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My book will allow every parent to bring home fairy magic so children won't have to ask if fairies are real. They'll already believe.

Ever since I was a tiny little fairy, I have dreamed of magic, wonder, and a world where the impossible is brought to life.

Well, that and having my very own unicorn =)

I live my dream each weekend by appearing throughout the United States at Renaissance Festivals, listening to soft voices meekly ask their parents, "is she a real fairy?".  Though I can't speak at festivals, through the magic of the internet, I can finally answer them with messages sent in email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and now Kickstarter with a resounding "YES!" … followed by an appropriately-timed, friendly glitterbomb =)

The purpose of my fundraising project is to cover the costs of producing my new children's book. This includes printing, graphic design, travel costs, underwater photo equipment, a massive quantity of seaweed, sea shells, and of course a fairy to mermaid transformation kit. I've been working hard all summer to get the images shot, and have put everything I've got into it. 

That's where you come in. 

Normally, at this point, I would take on a bunch of debt to get as many books printed as I could afford. Then, spend months or years trying to make my money back and pay off the debt.

Kickstarter allows supporters like you to pledge an amount that will help fund production of the book as a pre-sale. Depending on your pledge amount, you will be given a reward for your pledge. This is not a donation, you will actually get some glitterrific rewards for helping make my dream come true!

And it's all or nothing. If the project goal is not met, everyone's money is refunded and the project will not move forward.

My newest book will allow every parent to invite fairy magic into their home, so little girls and boys will never again ask "Are fairies real?". They'll already believe. 

This new book tracks the adventure and mishaps of a fairy and  mermaid who think it would be so much easier to be the other person. After switching places, it becomes abundantly clear that both have their own unique challenges. For instance, do you have any idea how difficult it is to get sea weed untangles from your hair when you've been swimming carefree for hours?

The book will be a story in words, photographs, and illustrations that both children and adults will enjoy. It will be full color, hardcover, and roughly 32 pages. And there's an excellent chance it will be covered in fairy dust =)

Did I mention there will be mermaids?

And fairies underwater?

I'm so excited to share everything with you all!

You'll receive your reward for your contribution level AND all the gifts for the levels below your contribution level.

The funds raised here will be used to travel to a few magical locations to shoot photos for the book, complete the photo editing and illustrations, manufacture the books and other rewards, and of course the cost of shipping.

Thank you SO MUCH for your consideration!  I would glitterally be nothing without the support of my fans -- lifelong and new! =)

<3 Twig



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    Fairy sized contributions welcome. Every little bit helps! =)

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    Receive a "Thank You" postcard with a special note from Twig thanking you for your contribution. When it arrives, it just may happen to rub some fairy dust against the bills in your mailbox and make them disappear =)

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    Receive a 2012, 13 Month Wall Calendar that includes special fairy holidays such as Fairy Flight School, Bruise Appreciation Day, and Lost Socks Day. The only way to fit all the holidays in was to add a 13th month =)

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    Receive a signed copy of the Twig the Fairy's latest children's storybook and special commemorative Twig the Fairy "contributor" coin.

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    Producer Credit Pack: You or a friend of your choice will be listed on the book's credit page as a glitterrific producer. Studies have shown that this contribution level makes a great gift for very manly, grumpy bosses =)

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    Everything above, plus a mind-blowingly awesome, never-before-released, Twig the Fairy surprise.

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    Fairy Moods Contributors Pack: (a) Receive a 12 pack of mood magnets for your fridge, locker, file cabinet, or other assorted metal sheets in your life (b) PLUS, 5 copies of the book will be donated on your behalf directly to the Library, Children's Hospital, or other organization of your choice

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    Executive Glitter Producer Credit & Assorted Twig Pack: (a) Extraordinary Glitter Producer credit in the book for you or a friend (b) A pack of 10 copies of the book sent to you (c) a large, durable, ceramic, dishwasher-safe, coffee mug with Twig's smiling face on it (caffeinated beverage recommended, but not included) (d) a one-of-a-kind sculpture from Twig the Fairy's collection of Knots, sample seen here:

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    Receive a one-of-a-kind pair of Twig the Fairy custom made fairy wings.

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    Everything above, plus a super glitterrific fairy photo shoot with Twig the Fairy in the city she's performing in. (Or a city of your choice, flights and hotel must be covered for 2 people (please allow time for scheduling)). Please send a message or see if you're not familiar with Twig's performance schedule in your city.

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    Twig will travel to and appear anywhere in the United States for a 90 minute appearance and custom photo shoot with you (schedule permitting). You'll receive all the digital images and a customized photo book of moments captured during the event … plus 50 copies of Twig's storybook. Studies have shown that this makes a hilarious gift for manly, grumpy bosses =)

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