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2-6 Players Cards & Die Game. Minimum 45 Minutes Fun Time.
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Game Story

The Space Queen’s daughter - “The Pacifier” - has accidentally entered earth’s air space.  Her ship was shot down by our combined forces and she was taken prisoner.

The Space Queen launches an invasion against Earth to get her baby back. And this is where you come in... you are Earth’s last great defense.

How to Play

Each player starts with 4 resource cards. The goal is to collect more resources but certain action cards played by other players can strip away resources you currently hold.

Each turn requires the player to play a card and pick a card.

Receiving a Space Queen card, without having a Commander Z or The Pacifier, requires the player to roll the dice. The number rolled lets the player know how many resources they lose.

See our Game Play Video below for more on how to play and set up the game.

Three ways TO WIN!

1. Eliminate all other players' Resource Cards or Action Cards.

2. The Argos Colony card can be played when it is the last card in your hand. 

3. Collect these four cards: Commander Z, The Pacifier, Space Queen, and Galactic Space Treaty.

The Trouble With Aliens grew out of a desperate need for fun and time together as a family.  Tired of playing the same old games over and over, we wanted something fresh.  So, we started to brainstorm.  We didn’t want something babyish. We didn’t want something too adult.  We all gave input and what happened was truly incredible...a vision emerged for a game of strategy, cunning, and even a little bit of luck.

Late nights turned into early mornings as Vin worked tirelessly on the designs and concepts we put together.  


Our friend, Andrew, from KRMA Design Lab took one look at them and said, "um, no". Again, we regrouped, spent hours really talking through the design, and then let Vin loose in front of his computer. So, we went back to the drawing board.  And here is the result.



Where families GROW together by playing game night TOGETHER.


In every game we create we will include a CONVERSATION STARTER GUIDE.  A how to communicate with your family, especially children guide, helping to overcome challenges you will experience in this game. Just like a family overcoming obstacles in life.


When we set out to create this game, we never envisioned the time and effort it would take to bring it to life…including the massive time to put a Kickstarter launch together. For 10 months we dropped everything and focused on the game and what it would mean for the family unit and community.  


Pledge today and get a copy of The Trouble With Aliens in your hands.

Join us as we save the world!

For the love of aliens - The Fetty’s (Lisa, Vin, Kylen, Zayden, and Saren...and Della, too)

Risks and challenges

GETTING THE GAME TO YOU...Manufacture of our Mini Edition of The Trouble With Aliens is uncomplicated. It’s a simple card game with only a few moving parts: the action cards, resource cards, and the D12 die. We want you to get our game...we want you to play the game with your family and friends. That is why this version does not include fancy packaging; however, its playability is very much like the original game play. This means, we’re ready to fullfill as quickly as possible once our campaign is over. We will hit the ground running and get all the components printed, packed, and shipped to you as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy saving the world or watching your friends get a dose of annihilation. Therefore, we have opted to only include rewards that make sense and won’t delay processing.

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