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Some books were returned or backers didn't fill out surveys. Contact me if you don't have yours!
Some books were returned or backers didn't fill out surveys. Contact me if you don't have yours!
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Daybook Progress Update: November 2013

Posted by Tamara L. Siuda (Creator)

This will be a long update, but you've been patient since August, so you definitely deserve one!

Daybook progress: release dates

Megan and I were hoping for a release date on December 15, and have been plugging away at the Daybook over this summer and autumn to make that happen. During this process, we've both had significant life changes come up, and so I've spent the last several weeks scheduling, rescheduling, making phone calls and decisions, to see if that date is still feasible for a release of all or even a part of the Daybook project.

The exciting and good news is, Megan's got a new house to move into, and I am also moving in the next few weeks, as my doctoral program has been transferred to a university in Southern California. The not so good news is that because of a combination of moving/packing realities and holiday printing and shipping schedules, I'm not going to be able to release the Daybook in December. The plan is to finish it up once I'm moved and settled in to my new location, sometime between December 15 and January 15. Because I've also received a couple of new sources for calendar material (like this one) and several awesome books on ancient Egyptian astronomy (like this one) have just been released, I'd like to incorporate them into the project as well, so there is some rewriting/database addition in my future.

The official release date for The Ancient Egyptian Daybook is now Pi Day (March 14, 2014) - exactly a year since the Kickstarter project you so kindly supported was complete - with the possibility that we will release earlier, if we are ready earlier. It's more important to me to get you the best book I can, over the fastest book that I can. I think you will also agree. I wish I didn't have to do that, but I'm just not satisfied with the project yet, and I want to take the time to do this right.

It's time for that Library List!

We're not going to leave you hanging until March, though! What we can start at this point is the Library List. You'll remember that our stretch goal included 50 free copies to be donated to the libraries of backers' choice. When I created that stretch goal, I honestly didn't think I'd get more than 50 backers...and I can't afford to send out 300+ extra we're going to do this: 

If you are a backer of this project, either here on Kickstarter or at the website, please drop me an email at stating the name and shipping address of the library you'd choose to receive a free copy of the Daybook, and a little bit about why that library is important to you. I'm limiting this to one library per person, so we can get the widest possible response. You have between now and December 15 (our original release date), or until I receive 50 suggestions with full address information, whichever comes first, to contact me. I'll compile a list, and then we'll announce all library recipients on December 15. They'll receive their books at the same time we send out all the Kickstarter rewards (March 14 or earlier).

PDF Teaser/Summary

I am also preparing a little PDF "teaser" of some of the finished material in the Daybook to put out around December 15, so all of you wonderful backers will have something to look at in the meantime while I'm packing boxes and driving myself and Ru and Zigzag eight hours south.

While we're talking about Calendars...

Have you seen the Linear Calendar project? Six whole feet of calendrical goodness.

This Typographic Wall Calendar is just cool. (And he's been doing it for years!)

Looking for a timely gift for the Establishment of the Celestial Cow festival? How about a calendar of Highland cows?

Here's a journal/calendar for things that really matter: the Passion Planner.

And there's even a calendar for steampunk...animals?

Back in ancient Egyptian calendar-land, this week begins the very somber, but beautiful, Mysteries of Osiris (Wesir). I wrote about my thoughts celebrating a portion of these holidays, which were probably the largest-attended festivals in antiquity and even into the Classical period, four years ago in my religious blog. 

Post 1: God is Dead: Thoughts about the Mysteries of Wesir (Osiris)
Post 2: Advancing with Your Ka: the Mystery Vigil, Second Hour
Post 3: Stirring in the Third Hour (Mysteries of Wesir)
Post 4: Water for the Dead (Mysteries of Wesir (Osiris), Fourth Hour)
Post 5: Mysteries of Wesir (Osiris), the Fifth Hour Vigil
Post 6: Dua Wesir! Nekhtet! (Mysteries of Wesir (Osiris), Sixth Hour Vigil)

May the next two months be special for you, regardless of which holidays you might be celebrating during this time. Send me your libraries! We'll talk again soon.

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