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Some books were returned or backers didn't fill out surveys. Contact me if you don't have yours!
Some books were returned or backers didn't fill out surveys. Contact me if you don't have yours!
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Some news you can use!

Posted by Tamara L. Siuda (Creator)
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Greetings once again to everyone who supported The Ancient Egyptian Daybook. It's amazing to sit down and look at this project five years after we did our original Kickstarter (has it really been that long?) 

As of mid-December, the Daybook was shipped to all Kickstarter backers who responded to surveys, and to the majority of those who preordered theirs on the website. I still have a few books left to ship from the website backer list, and now that I have finally been able to secure money to put to the last of the shipping, I will get to ship them out! I'll post updates here, too, and once all of them are officially shipped, I'll post my final report on this five-year odyssey for all to see, including budgets and other details for those of you who are interested in such things.

If you should've gotten a book and you are a Kickstarter: CONTACT ME. I want to find out what went wrong and fix this for you! In some cases I do not have your address at all, and you never responded to multiple requests to get it. In others, I shipped to the address you gave me, but I've gotten it back (currently I have a stack of books about a dozen deep of people whose books have been returned undeliverable, and I'd love to send them home!) 

If you should've gotten a book and you preordered on the website: CHECK PREVIOUS UPDATES HERE for backer numbers to see if your book went out, and if you don't have it, or need to reconfirm what your number is? contact me anyway! I am sending out the last of them hopefully all in the next few days and will issue corrected lists. There are 35-40 packages left to go. Note: some of these books that went out to website backers have ALSO been returned, so you may need to reconfirm an address. Please help me help you get your goodies!

TL;DR: Updated shipping reports to follow in separate updates this week!

Other Cool Stuff Going On:
In the meantime, remember that calendar app we wanted to make so badly, but we couldn't raise enough money in the Kickstarter to hire someone to make it? A group of programmers has asked me for permission to tackle that app challenge and I'm licensing the Daybook data to them for that purpose. You can see (and use!) their working prototype here. Use it to calibrate your existing Daybooks to the Kemetic Orthodox calendar for now! They're running a Patreon to fund and support beta-testing for a bigger, standalone app for mobiles and the web, which will not only let you set your own start date but will also include all the holidays for each day of the year. You can click on their Patreon button in the website I just linked to, or go directly to it here. I heartily endorse this project, and I can't wait to see what they do with it.

I am also doing a Make100 Kickstarter project this month, for a project that will not be released until next spring: a book called 100 Gods of Egypt. You're welcome to check it out here! So far we are doing quite well, and are almost to our first stretch goal. The second stretch goal will be posted as soon as #1 is clear. 100 Gods of Egypt will be in campaign until February 8, so you still have time to get in on that project if you want to.

More in the next update. I hope you are well and 2018 is treating you kindly thus far.


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