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Some books were returned or backers didn't fill out surveys. Contact me if you don't have yours!
Some books were returned or backers didn't fill out surveys. Contact me if you don't have yours!
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It's the Great Leap Day Update!

Posted by Tamara L. Siuda (Creator)

Happy Leap Day!

And greetings from my new home base in Portland!

It's that magical day once every four Gregorian years when we acknowledge that math is hard and the earth is lagging behind where it's supposed to be (come on, Earth, quit slacking...). In lieu of science, I wanted to provide you with an update on the Daybook's progress. My intention was to go to print before Pi Day (March 14), the anniversary of our Kickstarter campaign.

Unfortunately, the battle with the Time Lords continues, and this is simply not to be. The good news is that I am in the last thousand pages of reviewing the Lexicon, and thus much closer to being done with additional data collation. The short version of why this has taken so long: I was overambitious in thinking I could sift through that much material (it took the Lexicon authors decades to create those eight volumes of work in the first place) so quickly, when I was unable to stop working to do nothing but Daybook research. Lessons have been learned.

The exciting part about all the additional Lexicon material is that it changes the Daybook entirely, into a much more comprehensive document including data that's never been seen in one place in English before. So much more data has been acquired that the completed Daybook is now going to be able to include at least three times the data it originally contained. Some days of the year have now gone from having 2-5 entries to having several pages of entries!

This is terrific for the Daybook project, overall. It just means it's not ready for you to have it in your hands yet. As we get closer to printing time, there will be more news, and I will contact all backers, here and at the Daybook website post-campaign, to get updated addresses and other information. All such information will be published here, on the Egyptian Daybook website, on my personal Facebook page, and also on the Daybook-related mailing list you're welcome to sign up for. (ETA: the mailing list post is for Kickstarter backers only. If you are a Daybook website backer, or are just interested in following the Daybook's progress via email, you can sign up for the mailing list at this website instead. Sorry about that mis-link!)

Thank you all for your continued patience. I am frustrated that this is taking so much time. Is it a good thing for a book about time to take time? (Time will tell....) While you wait, have an article about the kinds of star charts featured in our Daybook logo!

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