating and how the creatures in your world would interact with them. Of course, this is only a suggestion, so please feel free to disregard. :)

      Stay cool!

    4. Twirlbound Creator on

      Thanks all, lovely to hear! Heatwave is almost over indeed, but we'll be working regardless of the weather haha!

    5. Kai Kubicek

      Awesome! This looks really good guys, keep up the epic work, can't wait to play it!

    6. Tom van der Spek

      In one word: beautiful!
      Nog even doorbijten guys... de hittegolf is bijna voorbij!

    7. Mark-Ders on

      It all looks really good. The next few days we will see different weather, so I hope it will cool you guys off as well.
      Succes met de laatste loodjes :)