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A pocket reference for the punctual archaeologist.
Some books have been returned or backers didn't fill out surveys. Contact me if you don't have yours!
Some books have been returned or backers didn't fill out surveys. Contact me if you don't have yours!
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The Time Lords continue their march....


I continue to do battle with the Chronokrater ("time lords"), the many gods and goddesses of each single day in the ancient Egyptian calendar that we opted to include in the final database for the Daybook project a year and a half ago or so.

To refresh your memory:

Because I am still going through the sources to make sure they are all included, and because I am also being forced to move by the end of December and thus losing at least two weeks of good writing/editing/layout time to that process, there is no way to get this to a printer in time for the December 2015 holidays. 

I am sorry to have to say that. I really, really, really wanted this book out before Gregorian 2016. The good news is that as of mid-December, in addition to the move, I will be finished with dissertation-related coursework, and this means much more time per week that I can put directly into Daybook production once I'm in my new home. 

I wish that I could have made this my priority project over the last two years. It's far more fun to work on than the other things I've had to do to keep a roof over my head have been. I want to see it out there as badly as you do, and I am working my best to making that happen as soon as possible. I had no idea there would be this many Chronokrater or this much further research involved when I suggested we make that addition, or I would've saved it for a future edition. However, including this material will make this final project much, much better, and I still think it will be worth it, despite the delays.

Once I'm moved, I will make a further update with an actual release date. This project is still happening. It's just not going as fast as I want it to, and I want to keep you up to date on the process. (Additionally: if you're tired of waiting, I understand that too - and if you'd like to back out and receive a refund of your backing/preorder monies, we can do that. I know this has gone far longer than I had hoped it would, and you've been very patient. Contact me and let me know.)

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. It is deeply appreciated. I never expected there'd be this much interest in this project, and I'm super excited to get it done and into everyone's hands!

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    1. Tamara L. Siuda 3-time creator on

      FYI also: I have started a mailing list for the backers (those who are backing AFTER the Kickstarter was over) so they can also receive these updates in an automated fashion. Will be subscribing the emails for those people today. KS backers should still get their updates and need to do nothing, though Update 40 tells you more about this process and how it works. (it's a KS only update).

      If you want to be on that mailing list and don't receive an invitation/subscription notification to it by Wednesday, December 2, please drop me an email at tamara at tamarasiuda dot com and we will resolve that immediately. Thanks so much!

    2. Tamara L. Siuda 3-time creator on

      Thank you both, Steven and Joni! Both Thoth and Seshat have received quite a bit of attention over this project, but this weekend I will have an opportunity to visit Their shrines in Illinois and make some special requests. :)

    3. Joni Teter on

      Tamara, I admire your perseverance in the face of Chronokrater resistance. I'm with Steven - quality & sanity should be the primary objectives. I'd suggest seeking favor from Seshat, Mistress of the House of Books: she's been around longer than Thoth/Djehuty - and it's time to give the ladies their due! :>)

    4. Steven S. Long

      I can only speak for myself, but I'd rather you take the time to create the Daybook to your satisfaction (and at a pace that leaves you healthy and sane). Keep on plugging away, and eventually Thoth will favor us with a book. :)

      Good luck with the move!