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Turf is a free location based iOS game set in the real world where you hang out with friends, amass gold coins, & collect properties.
Turf is a free location based iOS game set in the real world where you hang out with friends, amass gold coins, & collect properties.
185 backers pledged $17,375 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jeremy Krantz on

      I miss this app :(

    2. Martin Rix on

      Pledged 50, still no physical reward.
      Guessing I should give up hope on an Android version too.

    3. Ben Hoffman on

      Did anyone get a tshirt for xmas?

    4. Michael Tseng Creator on

      I'm sending stuff out for xmas. I'm so sorry this has been such a slow process.

      App is live on itunes.

    5. Ben Hoffman on

      Has anyone gotten their t-shirt yet? Is this app live?

    6. Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi

      Hi Machael any new updates on this project?

      Kickstarter is now more popular than 1 year ago. If you need more funds try to make another capaign, the important thing is that you reach the release.


    7. Jeremy Krantz on

      It has been over a year since you've been funded :-)

      Any updates? You haven't posted anything in a while Michael

    8. Michael Tseng Creator on

      Also wanted to mention that the building of Turf has been a much greater undertaking than originally anticipated. We promise you'll be thrilled with the result once launched.

    9. Michael Tseng Creator on

      Hey Lordlupus,

      We're really sorry that we've been so silent lately. We're on the verge of our release. There'll be some massive updates very soon We're launching this month for sure.


    10. Lordlupus on

      Is there any update? It is going to be one year wait soon...

    11. Jeremy Krantz on

      Nope you won't apparently :/

    12. Michael Tseng Creator on

      !!!!!!! WILL WE MAKE IT!!

    13. Jeremy Krantz on

      It's almost April!!!!! :D

    14. Sam Crocker on

      @Jeremy just to reassure you that the ball is definitely moving (I was worried about lack of updates as well) - The alpha is now live, I can confirm that the reward has been delivered as promised... and the game is looking slick as helllll :)

    15. Michael Tseng Creator on

      just extremely busy trying to get the app done by march

    16. Jeremy Krantz on

      No updates in almost 2 months - what's going on? How is it shaping up?

    17. Michael Tseng Creator on

      Things are going great!

    18. Jeremy Krantz on

      No updates on the site, Twitter or Dribble in a while - how's the project going?

    19. Jeremy Krantz on

      Long time no updates - how's the project coming along? :)

    20. Kyle Fletcher on

      When do we get our cool shirts?

    21. BravadoWaffle on

      Woohoo! I'm stoked! Can't wait to play it!

      If your backers are feeling like they need another awesome project to support, might I humbly suggest our own Kickstarter campaign for a multiplayer tactical strategy game RoboArena:

    22. Michael Tseng Creator on

      We started development on monday and are aiming for a launch 6 months from now!

    23. Missing avatar

      Ben Ben on

      When is the expected/tentative release date for Turf?

    24. Michael Tseng Creator on

      Where there is GPS there will be Turf!

    25. Caleb Trotz on

      Just a quick question, will this be NYC buildings only?

    26. Caleb Trotz on

      Awesome! I can't wait for my t-shirt :)!

    27. Seth Trotz on

      Score! Anybody catch exactly when it passed 100%?

    28. Michael Tseng Creator on

      I know! I'm awesome. High five!

    29. Tabby Rose on

      Holy crap, checked this at lunch and it was ~6000 and jumped to over 11,000 by bedtime! You rock! I REALLY hope this project makes it! Good luck!!!

    30. Dan Storch on

      So psyched for this!

    31. Michael Tseng Creator on

      Hey Brad, the plan is to go iPhone first then hit the android after. I wish I could do both at the same time :(

    32. Brad Oskowski on

      Looks like a great project, I pledged. Now would there be the possibility that this could come to Android phones? I, sadly, don't have an iPhone.

    33. Michael Tseng Creator on

      If the goal is met then I plan to have the app on the itunes app store within 6-8 months.

    34. Jeremy Tan on

      If you reach your goal do you have an ETA?

    35. Michael Tseng Creator on

      Hello Tabby,

      Yes it will :)

    36. Tabby Rose on

      My bf and I would like to support... just waiting for his CC to have funds available :x

      Just to be sure, this will be available for players in Canada, yes?

    37. Michael Tseng Creator on

      Oh heck ya. That will be a lot of fun! Don't forget to tell all your friends about turf. I need quite a bit more support to make this dream happen!

    38. Jeremy Tan on

      Okay sweet. I mean if you guys get big enough to have more employees you should definitely allow interactions inside properties cuz that would make the game insane.

    39. Michael Tseng Creator on

      People will buy properties from under you if you don't do things to ensure that your things places are secure. Actually running a retail store is awesome. I don't think that will make it into the first round but perhaps a couple phases down the road. :)

    40. Jeremy Tan on

      WIll people be able to make offers for your properties? And will certain properties be able to do certain things? i.e. You own an apple store and people can buy computers and items for themselves and people can offer to buy the property from you and run the store? That would be amazing.

    41. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    42. Michael Tseng Creator on



    43. Luke Rom on

      Will I be able to not apply myself? Perhaps live in a dumpster?
      You're gonna be _______, Michael. Fill that in however you like.
      Turf is really awesome.

    44. Brice Webster on

      Sweet, thanks for the quick reply and I can't wait to get the game.

    45. Michael Tseng Creator on

      Hey Jr Geographer Brice,
      Yes you will get all of the wicked sick virtual rewards when the app is released on android. It's actually tied to your account so if you were to log in with an iphone you would have the items already.

    46. Brice Webster on

      I was thinking of donating at the $50 range but I was wondering since I don't have an iphone but I do have a android phone, if when you do release the android version could I get all the cool in-game stuff for the android release? If so then I will definitely back this.

    47. Paul Asselin on

      Sorry, I missed the question bit, thank you

    48. Paul Asselin on

      This looks really promising,
      I had one question, what device will be supported?
      Perhaps this has been answered somewhere else, sorry if that is the case.

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