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An unprecedented effort to capture a photograph from every mile of the Arizona-Mexico border — all 373.5 of them.
An unprecedented effort to capture a photograph from every mile of the Arizona-Mexico border — all 373.5 of them.
215 backers pledged $13,648 to help bring this project to life.

Panorama is now 140% funded, thanks to 101 backers

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Update, Tuesday

We've hit 140 percent of our goal, thanks to 101 backers who have invested in great journalism, and backed our Kickstarter for "Panorama de la línea: Photographing the entire Arizona-Mexico border."

We're deeply grateful to:

  • Cinda Gaynor
  • Samuel Taber McNeil
  • Fernanda Santos
  • Edna Gray
  • Jaymee
  • Anonymous
  • Leslie-Jean Thornton
  • Lila LaHood
  • Rick Hale
  • Tom Evans
  • Douglas L. Pearson
  • Steve Beatty
  • Jan Schwartz and Judith McDaniel
  • ashwin
  • Jeannine Relly
  • Tracey Leonard
  • Ana Portela
  • Donna Somma
  • Maria Arango Diener
  • Ralph Kayser
  • Laura Ann Herman
  • Deirdre Stoelzle Graves
  • Connie Lagneaux
  • Paul Ingram
  • Paul Koerber
  • Julie Swoope
  • Matt Kurz
  • John Haywood
  • Matt Russell
  • Toni Press-Coffman
  • Lisa Healey
  • Ken Martin
  • Brandon Williams
  • Janet Munchak
  • BoardSeat LLC
  • Jay Allred
  • David Schweikart
  • Justin Jones
  • Ivana Ivkovic Kelley
  • tom farrell
  • Matt Kopec
  • Matthew Royal
  • Brian Connors
  • Rick Pawell
  • Anonymous
  • Michael Jarrett Bennett
  • Donald McCready
  • Christopher Xavier Lozano
  • Johnny M
  • Chad Puclowski
  • Deborah Mayaan
  • Hereticked
  • Susan Delaney
  • Simon Donovan
  • mieke
  • Susan
  • Forrest Carr
  • Nina Trasoff
  • Mary Bouley
  • Simon Rosenblatt
  • Ted Robbins
  • Kenneth W Jacobs
  • Mort Rosenblum
  • Dan Dakotas
  • Donna Gratehouse
  • Alma Hernandez
  • James Parks
  • chase pashkowich
  • Kent Walker
  • Tieg Zaharia
  • David Gallagher
  • John and Korri
  • Joshua Pearson
  • Andrea Sturzen
  • Axhel Munoz
  • Kristel Foster
  • Tammy Allen
  • Kilian Metcalf
  • Glenn Oland
  • Peg Smith
  • Mickie
  • Joel Smith
  • Becky Pallack
  • Susan Price Smith Yager
  • Janet Marcotte
  • Anna Mirocha
  • James Turnbull
  • Jim Schmidt
  • Michael McNulty
  • Jean Vickers
  • Brandon Quester
  • Matthew Nadler
  • Mike Ingram
  • Steve Myers
  • David Sewell
  • Sharlene Klein
  • Tom Trewinnard
  • Brian Wheeler
  • Cecilia Valenzuela Gee
  • Lisa Bunker
  • Linda Ray

If you're among these supporters, thank you so much. If you haven't yet pledged your support for Panorama, please back us today.

Your support can be doubled or more when we meet our challenge grants. We need to recruit another 99 backers, and raise at least another $1,300, to trigger two matching challenges. With your help, we can get there.

Photo by Parker Haeg
Photo by Parker Haeg

We were fully funded in just two weeks, but we've got another two weeks left in our Kickstarter, so we're announcing new stretch goals for Panorama de la línea.

We’re also sweetening the pot with expanded rewards for our Kickstarter backers. Increasing our backing will allow us to expand the scope of our project, and the depth of our investigative work, and bring it to even more people.

The more support we have, the more extensive we can make our project. With increased funding, the more reporting trips we can make, the more border residents we can interview, the more photographs we can publish, the more books we can print and more data investigations we can do.


We'll be able to undertake even more reporting trips to remote areas, improve our video equipment, and expand the number of people we interview. If we hit a stretch target of $8,300, we'll even have the opportunity to add more journalists to our amazing team of reporters and photographers.

Photo by Parker Haeg
Photo by Parker Haeg

Matching challenges

Here's what we need to do to make that happen:

If we hit $8,300, A GENEROUS DONOR WILL MATCH $2,000 IN CONTRIBUTIONS DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR, bumping our total over $10K — twice our base goal!

Plus, if we have at least 200 INDIVIDUAL BACKERS, THAT ENTHUSIASTIC DONOR WILL KICK IN ANOTHER $1,000 to the total.

And here's the real kicker — if we really put the crowd in crowd-funding and double that target by raising $23,000 total via this Kickstarter, that would TRIGGER A $35,000 MATCHING GRANT to from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation!

So pledge today and help put us over the top!

If we hit the stretch goal of $8,300 (which will mean a quick bump to $10,300, thanks to a generous challenge match), then all of our eligible backers will receive the additional rewards. If not, then there's nothing to risk. As we're already fully funded, we're moving ahead with the project and our backers will each receive the reward they've already qualified for. With these stretch goals, we're working to make Panorama even more wide-ranging — with your help, we can do just that.

200 backers

If 200 or more people back Panorama, we'll see a $1,000 addition to our total, thanks to a challenge from a supporter.

Plus, if we hit that target, we'll make sure that everyone who pledges at the $10 level or above can download the e-book of the project.

Photo by Parker Haeg
Photo by Parker Haeg

Spread the word!

We're fully funded, but we've got ambitious stretch goals and a very generous set of matching challenges to meet. If you haven't kicked in yet, you still can. Our initial goal was very conservative — now we can expand our project with your help.

If you are already a backer, we could still use your help — encourage your friends, family and colleagues to pledge, even if it's just $5.

Click here to share on Facebook and invite people to join you in supporting us.

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Copy this link into an email, and send it to friends and family who will appreciate Panorama:

On behalf of the entire Panorama team, thank you so much!

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