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"The Ratio" - A short film's video poster

A short film by two graduating film students to serve as their senior project. Read more

Norfolk, VA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on February 1, 2011.

A short film by two graduating film students to serve as their senior project.

Norfolk, VA Shorts
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About this project

Directed by Jordan Imhoff
Written by Derrick Collins & Jordan Imhoff
Produced by T.K. Cibene & Lauren Leak
Director of Photography ~ Austin Burnette
Editor ~ Derrick Collins

"In The Ratio, our protagonist, James, has a theory, that in order to have a chance at finding a girl in this world, he must achieve a ratio of three girls to one guy in any given situation or scenario (as to give him the upper hand). Through a miscommunicated “the Birds and the Bees” talk, as well as years of practice, James has developed varying strategies as to how he can achieve this ratio at any given time. However, when a certain girl (Kaylee) enters James' life, his whole theory is challenged. How will all of this play out for James? Find out by pledging and showing your support for The Ratio!"
- Jordan Imhoff, director

"Because this is a student film, everyone is involved on a strictly volunteer basis. Through pledging your support to this film, we will be able to provide our hardworking cast and crew with food on set, reimburse them for gas, and obtain our beautiful locations. This is a 10 page script written by the director, Jordan Imhoff, and editor, Derrick Collins, and is serving as their senior project so we want to be able to create the best product possible. This can only happen if we are supported financially."
- T.K. Cibene and Lauren Leak, producers

View Derrick Collins' Demo Reel -

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