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An open-world action adventure game set in a simulated world that does not belong to humans.
An open-world action adventure game set in a simulated world that does not belong to humans.
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April Recap - From Village to Village

Posted by Twirlbound (Creator)

Hey backers!

Another monthly update! We have been more silent than ever this month, but only because we were working hard on so many things and didn’t find the time during the month. But we’re excited to tell you all about what happened now!  

The main focus of this month was a milestone deadline – the simulation alpha. Our goals were to:  

  • Get the simulation running on the whole island, both in simulation space (under the hood) and real space (which is in front of the player) 
  • Run that with seamless streaming of assets and organisms 
  • Finalize the infrastructure of the island, with all villages, roads and species’ navigation made possible 
  • Structure the first version of the economy on the island with different resources and foods in different regions, and with villages gathering and trading those 

Overall, we succeeded. The simulation is complex but clean system of villages, village goals, groups, roles and organisms. It takes a lot of time to test and analyze, but it’s cool to see it come to life. 

Villages have a bank and their leaders need to fill that bank 

To supply for their inhabitants, village chiefs send out groups to gather food and resources, or trading/scout/raid groups to get to that goal. That alone brings many concepts: leaders, groups, goals, banks and more. All of this has to be visualized and implemented, but we’re glad to have improved our village system and village commander systems a lot to make it happen. A lot of the following shows temporary assets!

Chiefs send out gatherer groups: 

Or traders! 

Sometimes trades go wrong... 

The bigger villages send guards with the traders, and they’ll usually come back with some good value: 

The village banks are created per species – here’s another look at them:

Worked on village structure and design 

Each village has an alarm bell, fences, tiers set up and more. This is all part of a vast system of nodes that get enabled when a village exists in a certain way. 

More blockout work on the island, revamping the Arid Canyon

In the attempt to connect the island better, we also revamped several areas to be better suited for the gameplay and make more sense naturally. One of such areas is the Arid Canyon, which is now one of our favorite areas! We redid all the materials, tweaked vegetation and more. 

Tools, and a new intern: Pavel! 

Pavel is helping the programming team and immediately started making himself useful by working on much-requested tools for the art and design team. One of such is a ‘fencing’ system with which we can more easily place connected meshes, such as fences: 

Also, a cool new water system allows us to make a procedural river mesh throughout wherever we need it, which is more flexible than before. 

The build that resulted for the milestone is giving us a lot of information – we’ve been making plans, testing and tweaking away ever since. The economy on such a scale is something very delicate and we’re making sure the experience is smooth and logical in all areas.  

Next, we're prototyping some last player mechanics and we'll be solidifying the simulation and the island's design. Exciting!

As always, all feedback, questions and comments are welcome. Feel free to reach out through here, pine[at], on IndieDB, on Reddit, on our Discord server, Facebook or Twitter.

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    1. Charles Brandon Adkins on

      far exceeding expectations!
      love the direction and style!

    2. Twirlbound Creator on

      Thanks all!

      @Tomas: thanks for the good feedback! We'll look into that, thanks for the great reference. The main issue with the tail is that we'd love it to respond to movement, but it's too heavy with all the Krockers moving around, so we're animating them with the rest. But even then your comment is very valid, we'll have a look!

      @Kevin: We hope so too - this just requires a lot of testing and making sure our systems are readable, tweakable and consistent. We're trying our best!

    3. Missing avatar

      Austin on

      Exciting stuff. I cannot wait to play this.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tomas Gradin on

      The wagging of the tails looks a bit off, I think the tip is flying around too much. It looks like the tail is acting rather than reacting.

      Compare with these two:

      Everything else looks great though!

    5. Kevin on

      Amazing. I am reminded of how players literally break everything. I hope all this can survive them.

    6. Collin Gowdy on

      Wow this is a HUGE update! I can't wait to just observe a lot of these village interactions (and exploit them)! I love the autonomy you guys are implementing in this! Keep up the amazing work!