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An open-world action adventure game set in a simulated world that does not belong to humans.
An open-world action adventure game set in a simulated world that does not belong to humans.
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December & January Recap - Simulating Roles

Posted by Twirlbound (Creator)

Hi there, dear backers!

A lot happens in two months! Not only did the year change, we made a lot of good progress in Pine. As usual, in 2018 we’ll keep you up to date with what we’re doing – here’s what we did in December and January!

We launched the Fall Demo to Falconer tier backers and up!

Mid-December we thought it was finally time to fling the latest build of Pine into the world and gather some feedback. Feedback we got – you wrote over 30 full pages (!) of feedback for us on trading, movement, combat and more. Thanks so much for that!


We’re also really glad that pretty much all testers really liked it – more than we expected! It sure has some rough edges, but traversing the world, exploring and gathering seemed to be good for everyone. We got a lot of positive comments on trading, while combat was definitely roughest with a lot of amazing feedback in that area. Time to work on that some more soon!

Swimming across Albamare

An important part of traversal was still missing from the demo, and that’s swimming! To prove that it’s coming, check out this cool swimming animation.


The main quest was laid out, with some character work already done

We’re getting really pumped about the main story of Pine, which guides you through the island and gives you a real purpose to spend enough time with the species you want to appeal to. There’s also a bunch of characters you meet – one of which sits on these Alpafants, fully packed:


The dunes have been blocked out and shaped

The Dry Bay, Arid Canyon and Dusty Springs are important areas on the Eastern side of Albamare. It’s a bit dry, but still a very fruitful area for completely different types of vegetation and food. Check out some progress:




Roles and Goal Oriented Action Planning

By FAR the biggest task of the past two months is a really important one to highlight. It’s an ongoing process, but definitely at the core of the game. We decided to revamp the way we think about our simulation and implement a system often seen in bigger games – goal oriented action planning. It’s a structure of algorithms that decides the species’ actions in the simulation, while allowing for interruptions and different ways of execution.


For Pine, it’s an extremely efficient and solid base for guiding all these organisms to a goal through several sensible actions.

To match this system with a sensible design, we looked more into something we call roles. Organisms of a tribe will have a role, something to do for the tribe, which they pick up at their chief’s house. Once the role is collected, they perform whatever it is they have to do. We want that to be very visible to players, so we’re creating outfits and animations that match their roles. Here’s a Litter-trader:


Here’s a scouting Cariblin:


To ensure this system works well for a lot of organisms, we’re loading everything asynchronously, which basically means some organisms will be waiting/queued while others already start their tasks. Because this is Pine, we’re visualizing that too – species could be thinking about their next actions!


Lastly, progress has been made on the Gobbledew!

We’re getting very happy with Albamare’s latest species, which you named during the Kickstarter! We’ve done a lot of iterations, and constantly looked at their backstory – as we have one for every species – and ended up with a Greek/Egyptian Aristocrat style for their appearance and architecture. Check it out!



We’re currently working towards more important updates, including another new species, a long-awaited update on the Human character and a production update – more on that soon! For now, we’ll go back to dev-ing away on Albamare. It’s shaping up to become quite special indeed.

As always, all feedback, questions and comments are welcome. Feel free to reach out through Kickstarter, pine[at], on IndieDB, on Reddit, on our Discord server, Facebook or Twitter.


The Pine team

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    1. Twirlbound Creator on

      Thanks all! @Leewelo, very good point! Luckily we've considered that in time and it should work. We're doing more animation tests soon and will let you know!

    2. Leewelo Lorekeeper

      Great update as always.
      I'm not sure gobbledew would be comfortable on stairs if their legs are articulate like most birds/poultry. Are they hopping up the steps? (but then they woud need larger steps).

    3. Vojtěch Civáň on

      There is only one thing missing - giant kiwi bird we can ride on!
      But seriously, can't wait =) just feel bad for not picking a higher tier :( was without money back then

    4. Twirlbound Creator on

      Thanks all, and we agree with you too! If we notice we're going too fast on something or we can't exactly finish something the way we envisioned it, we'll try to take a step back and take a bit longer. But not without letting you all know of course!

    5. Tom van der Spek

      A wonderful update! And I agree totally with Andreas Trageser. Better a perfect game released later than planned, than a not totally finished game with a lot of bugs delivered on time.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      Looks all wunderbar. I still hope that you not rush things too much just to keep a release date.
      Sure, having a deadline is important to stay focused. But please take your time for doing things right and well.

    7. Vorundor Do'Urden on

      I always enjoy your updates and I am very excited to get to play Pine, soon! :)