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Turf is a free location based iOS game set in the real world where you hang out with friends, amass gold coins, & collect properties.
Created by

Michael Tseng

185 backers pledged $17,375 to help bring this project to life.

A Landmark Landmark

Nanoo Nanoo Turf Geographers,

We're nearly 24 hours from the finish line. Apologies for the lull in the updates and festivities. The programmer and myself have started the process of stirring the beast! We've taken to poking it with sticks.

As an update before the grand finale I wanted to reveal one of our $1000+ pledges. As you may know, for pledges at this level we'll be creating custom in game landmarks which are rare, beautiful, majestic creatures in their own regard. Landmarks will have unique game mechanics and may grant special rewards for visiting them.

One of the first landmarks to appear in Turf will be the Pepsi Cola sign in NYC. To be exact, this wonderful beacon of cheer resides across the river in Long Island City. Taking a walk across the water will yield a magical trophy of great power. We at the Turf Geography Club would like to salute Pepsi for their foresight in supporting our fledgling project.

Thank you all for your support and well wishes. We're working hard to make a game that will be off the charts fun! Live long and prosper!

Michael Tseng


    1. Creator Kyle Fletcher on May 18, 2011

      This is dope. Congrats!

    2. Creator Walter Chen on May 18, 2011

      sick. i'm going to go drink more pepsi now.