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We are a group of students taking two Sam Shepard One-Acts to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our Kickstarter goal of $2,400 is a very small portion of the money needed to fully fund our roundtrip airfare and production expenses. Donations above and beyond this amount would be a gigantic help! UPDATE: As outlined in our most recent "Update", donations are tax deductible under section 501(c)(3), as we are an educational organization.

Kilts? Haggis? Bagpipes? SIGN US UP!
Hello, World! As a part of Tufts University’s Largest Performing Arts Organization, the 11 of us are bringing a coupla Sam Shepard plays across the Atlantic for a two week stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! While our bake sales and grilled cheese fundraisers have been a delicious success (words of wisdom: where there is food, the college students will flock), they haven’t exactly raked in the big bucks. So, we’re doing this Obama style by putting our faith in small (or large – we won’t discriminate) donations. Good lads, we’re enlisting your help! So please, help us fulfill our lifelong dream of befriending the Loch Ness Monster! Send us abroad by contributing some cash money to our cause!

Pen, Paint, and Pretzels (3Ps), a student-run theater group, is the oldest student organization at Tufts University. As a part of our 100th year celebration, we hope to take 3Ps abroad this August to present two Sam Shepard plays, Icarus’s Mother and Red Cross, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 3Ps has brought quality productions to the Tufts community since 1910, but it has been over a decade since we have sent a production abroad, and no Tufts show has ever gone to the Fringe Festival. Our fundraising efforts have been relatively successful thus far--securing rights, a venue, and a place to live--but we need some help to give our little project wings (literally!). Our cast and crew were selected without regard for their ability to contribute monetarily in the spirit of producing the best theater possible. While this has created an amazing show that we have successfully performed twice to date, it has also left us a few dollars short of what we need to make this project a reality. With the fundraising that we have already accomplished, we have been able to reduce the cost of airfare for each member of the project to $400. We just need to make that final push to achieve our financial goal. At a minimum, we are seeking to be able to further subsidize the cost of airfare to make the trip more affordable, though there is truly no limit to the amount of funding that could be helpful.

"Sam is more interested in doing something to audiences than in saying something to them, and what he wants to do has no relationship to the purging of emotions through identification or total involvement. It is more like the way changing a room's temperature does something to the people in it." -Jacques Levy

This kind of theater is a challenge for me--I love finding meaning, searching for connections, and making a point. I usually think of theater as a teaching tool or an implement for social change. But when the point is lowering the temperature a few degrees, just enough so that you feel uncomfortable, so that you need a sweater, so that your body has to work for some sort of equilibrium, then it is in fact this kind of theater that viscerally unsettles and physically changes those who watch it. -Sarah Ullman, '10

Thanks for your support!

Zoe Marmer ('13)
Braden Pierce ('11)
Joe Pikowski ('10)
Logan Reed ('11)
Rachel Shoenbrun ('13)

Production Staff
Producer: Jeff Ryder ('12)
Director: Sarah Ullman ('10)
Stage Manger: Molly Clarke ('11)
Set/Sound Design: Kyle Paoletta ('12)
Costume Design: Ruthie Neumeier ('11)
Lighting Design: Jeremy Guterl ('11)


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